What new mums are really eating after giving birth

The legendary post-birth 'tea and toast' is a winner for some - while others prefer to munch on their own snacks


Loads of new mums are (unsurprisingly) really hungry following the birth of their babies – and often, the first meal they’ll have after labour is provided by their hospital.


There’s no real ‘set standard’ for what it’ll be – though it’ll often involve some plain biscuits, buttered toast and maybe a cup of tea.

What you get varies depending on whether you’re in an NHS hospital, a private facility, or you’ve come prepared with your own snacks.

But generally speaking, you can usually have whatever you can manage. Whatever it is, the first things you eat and drink after giving birth are likely going to taste AMAZING.

Even if you’re eating hospital food, it’s often considered the best cuppa and tastiest slice of toast you’ll ever have – something we here at MFM HQ can attest to ?

The classic ‘tea and toast’ combo

When we asked you to tell us what you ate post-labour, it seems loads of you were given the tried-and-test tea and toast combo… and LOVED it.

“I got 4 slices of toast and 2 cups of tea which I almost gave myself 3rd degree burns with because I drank it so fast. It’s still my most memorable and favourite meal ❤️ x” says @suzlo82.

“I had tea, toast (with a selection of sachets including marmite and jam!) and a variety of biscuits!” said mum @sophbart – who was more than ready to eat something.

“I complained the entire way through my labour I was hungry (they wouldn’t let me eat) because I’d gone in at 5 and hadn’t had tea yet!

“I could even hear my tummy rumbling when I was 8cm ?? safe to say it was the best cup of tea and biscuits and toast I’ve ever had (especially at 12am in the morning!) ??”

Though, tea and toast didn’t go exactly to plan for @sweetescape101: “I got bread afterwards….bread….because apparently they can’t do toast because of health and safety? ?”

Tea and toast – if you can keep it down, that is

The tea-and-toast combo doesn’t always go down so well straight after birth, mind – no matter how hungry you are.

“After a C-section late in the evening they made me some toast and I took one bite and emptied my stomach straight away!” says @cyclothyleah.

“Told the nurse the next day and she made me 3 slices and butter – it was incredible considering I hadn’t eaten in at least 36 hours xx”

“I had tea and toast with marmalade, it was truly incredible. I then threw it up (I had a 30-hour labour with hormone drip, epidural and eventual EMC) which I’ve never been so upset about ?

I had an emergency section under general anaesthetic so when I came around I felt quite sick and out of it, I wanted that toast so badly that as I was eating it I was falling back to sleep toast in hand ? what a mess! @sobowyer

Something a bit different…

“Tea and buttered toast after my first labour – tasted Ahhhhhmazing!” says @aysha_illahi.

“The same again but with the addition of homemade samosas sent in by my mother in law second time around… yum! ?”

“I had a curry!” confesses @lucyhumphreys1. “My husband is still amazed about that to this day!” (We asked, and it was a chicken tikka masala ?)

MFM community manager Danielle was craving nought but cereal after welcoming one of her daughters: “I had a big bowl of Rice Krispies with cold milk and then another one.

“When I eat them now, I’m always reminded of giving birth!”

Sugary treats after gestational diabetes

When you’ve got gestational diabetes – a type of diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy – you’re advised to avoid sugary foods, among other things, for the duration.

So, your first post-baby meal can take on a whole new dimension of amazing-ness. Suddenly, your diet’s not so restrictive anymore…

“I had gestational diabetes so had a massive bar of chocolate in my bag!” shares one mum. “I’ve never eaten a bar so quick.”

“As for toast, I feel robbed. They’d ran out of bread so she toasted me a bread roll!”

While @Claire.bella2017 shared: “I had gestational diabetes so wasn’t allowed my regular frappachinos in Starbucks, so the morning after Bella was born a family member brought me up my first frappachino and the taste was insane!

“Luckily for me the Starbucks was right next to the hospital so I could get my fix for a few days as I had to stay in for a few days to test my bloods and that x”

What was your first post-labour meal?

Do you still fondly remember the cuppa and toast you had after giving birth? Maybe you were desperate for a McDonalds, your fave cereal or some sugary sweets?

We’d love to know what you ate after giving birth, so let us know in the comments below, or join in the chat on Instagram

Images: Instagram/Mother Of Daughters

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