There are all kinds of reasons why, when you are expecting a baby, you might have trouble sleeping. Feeling hotter, getting cramps and accommodating your growing bump are all common ones.


Another is getting used to your changing boobs. They can be tender, sore and sensitive, while their growing size may leave you with a tired neck and back. This change can start really early and might be a first clue that you are pregnant, before you even take a test.

On the forums, booglys_mum says: "I'm 8 weeks now and I have had aching breasts for nearly the whole of pregnancy so far. The first thing I noticed was an increase in bust size. I have got to the point now where I only have one bra I can wear, the rest I am bulging out of!"

Should I start wearing my bra to bed?

Even if you find that your underwired bra is working fine during the day without putting too much pressure on your growing breasts, you should not wear it at night.

Instead, you might find using a small cushion for support is useful, or a specific pregnancy pillow. Alternatively you could opt opt for a special sleep or night bra.

Maternity brands like Emma Jane, Hot Milk and Mothercare have a good range, while you can also buy them from high street retailers like M&S, H&M and John Lewis. They are a real pregnancy and breastfeeding basic, so worth investing in.

How are sleep bras different to normal maternity bras?

Designed especially for expectant mums, these bras are softer while still offering good support. They do not have back fasteners like a normal bra, but go over your head, and are generally made of soft cotton without ribbing, seams or any rigid pieces.

You'll be glad of them post-birth too, because they are great for holding breastpads in place if you leak milk while in bed, and help with speedy night feeds. Most come with clips or are a cross-over style, to allow easy access.

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Sleep bras are usually quite cheap and come in t-shirt sizes (S, M, L etc), so there's no need to be measured and they will grow with you.

On the forums, JERoberts says adjusting to wearing pregnancy bras was hard at first. "I bought mine at 8 weeks and burst into tears at my already inflated breasts in what seemed parachute holders. I've somewhat adjusted since then. Also you need to make sure that you are not wearing underwired bras and I didn't possess any that weren't so it was an essential buy.

"I bought a sleep bra too which I find a great improvement at night."

Gemm says: "I got properly fitted with both my pgs and was advised that sports bras give good support. I bought a black and a white one and they should expand with you. I was really comfy."

Camlo says: "I also have a sports crop top which I sleep in, which stops the pendulum effect in the night. Oh the hidden joys of pregnancy."

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