I’m 23 weeks and I haven’t felt my baby move

When should I feel my baby move? Prima Baby's midwife Nikki Khan answers your pregnancy questions.


Midwife Nikki Khan says…


Please try not to be concerned, as every woman and every pregnancy is different. There are several reasons why you may not be feeling your baby move. It may be you don’t even recognise the first sensations as movements, as they may feel like ‘flutterings’ in your tummy. Another reason may be that your placenta is ‘anterior’, which means it’s implanted in the uterus wall near to your abdomen, and acts as a cushion, absorbing your baby’s movements so you don’t feel them.


Drinking cold water or changing position – which, in turn, changes your baby’s position – may encourage your baby to move, but remember that first movements are very subtle and go unnoticed, especially if you are very active. Indeed, some women feel nothing until 20-24 weeks. If you’re still concerned, see your GP or midwife to arrange a scan.

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