The latter stages of pregnancy are a great time to treat yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a little pampering will help you to relax and stay calm. Prepare for the big event with rich, intensive products, the effects of which should last you for a few weeks after the birth – when you’ll have other things on your mind than beauty treatments.


You may also be having trouble sleeping if it’s hard to get comfy now your bump’s so big – or because Junior’s decided night-time is best for playtime. It’s time to try those teabags or cucumber slices to keep your eyes looking bright!

Try these products…

1) Self-tanning lotion, made by Fake Bake, £25.50, from Fake Bake

If you’re worried about the post-birth photos or facing visitors, getting a fake tan in advance can make a world of difference…you’ll look healthy and fresh faced without having to put on any make-up.

2) White nectarine and Honey Face Mask, Jo Malone, £38.00, from Nordstrom.com

Give your skin a treat with this super-nourishing mask that replenishes a tired complexion.

3) Unperfumed Elderflower Eye Gel, made by The Body Shop, £6.50, from The Body Shop

A refreshing eye gel will perk up tired peepers. Try popping it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

4) Point Lash Curler, made by Mister Mascara, £6.95, from Beauty Bay

Curling your lashes can really make eyes look wide awake. These curlers get right into the corners to curl every lash. Follow with mascara.

5) Lip therapy, Vaseline, £1.40, from Boots

An everyday essential, you’ll also want to pop this into your hospital bag to help prevent dry lips in the labour ward.

6) Super Collagen Mask, made by Mario Badescu, £12.25, from Nordstrom.com

Give your skin a boost by replenishing its collagen levels to give a healthy glow.

Hair and Body

As your body grows, your skin will get tighter as it stretches and may well become itchier and more sensitive. Any products which calm, soothe and hydrate will make you feel better – and also help to combat stretchmarks. “Fresh stretchmarks which are pink or purple in colour, can be improved with moisturisers,” says Suzanne Newman, training manager for the Champneys Group. “Use oily, nourishing products to help knit the skin back together. However, if your stretchmarks are silvery, this is scar tissue and it’s too late to do anything about it, I’m afraid.”

Your feet will also need extra attention as they’re put under greater strain with that increased weight they’re carrying. The only problem is, you may no longer be able to reach them…what better reason to persuade your partner to give you a foot massage!

Try these products…

1) Spruce Bath Oil, made by Dr Hauschka, £17.95, from Lookfantastic.com

This revitalising bath treat has the bonus of added moisturising properties for over-stretched skin.

2) Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath, made by Origins, £19.80, from John Lewis

A warm bath before bed can help encourage sleep and this luxurious cream bubble bath should help you nod off.

3) Coconut Foot Crème, made by Burts Bees, £12.49, from Amazon

One of the most moisturising foot balms around, this is the real deal for hardworking feet.

4) Cactus Body Brush, made by The Body Shop, £9.00, from The Body Shop


Body brushing is a gentle way to exfoliate. A long-handled brush makes the job so much easier!