Pregnancy can change your body in oh-so many ways, but if you're the proud owner of an 'innie' - will you definitely get an 'outie' once your bump starts growing?


According to our mums, it's not necessarily a given - and when it appears, if it does, varies too. Here's what our mums told us:

"Mine [popped out] around the 25 week mark with my twins," says Agnes T. "It never went back in."

"Mine's been out for weeks. I'm currently 22 weeks," Georgina J told us.

And Sarah D's popped out pretty early - at 14 weeks.

And while plenty of you didn't make any negative comments on going from being innie to an outie, others weren't so sure.

For example, Cassie P told us: "Mine popped out both times and made me feel sick. I hate my belly button as it is." Oh dear ?


On the other side of the coin, we have to say we actually had a lot of mums tell us their belly button never popped at all. Gemma C has had 5 pregnancies and hers stayed in each time...

From what our mums said, we're also wondering if whether or not your belly button pops at all might be to do with how much of an innie you have in the first place.

Shell C told us: "It didn’t. I literally didn’t have one. It's like the black hole lol."

And Susan A said: "Mine stayed in both pregnancies. I have a cave!!!"


Finally, we did have one mum who ended up with neither an innie nor an outie - but a sort of in-betweeny.

"Mine didn't pop out, it just went completely flat and smooth. It was really weird," says Laura M.

Strange indeed ?

What's your story?

Did your innie pop out, stay the same or do something in between? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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