It’s no secret that Hatchimals were the most sought after toy for Christmas 2016.


In case you missed it, they’re fluffy animal creatures who hatch from an egg after you've done lots of stroking and rubbing and talking to the shell (you can see one hatching on our MadeForMums Toys YouTube channel).

Once they’ve hatched, you teach them how to walk, talk, play and dance. Oh, and their eyes light up. There’s simply nothing else like them on the market right now.

But even though the Christmas craze has died down, it seems eggs that hatch are still a thing.

So, in the hope that these will save Santa some stress next time around, here are some of our fave hatching toys…

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1. Dino Hatching Eggs

Suitable for: 3+

Why we love them: OK, so they’re small but these bargainous (a Hatchimal costs £50 plus) variations of hatching eggs are ever so cute. They hatch over a period of time in a glass of water – so your child's spared the non-stop rubbing thing that Hatchimals need before they can hatch. There are many different options and designs out there to pick from, too… Just make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer.

What it costs: £3 to £4.75 from The National Trust, Hobbycraft or John Lewis.


2. Insect Lore Butterfly Pavilion Hatching Kit

Suitable for: 4 +

Why we love it: Feed and nurture caterpillars and then watch as they wrap themselves into cocoons and turn into butterflies for you to set free. Is there anything more magical? We reckon not! Caterpillars are sent out from March 2017 – to mid-September, (they don't do winter, bless em), so you’ll only be able to unwrap the pavilion itself now,. But it’s definitely worth waiting for.

What it costs: £34.99, from Insect Lore


3. Animal Planet Hatch Ems Rainforest Animals

Suitable for: 3+

Why we love them: This hatching toy comes in a 3-pack with a monkey, snake and panther – which, thrillingly grow to 10 times their size. They hatch in 48 hours in a glass of water, and come with animal fact cards.

What it costs: £36.51, from Amazon


4. Dinosaur Hatching Finger Puppets

Why we love it: Think outside the box with these baby dinosaur finger puppets that hatch out of their eggs. Choose from triceratops, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex – so much cooler than chocolate.

Suitable for: Ages 3+

What it costs: £12, from Natural History Museum


5. Playmobil Treasure Hunt Gift Egg

Why we love it: These are Playmobil Easter eggs with a difference. Instead of chocolate, there are themed play sets hidden inside. They sold out pretty quickly when the first came out, but Debenhams still stocks the 'Pirate on Treasure Hunt' theme. The Gift Egg itself can also be kept and used as a money box with a special slot for pocket money.

Suitable for: 3 - 8 years

What it costs: £7, from Debenhams


6. Aqua Dragons Sea Friends Deluxe

Suitable for: 6+

Why we love it: These real, live tiny sea creatures hatch from eggs over the course of a few days. OK, so they don't have light up eyes and sing you songs but they're arguably more cute. And of course, they're REAL pets.

What it costs: £24.99, from Argos


7. LOL Surprise Egg

Why we love it: This toy is the hot new craze in schools across the country. It comes with 7 layers of fun, where your child can reveal stickers, a sticker sheet, a doll and a few cute accessories. Unlike some crazes, it won't break the bank, either.

Suitable for: 5 years +

What it costs: £7.99, from Argos


8. Little Live Pets Hatch & Hop Chicks

Why we love it: Perfect for Easter, these hatching chicks also hop around and sing if you pet them enough. There are 4 cute, colourful chicks to collect, too.

Suitable for: 5 years +

What it costs: £14.99, from Argos


9. Woodland Grow Critter Set: Hatch Fox and Owl

Suitable for: 5+

Why we love it: These little creatures – you get a fox and an owl in every set – emerge from a tree stump over 24 hours, and then continue to grow until they're about 5cm high. They’re only available in the US, but they do ship to the UK.

What it costs: $10.95 + shipping, from Online Science Mall


10. Hatchimals Colleggtibles

Why we love it: 2016's toy obsession from Spin Master takes on a smaller form. There are 13 eggs and 72 characters to collect. The premise is the same (you nurture the egg and it hatches) but it doesn't require interactive play after you've hatched the egg...

There are a variety of collectible packs, egg cartons and play sets to choose from.

Suitable for ages: 5 - 10 years

What it costs: Depends on your set, but a 4 pack plus a surprise costs £10

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