Leg extension - 'action' sees you straightening your leg slowly

This prenatal leg extension exercise was designed by Buggy Workout creators Pushy Mothers, for our sister publication Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine. Get your dining chair and try it out...


Leg extension - a chair exercise

What it does: Strengthens the front of your thigh to support your knee.

Get set: Sit towards the front of a sturdy chair, feet hip-width apart, knees over your ankles, spine in the neutral position (see below) and hands resting on your thighs. Slide your shoulder blades and ribcage down and lengthen your spine.

Action: Breathe IN to prepare, and as you breathe OUT, draw your tummy in and slowly straighten your leg. Breathe IN to bend your knee. Keep your spine lengthened – don’t let your back collapse. Do 8 repetitions on each leg.


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  • Ensure your knee fully extends without snapping out.
  • Maintain an upright posture throughout the exercise – avoid leaning back or slouching forwards.
  • Slower is harder!

What does ‘neutral spine’ mean?

‘Neutral Spine’ (referred to in the exercise) means the natural alignment of the spine – that’s the inward curve of the lower back and neck, and the outward curve of the ribs. In this position, equal weight is distributed along the length of the spine, minimising stress to the body. Aim to adopt this position as often as possible throughout the day.