Guilty pleasures of being pregnant

Mums-to-be indulge in pregnancy


More than three quarters of expectant mums enjoy being pregnant and indulge in the positive aspects of pregnancy, according to a recent survey.


The study conducted by revealed that mums-to-be secretly enjoy many of the aspects of pregnancy, often using them to their advantage.

For example, 56% of the 1,181 women surveyed said they had used tiredness during pregnancy as an excuse not to attend social events, when they actually felt fine.

Eighty-nine per cent of the mums questioned also said the thing they enjoyed the most about pregnancy was being able to eat more, while 74% liked that they could exercise less during pregnancy.

Other guilty pleasures included being given seats on public transport (54%), having an excuse to have a lie-in (51%) and having your partner give you extra attention (46%).


But less of a guilty pleasure, 71% of mums said the thing they liked the most about being pregnant was feeling their baby move – you softies, you!


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