...or should they flash their tums?

YES - “I love showing off my bare bump”


Sally Ferguson, 31, a journalist from Berkshire, is mum to Dan, 2, and expecting her second baby

“During my first pregnancy I was so self-conscious I ended up wearing jeans and frumpy long tops. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself because I couldn’t accept my changing figure.

But now I’ve realised that pregnancy is the one time you don’t have to worry about muffin tops – your stomach is supposed to stick out. So why hide it? This time, I feel better about my body so I decided – why not show it off?

My most recent purchases have been a denim mini skirt, some shorts and lots of cleavage-revealing tops – all from maternity ranges. I like fitted tops, and if they ride up, I don’t mind showing my tummy. It’s just skin.

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I want to feel sexy and show off my curves. As long as your legs are shaved why can’t you have them out like any other woman?

We’ve not been on holiday this year so I haven’t been able to wear my bikini. But I would if we did! My husband Dave, 31, loves my newfound confidence, but I think all men love pregnant women’s bodies. We’re all soft and curvy with a womanly shape. There’s no reason why you can’t show off your body if it’s tastefully done.”

NO - “Bare bumps are off-putting”

Natasha Batsford, 31, an IT consultant from Arlesey, is expecting her first baby in October

“As an outgoing person I’ve never been shy about showing off my curvy size 10 figure. However, like most women, there are areas of my body I’m not crazy about – mainly my tummy and bum, which I’m particularly self conscious of. Unfortunately now I’m pregnant, they’re pretty much the main parts of me! My husband Keith, 29, loves seeing the change in my body and he told me he can’t wait until I’m big enough to wear little tops that will expose it. Somehow, I don’t see that happening.

I’ve tried to keep my sense of style and, just as I never showed acres of flesh before, I don’t feel the need to shove my bump in people’s faces now.

When I see a pregnant woman with it all ‘hanging out’ it’s a bit off-putting. Women should be proud of their bodies but that isn’t the same thing as flaunting it in everyone’s faces, and I certainly don’t want to see acres of swollen, distended flesh either. I wouldn’t show off my midriff normally, so why do it when pregnant? I think women who do are after the attention. Who wants a bloke to look at your cleavage when it’s bigger only because your boobs are getting ready for the baby? No thanks!

My favourite outfit is a luscious black, floaty dress from Mamas & Papas that hints at my curves rather than feeling like I’m shrink-wrapped. And wearing looser clothes protects me from the wandering bump-stroking hands of ‘well wishers’. It’s like they think your bump is public property! And well, if you show it off to everyone, it’s not surprising they think it is.”

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