10 of the best tummy time toys

We've got some lovely, interactive tummy time toys - ideal for when babies are learning to push up, sit and roll over


Giving your baby tummy time is a key way to get them stronger: it helps them learn to push up, sit and roll, and is really important when it comes to developing their motor skills too.


And if you can make it fun for your little one at the same time, so much the better, because, it has to be said, some babies aren’t always keen to change position from lying on their backs to sitting up.

If this is the case, don’t worry, and don’t make them do it too much – but do remember to try tummy time with them every now and then.

If you’ve got a fun toy handy like one from the selection below, you’ll hopefully find that helps too with encouraging them to see the world from a different angle.

Here are some of the best tummy time toys that we think are both practical and entertaining. Take a look…

10 of the best tummy time toys…

1. Mamas and Papas Tummy Time Activity Toy, £14.25


What it is: A lovely, forest-themed coloured roll cushion with crinkles, a rattle and teether to stimulate your little one.

Why we love it: The woodland characters are super cute, and there’s a mirror, too – so your baby will love playing peek-a-boo with themselves!

Available from: Mamas and Papas

2. Taf Time Developmental Pillow, £16.99


What it is: A super soft pillow with cute vintage green cover and cloud images, plus a rattling teething ring.

Why we love it: Most of the tummy time toys we’ve come across that really encourage getting your baby on their front tend to be roll shapes – this one’s a slanted pillow, so we like the fact that it offers another option. Could be good if you’ve tried the other kind and your baby’s simply not liking them…

Available from: Earthlets

3. East Coast Nursery Tummy Time Discovery Toy, £19.99


What it is: A tummy time ‘roll’ toy with multiple soft toys, teething rings and shapes and a mirror, plus crinkle sounds and a soothing (quiet) lullaby when you press the moon shape.

Why we love it: This tummy time toy has that bit extra than many others: there are 2 teething shapes and a teething ring for example – because teething will most likely coincide with tummy time and your baby will probably go through a fair few teethers! The attached shapes are nice and big, and super soft and cuddly, too.

Available from: Argos and Kidly

4. Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop, £34.99


What it is: An animal-shaped mat with props on either side to lift it when you want tummy time. It also comes with a pillow to give your baby extra support when they’re on their front.

Why we love it: Lots of play mats and gyms say they also offer tummy time, but we haven’t seen many others that actually lift at one end like this one does. The designs are cute too – as well as the bear cub here, you can also get a penguin, an owl and a polar bear.

Available from: Amazon

5. Fisher Price Monkey Mirror, £10

What it is: This portable mirror can easily be folded up and put away. One side features colourful animals, and the other side has a mirror that’s just the right angle for tummy time.

Why we love it: There’s so much sensory-stimulating fun, including a crinkles, a monkey that squeaks, a parrot that jingles, bananas that clack, fleece grass that’s soft to touch and that great-big mirror for self-discovery. And when it’s time to put baby (and the fun) to bed, just fold it up for easy storage.

Available from: Amazon

6. Bright Start Sit and See Safari Floor Mirror, £9.99


What it is: A pyramid tummy time toy from Bright Start with a large child-safe mirror as its key feature.

Why we love it: We think your little one will have hours of fun spying their reflection looking back at them. It folds flat as well, so needn’t be a space waster = bonus!

Available from: Amazon

7. Nuby Little Fox Tummy Time Roller, £10.99

What it is: Another tummy time ‘roll’ toy – with a little mirror, rattle, plush owl toy that squeaks & a brightly coloured teething part.

Why we love it: We like attachments on this one – there is lots to keep little ones amused. Plus the mirror is sure to get the giggles going.

Available from: Amazon

8. Tomy Lamaze Spin And Explore Garden Gym, £15.99

What it is: A flower-shaped mat with an elevating spinning cushion in the middle to keep baby entertained while they have tummy time.

Why we love it: Don’t worry, this spinner doesn’t go at a theme park speed! But we think your baby will really enjoy taking in the whole world (or whole room) as they move slowly around.

Available from: Argos

9. Clevamuma Clevatummy Play Mat, £23.99


What it is: A mat with large pillow made of breathable ClevaFoam, which adapts to your baby’s body as she plays and moves around.

Why we love it: While this might not be the fanciest-looking tummy time mat on the block, it’s got science on its side, as it’s made of a foam which contours to the natural shape of your baby’s body. It’s also hypo-allergenic so is great for kids with asthma and or allergies.

Available from: Amazon

10. Baby Percussion Mat, £30

What it is: Keyboard mat with 10 keys, 10 flashing lights and 3 modes of play. Includes removable tummy cushion.

Why we love it: A great way to get babies who don’t love tummy time to enjoy it. The lights and the music are a great feature, and when your baby has outgrown the tummy time cushion, it can be removed and used as a fun piano mat toy.

Available at: Mothercare

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