10 of the best maternity pads

Ultra absorbent maternity pads will come in very handy after you've given birth: here are our favourites


For the first few weeks after giving birth (either vaginally or by C-section) you’ll most certainly find you have bleeding (called “lochia”) – perhaps quite heavily in the first few days.


When this happens, one option is to go for disposable maternity knickers (particularly in the early days when there could be quite a lot of blood) although lots of women prefer to buy big cheap pants instead and line them with maternity pads.

You’ll find – especially when the bleeding is at its heaviest – that maternity pads are better than ordinary sanitary towels as they are longer, softer and more absorbent, though as the lochia lessens you might be able to switch to something smaller.

We’ve had a look at what’s out there – and what mums are saying about them – to put together this round up of

See the best maternity pads on the market


1. Tena Lady £4.49 for 24 (19p each)

These pads are advertised as being much more absorbent than sanitary towels, and lots of mums have mentioned them as a really good choice post-birth.

The range has a number of different pads, which have little beads in them that are supposed to help with absorption as well as preventing odours from developing.

Available from: Boots


2. Kotex Night-Time, £1.89 for 10 (19p each)

These pads specifically state that they’re suitable for use after childbirth.

A number of mums have said they were their go-to pads, one saying she found them much more comfy than other brands. Great price, too.

Available from: Lloyds Pharmacy


3. Superdrug My Little Star new mum maternity towels, 99p for 10 (9.9p each)

Well, first off we have to say these are the prettiest pads out there when it comes to packaging.

More importantly though, looking at what our mums have to say about these pads, it seems mums think these pads do a good job – and at less than 9p a go they’re good value, too.

Available from: Superdrug


4. Boots maternity pads, £1.29 for 10 (13p each)

Another nicely packaged product comes from Boots. These are handy as most of us have a Boots near us and it’s a bit of a go-to place for other bits and bobs too (not to mention the points card).

One reviewer rated these as “probably the best” maternity pads she’d used so they may well be worth considering.

Available from: Boots


5. Mothercare maternity pads with wings, £5 for 24 (21p each)

Mothercare towels have been known to get some mixed comments from mums, but those of you who like them really seem to think they’re good.

They come with wings, too – which plenty of mums find a real bonus.

Available from: Mothercare


6. Natracare New mother natural Maternity Pads, £2.19 for 14 (15p each)

Like the Mothercare pads above, these come with wings – and for anyone with ultra sensitive skin they come with the added bonus of being bleach- and chlorine-free.

Plus they’re biodegradable so are great for the planet.

Available from: Amazon


7. ASDA Maternity ultra slim towels with wings, £1 for 16 (6p each)

The supermarkets are doing pretty well when it comes to maternity bits and bobs of all kinds – and maternity pads are no exception.

ASDA’s maternity pads tick a fair amount of boxes: they have wings, they’re a slim fit and they’re super cheap. 

Available from: ASDA


8. Wilko mum to be maternity towels, £1 for 10 (10p each)

You might be surprised to know you can get maternity pads from Wilko – which is partly why we’ve included them here.

It’s a shop lots of us have nearby and so worth noting if you’re in there: these are something you can add to your basket.

And they’re another really well priced option, too!

Available from: Wilko


9. Cottons maternity pads, £3.95 for 10 (40p each)

Without doubt some of the priciest pads on the block – and certainly on this list – we still thought it was worth including them for those of you who are really keen to ensure you have cotton next to your skin.

They are highly absorbent and hypo-allergenic, so should suit the most sensitive skins.

Available from: My Pure


10. Always Ultra Night, £2.95 for 20 (14p each)

We know these aren’t maternity pads – they’re sanitary towels – but the Always brand is loved by so many mums, we thought they were worth a mention.

They’re a brand many women trust to use during their periods, but their absorbency levels – and the fact the ultra ones come with wings – means many of you have found they do a great job after giving birth, too.

Available from: Waitrose


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