Create A Treat Crispy House, £15

A welcome change from gingerbread abodes, this create a treat crispy house is a grand design built from rice crispies, chocolate, icing and bags of other tasty stuff.


Available from John Lewis.

Gingerbread Baking Mix

Gingerbread Baking Mix, £15

This cute kit contains everything you need to bake 30 gingerbread men with your child, plus the keepsake jar can be used to store trinkets in after the big day.

Available from Scarlet Bakes.

Cake Mix Set

Merry & Bright Cake Mix Set, £7.50

The cupcake trend looks set to run well into the New Year, so bake up 12 delicious vanilla treats with your little one with this Cupcake Mix kit by Meri Meri.

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Available from John Lewis.

Cupcake Decoration Kit

Gingerbread Men Cupcake Decoration Kit, £1

Forget faffing around with flour and eggs and give shop-bought cupcakes a homespun touch with this bargain cupcake decoration kit.

Available from Poundland.

Yummy Dough

Yummy Dough, £7.99

Not just for Christmas, Yummy Dough is a genuis modelling dough which also happens to be a biscuit! Simply shape into a festive design of your choice, colour, bake, then eat!

Available from Amazon.

Ice Cream Pudding Kit

Christmas Ice Cream Pudding Kit, £5

Like a giant, creamy, icy mince pie - why has nobody thought of Christmas ice cream pudding before? This clever kit provides all of the ingredients you need, handily portioned out, so all you have to do is combine, freeze and enjoy.

Available from Tesco.

Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread House Kit, £11.99

Fashion a gingerbread house that would make Hansel and Gretel proud with this traditional gingerbread house kit. All building blocks and baking kit is included, and the end result is bound to add some fairytale glamour to your festive decorations.

Available from Lakeland.

Gingerbread Men Sugar Toppers

Gingerbread Men Sugar Toppers, £3.25

Add a cheery little gingerbread chap to any festive baking - guaranteed to raise a smile from family and friends.

Available from Party Delights.

Gingerbread Tree

Gingerbread Tree, £18

The cheat's gingerbread house! This isn't just a festive treat, this is an enormous, deliciously soft and spicy gingerbread tree-shaped treat.

Available in store from Marks & Spencer.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Cornflake Pop Kit, £2.75

Who would have thought that the humble cornflake could turn into something so spectacular? Wile away a winter's afternoon creating these perfect chocolate-coated party pieces with your child.


Available in store from Morrisons.