Revamping your entire home to fit with an organic lifestyle is quite a tall order, but it could be worth giving it a go when it comes to your baby’s nursery, for your own peace of mind.


Safia Minney, from People Tree, a company that provides fair-trade and ecologically sound fashion, encourages parents to find ways to create comfortable, natural and safe surroundings for their babies. “I would suggest mums take a more active role. There are so many facilities and lots of information available – it’s just a matter of taking some time out and researching,” she says. “All babies need is natural food that is good for them, clothing that is non-toxic on their bodies and lots and lots of love.”

Cool cotton

Safia suggests dressing your baby in clothing made from 100% organic cotton and natural dyes. These types of clothes are more breathable and kind to sensitive skin, and the natural dyes aren’t carcinogenic (many synthetic dyes have been shown to be). What’s more, sourcing nursery products that are responsibly made from renewable and fairly traded materials means that you’re also doing your bit for the environment – another investment in your baby’s future.

Natural nursing

Manufacturers are taking note of the increasing interest in organic living: now it’s easy to find bedding, nappies and toys made from organic products that allow you to surround your baby in all-natural and environmentally friendly comfort:


Your newborn will spend more time in her cot than not, so you’ll want to ensure she’s sleeping somewhere safe. We like the Greenfibres Merlin Cot bed ( , £279): not only is it practical, sturdy and treated with natural, non-toxic oils, but it’s also made from solid beech wood from sustainable Western European forests.


The ABACA Organic Cot Mattress is the first to be certified by the Soil Association. Made with a core of coconut fibre and natural latex wrapped with a deep layer of wool and finished with a cotton cover, it’s free from dyes and chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed into the skin. Prices start at £135, and customisable sizes are available upon request.

More like this

Cloth nappies

Reusable nappies mean you’re doing your bit to reduce the UK’s massive landfill sites. Bamboozles cloth nappies ( , £8.75 each) are made from East Asian bamboo – a sustainable resource that grows quickly without chemical pesticides and is totally biodegradable. Even better, bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities, is 60% more absorbent then cotton and dries 20% quicker after washing. Bamboozles come in 2 sizes, suitable for babies from 8 – 35lbs.


Air purifier

Your baby will spend a lot of time in the nursery so ensure the air in that room is as clean as can be with The Ozone Air Purifier ( , £169). It destroys 99.9% of airborne bacteria, mould, dust, mites, viruses and pollen. Without filters to replace or clean, the unit can purify a room of up to 340ft squared and is virtually noiseless.