For some of us, one of the most anticipated parts of being pregnant is finding out if we're having a baby boy or girl. If you do choose to find out, and want to share the news with friends and family, there are plenty of ways to do so in a fun and creative way, without having to spend too much money.


Whether you’re holding a gender reveal party, or simply want to create a memorable photo or video to post on Instagram, here's how to share that thrilling moment moment...

1. Ginger Ray Gender Reveal Confetti Shooter, £4


This stylish confetti shooter provides the ideal way to surprise your guests with your news. At 30cm high, it comes in neutral packaging (with just a tiny pink or blue sticker, which can be removed) so no one will be able to guess the gender before you’re ready to reveal it. There’s plenty of confetti and the ‘pop’ is sure to create a Insta-worthy moment – just have someone ready to take photos!

If you want to surprise yourself, why not buy one of each colour to take to your 20-week scan and see if your sonographer will give you the correct one after the appointment (taking the sticker off as they do it), or nominate one trusted friend or family member to sneak a look at your report and buy the correct one for you?

Available from: Ginger Ray and Amazon

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2. Ginger Ray Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal Piñata, £14.99


Want to get the whole family involved in helping reveal the gender of your baby? If so, a piñata could be a brilliant idea.

This beautiful rose gold foil one, designed in the shape of a question mark, is a stylish option and is sure to be a stunning centre piece of any gender reveal party.

Hang it up in the middle of your room and when you’re ready, let your guests smash it open with the stick – or do it yourself.

It comes with blue and pink confetti to fill and, as with the confetti shooter and other options here, you will either need to know the gender yourself or nominate a friend or family member to fill it with the correct coloured confetti – but this shouldn’t be a problem! It will make a memorable party piece – and create some fantastic pictures, too.

Available from: Party Pieces,and Ginger Ray

3. Personalised Gender Reveal Smash Cup, £19.99


Any excuse to eat more chocolate when you’re pregnant is good, right? And this gender reveal smash cup provides just the opportunity you need.

It’s a completely edible cup, piled high with delicious and indulgent chocolates and scrummy sweets and can be personalised with a message of your choice (up to 25 characters). This means it can easily tie in to whatever themed party you’re having.

Use a wooden spoon (which you can add to your order for £1.50) to smash open the base and reveal the gender of baby with brightly coloured sweets.

Like many of the other options, you need to know the gender of your baby yourself to order it, or you could trust a family member or friend to buy it for you.

It is slightly more expensive than some of the other options, but your guests can eat it afterwards – which is a major bonus in our eyes!

Just remember to check their dietary requirements, because if any of your guests are vegan or dairy intolerant, this won’t be suitable for them. And bear in mind that this reveal might not provide so many photo opportunities as a confetti shooter or smoke cannon.

Available from: Getting Personal

4. Little Sister/Little Brother T-shirt, £12

Rose & Guy Gender reveal little sister or brother

If this is your second or third child, you may want to involve your oldest children in the big reveal and some customised t-shirts or bodysuits are ideal for this. If you’re holding a party, you can ask your little one to walk into the room with their own big brother/sister t-shirt on, holding a teeny tiny bodysuit that reveals the gender of the new baby with the words ‘little brother’ or ‘little sister’.

These are also great if you’d prefer to announce the gender through a photo on social media – we’ve seen some beautifully styled shots with the whole family.

These particular bodysuits from small independent business Rose & Guy are just one example of the kind you can buy.

We love these because they’re 100% cotton, available in 2 sizes and the messages are screen-printed on. The older t-shirts are available for children aged between 1 and 4 and you can also buy big brother or big sister bodysuits for £14, children aged between 6 and 12 months.

Available from: Rose & Guy

5. Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal Scratch Cards, £4.99


If you want to reveal your baby’s gender to your loved ones in a quirky way, try these cool scratch cards.

The stylish rose gold star-shaped designs look beautiful and your party guests will love getting involved in finding out whether you’re having a little boy or girl. Each pack contains 10 cards and there’s an area for you to write your own personal message and a scratchable sticker you place over the top.

These are great because you can write whatever you’d like in the space – which is ideal if you have a specific theme you’re working to. The only problem is that they don’t provide as many cute photo opportunities as other products such as the confetti shooter or piñata.

Available from: Ginger Ray and Party Pieces

6. Baby Gender Reveal Recyclable Crackers, £3.95

Baby gender reveal crackers pink or blue

Pull the pearlised white, black or neutral cracker to reveal blue or pink tissue confetti! Each cracker features a handwritten Boy or Girl message in white, black or gold. You can also include a personal note inside, so it's a perfect gift for grandparents-to-be or close friends.

The crackers come ready-made and measure 30cm in length, with the central cracker tube 9.5cm long. Great to know the crackers and the contents are fully recyclable.

Available from: Etsy

7. Lola Cupcakes Gender reveal cakes, £19.20 for box of 6

Lola's gender reveal cupcakes

Gender reveal cupcakes are one of the most popular elements of a baby shower party, but if you don't have time (or the Bake off skills) to create your own, why not order some pre-made professional delicacies.

We love these from Lola Cupcakes in either chocolate or vanilla flavours. They're hand-decorated with buttercream and one bite will reveal blue or pink cream inside.

Available from: Lola Cupcakes

8. Twinkle Twinkle It’s A Baby Girl/It’s a Baby Boy Sash, £4.99


These chic sashes are ideal to wear at a party after the big announcement, or as part of a photo reveal.

The beautiful rose gold foil detailing and gorgeous scripted writing will make you feel extra special and the sash ribbon sets it aside from cheaper versions available elsewhere. It will look stunning in pictures, but the only problem is you might struggle to persuade your other half to don one, too!

Available from: Amazon and Party Delights

9. Ginger Ray Gender Reveal Oh Baby Balloon Kit, £5.99


Reveal your news with a bang by popping this brilliant balloon in front of your guests at your gender reveal party. It comes complete with pink and blue confetti as well as pink and blue tassels that you place around the string.

The balloon is an impressive 90cm wide and although its design isn’t quite as pretty as other options like the rose gold piñata or confetti shooter, the impressive showering of confetti will look fantastic – and provide a perfect picture.

You may struggle to get it to float – as even when filled with helium it is quite heavy – but many parents-to-be just blow it up with air and hold it when they want to pop it. It’s a good-value option for an impressive end result.

Available from: Ginger Ray, Amazon and John Lewis

10. Gender Reveal Powder Cannon, from £4.52


Reveal your news in a puff of smoke with these super-cool powder cannons. Your guests will love the effect, and you’ll be bound to get plenty of Insta-worthy pictures.

The outside packaging is gender neutral, meaning your guests won’t have any clue as to your big news, and you can ask a friend to place the order for you if you don’t want to know the sex of your baby yourself until the big moment.

The company has a variety of options to choose from, including larger cannons and those which shoot both powder and confetti for an extra flourish. Just remember, these are only really suitable for an outside reveal (as they can make quite a bit of mess) – so it may be worth considering the weather before you buy.

Available from: Etsy




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