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11 of the best teething toys

Looking for a teething toy to soothe your baby's gums? We've tested loads – and picked out the best


A teething baby wants a toy they can gnaw, bite, rub on their sore gums and dribble safely all over which means soft, flexible teethers with knobbly bits and uneven or ridged textures are a parents new best friend. Look for teething toys you can chuck in the dishwasher and that you can chill in the fridge for a bit of extra-cooling pain-relief. Weve also got eco-friendly options in natural rubber and wood, too.


Here’s our pick of the best baby teething toys, as rated and tested by babies (and their parents)…

1. Lion Teether, Matchstick Monkey, £9.99 – best for hygiene

Age: 3m-3 years

Awards: MadeForMums Toy Awards 2019 Best Teething Toy Gold

What it is: An irresistibly cute lion teether with sore-gum-soothing bumps made from antimicrobial silicone that kills germs within 2 hours. Dishwasher and fridge safe, and suitable for steam and cold-water sterilising.

Why we love it: At 11cm, this teether is handily sized with ergonomically designed arms that are easy for little hands to grip. Not only can baby chew down on lions bumpy mane, but the bumps are also just the job for applying teething gel to the back of their mouth when the dreaded molars are breaking through.

You can also use Lion to help baby get used to brushing their new pearly whites. But a major plus of this Gold award-winning teether is that its made from antimicrobial silicone, with 99.5% of nasties zapped in 2 hours which will be a weight off your mind when it gets tossed onto the floor/pavement.

Although pricier than others in this round-up, our testers think its worth the spend.

MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy says This looks super-cute, and is a very effective teether as its easy to grip, and has different textures and surfaces.

Available from: Harrods

2. Sophie La Girafe Original Teether, £11.99 – best for a birth gift

Age: From birth

Awards: MadeForMums Toy Awards 2019 Best Teething Toy Silver

What it is: A flexible, squeaky, smiley natural-rubber, 17cm giraffe, painted in non-toxic food-grade paint, with lots of gum-able, chewable surfaces to explore.

Why we love it: Babies have been drooling literally! over this lovable giraffe for over 50 years, and it was no different for our tiny testers, who love the variety of parts there are to chew on, including legs that are just the right length for soothing sore molars.

Sophie, our Silver award-winner, makes a lovely toy, too, with a squeaky tummy thats sure to bring a smile to your babys face. And being made from natural rubber like Gertie the Goose, also in this round-up makes Sophie a more eco-friendly buy than plastic.

Although shes not cheap, our MFM testers felt that being both a toy and a teether like the Bronze award-winning Fisher-Price Coffee Cup makes Sophie a good-value buy.

MFM tester Emily, mum of William, 8 months, says William is a firm fan of Sophie La Girafe; hes tried other teethers and none has occupied him so fully! The variety in shape to relieve different teeth, beautiful design and multi-purpose play potential make it a clear winner for us.

Available from: John Lewis, La Redoute and Amazon

3. Matchstick Monkey Dancing Monkey Teether, £14.95 – best for out and about

Age: 3 months+

What it is: A soft-texture silicone monkey-shaped teether, designed to be held easily. Has ridges and a bristle pad. Dishwasher and fridge safe. Choose from 8 colours. 

Why we love it: With monkeys cheeky smile and fun colours, we really rate the charming design of this teether a sibling of our Gold award-winning Lion. Small and light, its easy for baby to hold, with a variety of surfaces to gnaw on.

Although its quite pricey for a teether, we think its worth every penny as so many babies (and parents) adore it.

Kaysie, MFM tester and mum of 6-month-old twin Evie, says Evie really likes this monkey. And I love the quality. The silicone is easy to wash and you can sterilise this really easily.

Available from: Matchstick Monkey and Amazon


4. Fisher-Price Coffee Cup Teether, £4.99 – best for value

Age: 3m+

Awards: MadeForMums Toy Awards 2019 Best Teething Toy Bronze

What it is: A 2-in-1 rattle and teether with a chewy lid for teething, colourful beads inside for rattling and a useful fabric loop to hold onto.

Why we love it: Theres no need for baby to miss out on the coffee run with this cute, chewable cup and teether.

Our MFM mini testers loved this fun Bronze award-winning cup with colourful beads inside for rattling, boosting their sensory development, plus it has a chewy lid for the teething stage all for a very pocket-friendly price.

