In case you thought it was the preserve of humble mere mortals like you and me to get weird and wonderful pregnancy cravings - think again.


Yep, even world-famous celebrity mums-to-be find themselves craving the strangest food and the oddest combos.

Take a look...

1. Beyonce

From Oreo biscuits and gherkins, to Bounty ice creams with hot chilli sauce and bananas dipped in ketchup, Beyonce's cravings were crazy.

2. Kristen Bell

The voice of Anna in Disney's Frozen can't stay away from the super, crunchy snacks. Her second pregnancy has had her reaching for bags (and bags) of Kettle Chips.

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3. Drew Barrymore

The Charlie's Angels star was obsessed with Chinese food during pregnancy number two and often found herself fantasising about it. Top of the list was pan-fried noodles.

4. Kim Kardashian

Mrs Kanye West admitted she couldn't stop thinking about raw fish and rice when she was pregnant with baby North. And then her mum, Kris Jenner, revealed that Kim also craved artichokes and Chinese chicken salad, topped off with giant cookies.

5. Sienna Miller

This is one craving a lot of us will identify with. When pregnant with baby girl Marlowe, actress Sienna Miller developed an unusual (for her) sweet tooth. Her most tempting craving: "It's vanilla ice-cream on top of..yum..brownies!"

6. Jessica Simspon

The singer and actress had some interesting cravings when she was pregnant, from toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to licking piles of salt.

7. Chrissy Teigen

The model has a very long list of the food she's craving during her pregnancy with her first baby with singer John Legend.

Chrissy has been eating out a lot - from the fast food of KFC and Taco Bell to top celeb eateries, such as squid ink spaghetti at Babbo's in New York. Tacos are big on Chrissy's craving list, as are doughnuts and ice-cream sandwiches, which she's mixing with vegan crab cookies and sweetcorn ravioli.

Chrissy is no stranger to sharing her cravings. She got a backlash after posting pics of her food cravings on Instagram - but hit back with a sarcastic response.

8. Catherine Tyldesley

Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley found herself enjoying green beans with cold gravy and Bovril during a pregnancy late night snack. "#nice" she tweeted alongside a picture of her unappealing snack. Maybe if the gravy was warm we could get on board with this, but each to their own.

9. Luisiana Buble

Luisiana Bublé couldn't get enough of blood sausages - black pudding - when she was pregnant with baby Noah. It was enough to turn Michael right off his food…

10. Kate Middleton

In between bouts of extreme morning sickness, or hyperemesis gravidarum, The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly had a burning desire for vegetarian curry.

11. Blake Lively

The Mirror revealed that the pregnant Gossip Girl actress has been sending husband Ryan Reynolds out for hand-churned pumpkin-flavoured ice-cream and small-batch pickles. Bizarre!

12. Lacey Chabert

The Mean Girls star (Gretchen Weiners) told People she's craving everything with lemon or vinegar and all salty foods... hopefully not altogether!

13. Stephanie Davis

Former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie recently announced her 1st pregnancy... and the fact she's currently craving marmite and pickles. We assume this means it's a pregnancy craving, and not an everyday one, because judging by this Twitter pic, she's craving them together, too!

14. Luisa Zissman

Judging by her Instagram, former Apprentice and CBB star Luisa Zissman is craving vanilla milkshakes, but drinking iced coffee instead.

She wrote: "They are way too fattening so curbing the cravings with iced coffee instead.... A slightly healthier choice ?? #pregnancycravings #icedcoffee"

She also said on social media that she can't stop eating courgettes and avocados!

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