Celebs: they’re just like us. Except when it comes to losing baby weight, right?


It seems to slip away from many ‘sleb mamas in a matter of days, whereas for a majority of the rest of us? It’s a totally different story.

The One Show’s Alex Jones Thomson reckons not. She's actually implied it's all a clever ruse!

40-year-old Alex, who welcomed her 1st child Teddy with husband Charlie in January, has admitted it’s all smoke and mirrors.

“In a lot of those celebrity mum photos, there’s a lot of Spanx and dark colours,” she told OK!

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“Underneath we’re all looking a bit like a melted ice cream!”

Of course, Alex is speaking pretty generally here and there will obvs be celeb mums for whom it definitely isn’t an illusion (see: Cheryl’s ab-flashing yacht photo).

It definitely would’ve been a (very powerful) illusion for many of us on team MFM, though, so rather selfishly we did find the ‘melted ice cream’ comment a tad comforting ?

Alex did get a bit more personal and specific during the chat, making one post-baby body confession in particular we can definitely relate to…

‘When I went back to work, my clothes didn’t fit,” Alex continued. “It was really hard trying on one thing after the other and nothing looking quite the same.

“Your bone structure and shape changes too and no amount of dieting will fix that.”


We remember that shocker – do you? We all know about the fabled ‘baby weight’, but you rarely think about your shape and how it could change – even if your weight’s back to pre-baby territory.

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Images: Instagram/Alex Jones

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