Going organic doesn’t have to stop at what you eat: the body care products you use can also affect the wellbeing of you and your little one. In fact, the average woman will apply more than 200 chemicals to her skin and hair while using regular beauty products, which will be absorbed into the body. Such products can aggravate or cause skin conditions like eczema and skin sensitivity, especially on the delicate skin of newborns.


Regarding the benefits of organic beauty products, the story is similar to that of organic food: while they leave out the chemical nasties that can be passed to you and your baby, they may not do anything for the skin or hair that a conventional product couldn’t also do. “We haven’t seen any research yet either to support or rule out the direct benefits on the skin of using organic skin products,” says Nina Goad, spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation. Despite this, organic skincare is one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry.

Try these organic products...

There are a host of organic skincare and beauty brands out there, so you’ve plenty to choose from! Here are some of our favourites…

For mum…cleanser

Washing your face with harsh detergents and synthetic ingredients isn’t the best way to get skin clean and fresh. We prefer Neal’s Yard Lavender Cleanser (www.nealsyardremedies.com, £7.50). This creamy cleanser removes make-up, while essential oils stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness: a real glow-inducing concoction!

For mum…moisturiser

An organic facial moisturiser ensures you’re nourishing your skin the natural way. Try Green People’s Day Solution with SPF15 (www.greenpeople-organic-health.co.uk , £11.99). Organic aloe vera, edelweiss and camomile rebalance moisture levels in your skin, as well as protecting against cell damage.

For mum…shampoo

The chemicals and detergents used in conventional shampoos can build up in your hair, leaving it looking and feeling lacklustre. Why not detox your locks with Weleda’s Rosemary Shampoo (www.weleda.co.uk , £3.75)? Its herbal ingredients are revitalising and restorative, ideal for dry hair and scalps.

For baby…baby wipes

For you baby’s most sensitive areas, a soft thick wipe made with organic ingredients can make a big difference. We like Baby Eco Baby Wipes from Earth-Friendly (www.cyberstrawberry.co.uk, £2.99 for a pack of 75). They’re biodegradable, alcohol-free and allergy tested, and use only mild ingredients like organic camomile and calendula.

For baby…moisturiser

Try to find a gentle organic moisturiser for use all over you little one’s delicate skin. Mother Earth’s new Baby Balm (www.theremustbeabetterway.co.uk , £7.99) is great. With a lovely texture, it’s made from organic sunflower oil, cocoa butter, carrot oil, coconut oil, olive oil and local beeswax – and nothing else. It’s good for use on your baby’s bum too!

For baby… shampoo and body wash

We like the idea of using one product to cleanse your tot’s skin and hair, so why not try Beaming Baby Organic Baby Care Shampoo and Body wash (www.lovelula.com, £4.00). With 80% certified organic ingredients like aloe vera and natural orange blossom, it should soothe and nourish your baby’s skin and is also gentle on the eyes.

When is organic not organic?

To claim it is organic, a product must be made up of at least 95% organically grown produce, while to claim that it has been made with organic ingredients, it must contain over 70% organic produce.

When buying your beauty products, look for a symbol from the Soil Association or the Organic Food Federation: these are the only certification bodies that have rules about health and beauty products (while there are numerous other certification bodies, they only set rules concerning food). It is illegal for companies to claim they are organic if they haven’t been certified and certification bodies make routine checks on companies.


As they’re free from synthetic preservatives , the shelf life of organic products is shorter than regular products, so be sure to check the expiration date on the packaging.