Should I be worried about my low blood pressure during pregnancy?

My blood pressure has always been low, but since I've been pregnant it's dropped even further. Can having low blood pressure affect my baby in any way?


Midwife Nikki says: It’s normal for your blood pressure to drop in early pregnancy as your blood volume increases and your body has to work harder to compemsate for your growing baby.


The blood pressure reaches its lowest point in the second trimester and then begins to slowly increase to its normal level in the last trimester.

This drop in blood pressure in the first trimester can cause you to feel light-headed and dizzy, but the dizziness may also be due to anaemia or low blood sugar levels so you should see your GP or midwife if the symptoms persist.

Lying on your left side will maximise the blood flow to your heart and to your brain and this can relieve the symptoms of dizziness quite effectively, as can sitting down and putting your head between your knees.

Increasing your fluid intake can also help, especially in hot weather.


Many people have low blood pressure when they are not pregnant so do not be concerned. However, if your blood pressure is low when you are in labour, be aware that an epidural can lower your blood pressure even further and you’ll need to be monitored closely.

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