Being pregnant can be tough on the body, even if things go well. But if you have severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG) your 9 months can seem like hell.


Now a new study by Plymouth University, of 394 women, has revealed that only around 34% of those asked felt they were given the correct information when it came to taking medication for HG, and half found it difficult to access treatment because doctors or midwives didn't believe them when presenting symptoms.

In addition, 25% did not feel as though they were treated with 'dignity and respect' by healthcare professionals over what they were going through.

But did the results of this survey ring true for our mums? We decided to ask our Facebook community, and here's what they told us.

What our mums say

"I really feel for those who have suffered with zero help and support," says Leanne C. "I had some help back in 2014 when I had HG but still no one believed me, I got the famous tag lines thrown at me, weird looks from hospital staff then OTT looks."

"Totally agree with this [survey] - my doctors were shocking, although cannot fault the hospital when I got admitted after fainting at work from severe dehydration at 8 weeks," says Rachel K.

And Louise W says this: "Totally agree - with my 1st I was sick from 6 weeks right till 15 mins before he came out! No sympathetic GP or midwife, had to finish work at 28 weeks as I couldn't do anything, was permanently weak and tired & lost 2 stone.

"Dreaded it returning but luckily in my 2nd pregnancy (6 months later!!) I had nothing, just 3 weeks of feeling a bit sick through the night and that was it."

Kathryn G had a similar experience: "I don't think anyone took it seriously with my first until someone weighed me at 36 weeks and I was about 3 stone lighter. Was still vomiting in labour."

And Wendy K says this: "Exactly that [what the survey says]. I remember passing out from the extreme nausea and smashing my head open. I couldn't get from bed to the bathroom.

"I had my yearly work appraisal with a bucket by my side. I made friends with the side of motorways and horrendous garages.

"The worst bit that yes, no one took it seriously. It'll all be over by 20 weeks they said.

"I was still vomiting after giving birth (both times) although the 2nd pregnancy seemed easier. I think I just learnt to manage it better."


We have to say that a few of you had more positive stories. Nanu C tells us: "I had [morning sickness] from start to end. I don't think I worked a full week the whole of my pregnancy. I couldn't drink water or eat a thing. My doctors, midwife and out of hours docs were all brill."

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And Donna K says: "I had it very badly with my first son, couldn't eat or drink anything without throwing up.

"My doctor and midwife were great and got me on anti-sickness tablets that helped a lot but I still felt sick all the time. Pregnant with baby no. 2 and this time the sickness was nowhere near as bad but they asked me a couple of times at the beginning."

What was your experience?

Did you suffer from HG? Did you visit your doctor or midwife and if so - did you find them helpful? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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