What does your baby’s name say about you?

When you’re naming your child, it’s only partly about them; it also speaks volumes about your personality. Take our quick quiz to see what the name you choose may reveal about you!


With which celebrity parents do you most identify?

a) Jamie & Jules Oliver


b) Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

c) Sarah & Gordon Brown

d) Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie


What would the top three items on your baby shower wish list be?

a) Maclaren buggy, Baby Björn sling, nappy wrapper

b) An off-road, three-wheel buggy, organic washable nappies, white cotton all-in-ones

c) Silvercross buggy, night nanny, Gina Ford book

d) Bugaboo buggy, Gucci changing bag, designer leather papoose


What’s your birth plan?

a) First baby in hospital, and the next two or three at home

b) Whale music and home-birth

c) Hospital, gas and air, and glass of bubbly when it’s all over

d) All the drugs going, please!


Picture yourself calling out your child’s name across the park. What happens?

a) Ten children run towards you

b) Everyone turns to stare at you and… hang on, was that a smirk you just saw?

c) Your child answers ‘coming!’ – and so do several fellow parents

d) Everyone in the park gets out their camera phones, thinking a celeb’s been spotted


Where will your first holiday be with your baby?

a) Mark Warner, Club Med… needs to be hot with good childcare facilities

b) Following the Inca trail in Peru

c) Private rental in Jersey


d) Wherever TomKat & Suri/ Brangelina have just come back from

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