Another bonus is the fabric loop, which makes it easy for baby to hold, or for you to attach to your buggy. Mines a babycino

MFM tester Barbara, mum of Jakub, 7 months, says “My little boy has around 20 teethers, but he usually picks up this toy and calms down easily when using it.

Available from: Amazon, Smyths Toys and Next

5. Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether, £4.69 – best for out and about

Age: 3m+

What it is: Colourful loop of BPA-free teething beads with different shapes and textures. Wipe clean or wash in warm, not hot, water; not suitable for heat sterilisation.

Why we love it: Brightly coloured, with beady bugs to keep babys attention, this budget-friendly teething toy has plenty of different textures and surfaces for when bubbas teeth start coming through.

The only minus is that unlike most of the other teethers in our list, it can’t be heat sterilised. It’s a hit with babies, though, being small and lightweight enough for tiny hands to hold and for popping in your handbag before you head out.

Available from: Nuby UK, Amazon and Boots

6. Bubba the Whale Teething and Bath Toy, £8.99 – best for hygiene and 2-in-1 toy and teether

Age: From birth

What it is: A jolly-looking whale-shaped teether-and-bath-toy-in-1 made from super-tactile and resilient natural rubber with food-grade dyes and paints. Comes with a drawstring storage bag.

Why we love it: Its definitely very chew-able and pretty impossible to puncture. Its also fully sealed, so it wont get mouldy inside if its used in the bath. And for a toy and teether in one, its a great price!

Charlotte, MFM tester and mum to Henry, 9 months, says: Henry loves to chew Bubbas tail. Its a great, friendly, smiley design. Compared to other products on the market, this is very good value for money and I really like that it comes with a little carry pouch.

Available from: Water Babies and Amazon

Gertie the Good Goose Natural Rubber Teething Toy

7. Gertie the Good Goose Natural Rubber Teething Toy, £13.99 – best for material

 Age: From birth

 What it is: A fairly large (25cm high) teething toy made from natural rubber. Babies can chew on Gerties feet, tail feathers and beak.

 Why we love it: This teething toy is lovely and chunky and big but still soft (and slightly vanilla-scented). Although larger than Sophie la Girafe, Gertie is also made from natural rubber, so shes an eco-friendly goose, and quacks (rather than squeaks) when you squeeze her tummy.

 Available from: Gertie the Good Goose and Boots

8. Rosa & Bo Silicone Teether, £12 – best for style and practicality

Age: From birth

What it is: A soft silicone teether in a traditional design thats either a dolls face or a bunnys face. Flavoured with rose water. Dishwasher-safe.

Why we love it: Its super-stylish (not that your baby will care!) and the hole is just the right size for a chubby fist to grab a firm hold of.

Available from: Rosa & Bo


9. Yummirings, £19.50 – best for soothing on the go

Age: From birth

 What it is: Three interlocking rings made from cutlery-grade stainless steel. Each ring holds a coloured silicone bead and a stainless-steel bead engraved with an animal. Dishwasher-safe. Comes with a drawstring storage bag.

 Why we love it: This stylish-looking teether comes with added jingly jangly noises and will come into its own when your babys old enough to sit up and explore how the rings fit together. Best of all, being stainless steel makes them naturally extra cooling for babys gums, so theyre great when youre out and about.

 Available from: Yummikeys and Amazon


10. Infantino Sensory Textured Multi Ball Set, £9.99 – best for 2-in-1 toy and teether

Age: 6m+

What it is: A set of 6 BPA-free, lightweight textured balls in different sizes, shapes and colours.

Why we love it: The play value of this squashy ball set is second to none, plus babies are spoiled for choice with plenty of bumpy textures to bite down on to ease their sore gums.

Great for popping in your handbag for a trip out.

Available from: Amazon

11. Green Owl Toys Fox Teether and Fox Toy, £17.50 – best for eco-friendly option or gift

Age: From birth

 What it is: A wooden teether in the shape of a Fox, which comes with a larger wooden Fox toy. Made from sustainable wood.

 Why we love it: The only wooden teether in this round-up, this beautiful Fox is a great option if you’d rather your little one didn’t chew on plastic plus wood has the added bonus of being naturally antibacterial.

Not only is Fox beautiful to look at, but the teethers design means its easy for baby to grip. If you’re after a more eco-friendly teether, and don’t want to go for the natural rubber of Sophie La Girafe or Gertie the Goose, then try this foxy friend.

 Available from: Green Owl Toys


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