There's something about castles that just entrances little girls and boys. Nothing says make-believe like a fortress or palace from days of yore – where knights can save princesses (or princesses can save knights), and where royalty and their chain-mailed entourage or fairies and their shimmery-winged friends can have the most awesome sleepovers.


If your little girl or boy is getting into the turrets and towers vibe, you'll want to know which toy castles have the most play potential and are the best value for money. We've reviewed the ramparts and the drawn up the drawbridges on loads of play castles to find the best ones around: from toddler-friendly castles to 10-year-old ones, from traditional wooden castles to build-your-own accessory-packed castles and even a sweet little soft-play one...

Here's our pick of the best toy castles for children aged 2 and up...

1. Playmobil Grand Castle of Novelmore, £179.99


Age: 5+

What is it: A large (50cm x 58cm) 374-piece castle with working cannons and crossbows that rotate, breakthrough walls, a secret cell, drawbridge, lift and catapult. Comes with 4 figures, 4 animals and lots and lots of accessories. Requires some self-assembly.

Why we love it: This mega castle may come with a hefty price tag but there are also more play features than you can shake a stick at. With detailed accessories, inventive weapons and breaking walls, there’s plenty here to stage elaborate battles and let fly from your cannons, crossbows and catapult. Takes a wee while to assemble.

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Available from: Playmobil and Amazon

2. Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Thistle Castle Playset, £30


Age: 3+

What it is: A 34cm x 28cm castle playset themed on the popular show. Comes with a Princess Holly figure and a range of accessories including spell book, potion, bed, 2-sided mirror, treasure chest and cauldron.

Why we love it: It's quite small and dinky and it perhaps isn't as robust as some of the other castles here. But we know that probably won't count for much to a little Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom fan. We do love the magic toadstool that you twist to open the castle door, and the magic jelly is fun (you don't see much of that in other play castles). We're also impressed by the treasure chest you can open 2 different ways: 1 to show it empty; the other full of money!

Available from: Argos, Hamleys and Amazon

3. Duplo Frozen Ice Castle, £44.99


Age: 2+

What it is: A toddler-friendly 59-piece construction-brick set to build a 28cm x 19cm version of Elsa’s ice castle from the Disney blockbuster Frozen. Comes with Elsa, Anna and Olaf figures, a button-operated light brick, table, chairs and teapot.

Why we love it: It’s extra fun to build your castle before you play with it! And, as even with DUPLO, the bricks are nice and chunky and easy to connect. We really like the light brick: press the button to illuminate the castle in multiple colours, and Olaf’s little slide is great.

Available from: Amazon, Argos and Lego

4. Le Toy Van Fairybelle Palace, £119


Age: 3+

What it is: A 72cm x 45cm pink and white wooden castle, with a drawbridge, high tower, balcony, opening shuttered window and furniture including a table with flower chairs, bed and tea set. Some self-assembly required.

Why we love it: It's well made in rubberwood and beautifully painted – even the base board is covered in delicate flowers. We really like the balcony and the flower chairs and are impressed by the attention to detail – the beds have sheets!

Available from: Cuckooland and Amazon

5. Chad Valley Knights Wooden Castle, £50


Age: 3+

What it is: A traditional-looking 54cm x 54cm x 32cm toy castle, with 2 catapults, a working drawbridge and 2 towers with flags. Comes with 18 wooden knights. Requires some self-assembly.

Why we love it: It’s big – and great value for money. The catapults are great and it’s lovely to see so many knights included – although they’re maybe more blocks like than play figures.

Available from: Argos

6. Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall, £89.99


Age: 9+

What is it? An 878-piece LEGO set that builds into a 30cm x 37cm Hogwarts' Great Hall with a 4-level tower on the side and a Potions classroom and treasure room. Comes with 10 minifigures, including Harry, Hermione and Ron, Draco Malfoy, Hagrid and a buildable Fawkes and Basilisk.

Why we love it: It's a challenging but exciting build. And there's just so much great detail to feast your eyes on inside. We love the moveable Grand Staircase, the mirror of Erised with its 4 reflections and the little sorting hat.

Available from: Smyths Toys

7. Oskar & Green Castle, £39


Age: 3+

What it is: A 26cm-high padded cotton castle that comes with 5 finger puppets, including a dragon, a man, a woman, a witch, and a white horse. Also comes with an embroidered bag (which can be used as a backdrop) and a soft treasure chest. No assembly required!

Why we love it: It's beautifully soft and wonderfully portable. We love the Velcro fasteners for the treasure chest and drawbridge, and the lovely grabbable finger-puppet characters. And it's all machine-washable, too.

Available from: Amazon

8. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Medieval Castle, £46.99


Age: 3+

What is it? A 50cm x 47cm x 36cm decorated wooden castle with a drawbridge, that opens up to reveal an interior full of rooms and staircases. Comes fully assembled with a carry handle, as well as king, queen, knight and horse figures, thrones and a royal bed.

Why we love it: It's very nicely painted on the outside and the figures are a good size for small hands – although they're maybe not as high-quality as the castle itself. The inside is a lovely little maze of stairs and grand arched windows – plain but ready for all sorts of imaginative play. We really that it comes fully assembled.

Available from: Amazon

9. Le Toy Van My First Castle, £54.00


Age: 3+

What is it? A slot-together 43cm x 43cm x 41cm painted wooden castle with flags, a portcullis and running boards. Comes in red or blue.

Why we love it: This is a good sturdy castle that'll withstand all manner of sieges and battle action. The ramparts and turrets are big enough to put figures on and we like that the portcullis lifts up. Shame that it doesn't come with any figures, though.

Available from: Amazon

10. Castle Building Bricks in a Box, £37


Age: 3+

What it is: A 150-piece assorted wooden brick set with pieces that include turrets, castellations, archways and windows, so your child cane build their own castle.

Why we love it: It's a bit different to most of the toy castles on the market right now – we like that there's an opportunity with this one to get creative and make a castle of your own design. Also loads of fun potential here for knocking walls and towers down!

Available from: Mulberry Bush


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