When should you decide your baby’s name?

Did you choose early on, or do you think it's important to wait until you've met your newborn?


Choosing a baby name is a HUGE decision – and everyone does it differently.


Some of us start thinking about what we’d like to call our kids before we’re even close to having children.

Whereas others get seriously on it when we’re pregnant, or might have a shortlist but prefer to make the final decision once we’ve seen our baby.

We decided to ask our mums when they did it. Here’s what they told us:

“With my little boy I woke up saying Jacob in my sleep at 7 weeks. Once we knew he was a boy at 16 weeks we pretty much decided it would be Jacob from then – although we didn’t tell anyone until he had arrived,” says Leah G.

“We struggled loads with a name for our little girl, we had pretty much decided on a name at about 25 weeks but when we told my Mum at around 30 weeks, she didn’t like it.

“We kept it for a while but we did a u-turn when she was born and named her something different.”

“Found out we were having a boy at 20-week scan (a Wednesday),” says Kelly S. “By the Friday night, we had named him Leo. It’s also my star sign and as he’s our first, it seemed appropriate.” 

And Angela S tells us: “We decided before we left the hospital car park after our gender scan – his name was going to be Archie, and we told everyone, so by the time he came everyone knew his name – and those that didn’t like it got over it!”

Sinead L, though, says she couldn’t wait until her scan (at least for the first one): “We had our name picked out for our firstborn from before I was even pregnant… pregnant with my second with 10 weeks to go and we have no names picked yet.”

And Thuperah on our forum has done it differently with each of her kids: 

“We didn’t find out [the sex] with my previous 2 pregnancies. With my son we had a few ideas for girls but none for boys. He was unnamed for about 5 days! 

“With my daughter again, we had a few ideas for girls bit nome for boys. As soon as she came out (literally I was still in the birthing pool) I said she’s a Sophie. It wasn’t a name we’d discussed, it was just right. 

“This time we plan to find out the gender, so aiming for a list of names.”

And Mrsg14 definitely discovered that the name you planned doesn’t always suit your little one:

“We had a list of names, but when my daughter was born, we tried them all out on her and none of them felt right. Then I plucked a name my husband had previously said no to, and it was just right! 

“With my second, we used a name off the first list – hubby chose it for her and it was perfect!”

When did you decide on a name?

Did you have the name game done and dusted in time for your little one’s arrival?

Maybe you wanted to see what they looked like before deciding? Or perhaps you were sure you had the perfect name but had a rethink?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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