In a nutshell

Yes, it’s fine to drink Lucozade in pregnancy – as long as you don't drink several bottles every day. That's because it contains caffeine (about as much as a can of Coke), which it's wise not to have too much of in pregnancy.


The expert view

"Lucozade is safe to drink in pregnancy," says Susan Short, a specialist dietitian in Maternal and Infant Nutrition and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association. "But, like other energy drinks, it contains caffeine, so it should be drunk in moderation."

The maximum amount of caffeine a pregnant woman should drink is 200mg a day, says, Susan. "A 380ml bottle of Lucozade contains 46mg caffeine," she says, "so 4 bottles per day would be the maximum safe limit – assuming, of course, that you didn't eat or drink anything else containing caffeine."

It's also worthing noting that Lucozade is not the healthiest regular drink choice in pregnancy.

"Lucozade is high in sugar and of little nutritional value to support a developing baby," says Susan."Although it will provide fluid, it will provide little else."

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What if I'm worried I've drunk too much?

"If you've drunk more than 4 bottles of Lucozade," says Susan, "or you're concerned that you've exceeded your caffeine limit in other ways, speak to your midwife."

Isn't Lucozade good for morning sickness?

We know, from reading posts on our MadeForMums Chat forum (and from personal experience!) that lots of us find that, in the early weeks of pregnancy, drinking Lucozade can be really helpful when we're feeling sick.

That's because it contains so much sugar in a liquid form – meaning that, as your body doesn't have to work so hard to digest it, it can re-energise you more more quickly than a sugary snack.

And again, that's fine – as long as you remember not to have bottles of the stuff (unlikely, we think, if you feel like throwing up all the time!)

"I was living on Lucozade a few weeks ago as it helped my morning sickness loads. I mentioned it to the doctor and she said it was fine... as long as I wasn't having loads of caffeine [from other things]." says OneNDouble

But don't they give you Lucozade to drink for the glucose tolerance test?

Yes – or at least they used to – because its high sugar content means it boosts your blood-sugar levels quickly.

And the glucose tolerance test (GTT) is all about checking your blood-sugar levels to detect signs of gestational diabetes.

But, with the advent of the soft-drink sugar tax in 2018, many antenatal clinics have replaced Lucozade as the drink you're given as part of the GTT test with another liquid.

The reason for the change was a cost one, rather than health one, though: the sugar tax has made using Lucozade much more expensive.


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