10 things you really wish your buggy had – and our solutions

MFM surveyed over 1,300 mums to find out what the one thing you’d improve on your buggy if you could…


Around 90% of MFM mums have never had to return a buggy, so we’d like to say (and hope) that means they’re happy with their choices. However, there’s always something that could be improved, so we asked our mums just what they would like to add to their buggy if they could – no matter how wacky the idea.


The top 10 things mums wish their buggy had are:

  1. Extremely small size
  2. Umbrella for mum
  3. Super lightweight
  4. More storage space
  5. Anti-tipping device
  6. Automatic folding
  7. Snow wheels
  8. Holder for phone, cup or iPad
  9. Heated handlebars
  10. Self-cleaning

While some of the ideas sound genius, some actually exist! That’s where MFM comes to the rescue – we’ve provided some solutions to a few of your top 10 wishes:

  • Extremely small buggy? Yes! We spotted the smallest ever buggy (that we’ve seen anyway) at September’s Cologne Nursery Fair. The BabyZen YoYo is also super stylish. Made in France, we’re hoping it will hit UK shores later this year.
  • Can you stay dry in the rain? Yes! No one has enough hands to balance a buggy and an umbrella when you’re caught out in the rain, but you can actually buy what’s called a Buggy Brolly. Simply attach it to your buggy handle, but don’t expect it to stay in place when it’s windy! 
  • Can you enjoy a cappuccino on a stroll through town? Yes! Attachable cup holders for your pushchair are fairly easy to come across and can cost anything between £5 and £16. Phil & Teds, Bugaboo and Mountain Buggy have created cup holders specifically for their buggies, and of course you can always try and slot your phone into it when you’re not drinking!
  • Can you clean your buggy? Yes! Well, obviously your buggy can’t clean itself, but most buggies nowadays have removable covers you can just put them in the washing machine. If yours doesn’t, how about having your buggy professionally cleaned? There’s a few pushchair-valeting services up and down the country, such as www.peachycleanbuggy.co.uk, who offer a range of services from deep cleans to repairs, and prices start from as little as £10.
  • Automatic folding? Oh yes! Again, at the Cologne Nursery Fair we had a sneak preview of one of the most revolutionary new buggies – the Origami Stroller from 4Moms. It’s the world’s first self-folding buggy, powered by a battery that you charge as you walk. Genius and on its way from the US soon we hope…
  • Can you take your baby on walks in the snow? Yes! Bugaboo’s newest edition, the Bugaboo Cameleon has snow wheels available as an optional extra – pushing your buggy through all the seasons has never been easier!

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