Why did I miscarry?

Over the last year I’ve had a two miscarriages. Just before each, I’ve had a sore, dry throat during the night. Is this significant? And, do you have advice on avoiding a third miscarriage?


Midwife Nikki Khan replies:

A miscarriage is extremely upsetting and traumatic. There are many reasons for miscarriages including genetic disorders, hormonal imbalances and medical reasons, such as a weak cervix. Other causes are blood-clotting disorders, which can be treated once diagnosed, as well as viral illnesses and a number of infections, which can act as triggers. It may be that your sore throat is a symptom of a viral illness that was present at the time you miscarried, but more likely is that it was just a coincidence.
Most recurrent miscarriage clinics will often only investigate if you’ve had tree miscarriages, and these investigations generally include genetic tests as well as specific blood tests. Hints on preventing a third miscarriage are to stop smoking if you smoke and try to avoid intercourse in early pregnancy.
Make sure you inform your GP early in your next pregnancy so you can have closer monitoring.


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