School runs, cheering from the sidelines at a 5-aside football game, or heading out on a family walk – a heated jacket might be the must-have item you didn't know you needed. A bit like a heated throw, but wearable and great for outdoor activities, and many parents swear by them.


Designed to keep you warm and cosy during the colder months, heated jackets are battery-powered and work by having hidden heating fibres around the coat, the temperature of which you can adjust. This offers you a reliable layer of warmth, whatever the weather or wind chill factor.

Heated jackets can be great for winter sports and activities including hiking, mountaineering, snowboarding and skiing. Away from the slopes they can also be useful for keeping you warm in your day-to-day life, during your commute or while running errands or coffee-shop hopping in town. For parents who need to be on the sports fields with their children, a heated jacket can keep you cosy while spectating even in the middle of winter.

You don’t have to compromise on style, either. While these are technical, high spec pieces of kit, most heated jackets come in modern and stylish designs.

Heated jackets at a glance:

  • Best for stylish design and colour choices: Regatta Women's Voltera Waterproof Heated Jacket, £230
  • Best stylish puffer coat: Ororo Women's Heated Thermolite Puffer Parka Jacket, £249.99
  • Best midi-length jacket: Ororo Soho Heated Down Parka Jacket, £239.99
  • Best parka-style short coat: Blaze Wear Women's Explorer Jacket, £199.99
  • Best lightweight jacket for outdoor activities: Hewinze Heated jacket, £104.99
  • Best used as a layer for winter sports: Bertschat Heated Jacket, £219.99
  • Best jacket designed for extreme cold: Ororo Men’s Heated Down Jacket, £195.99
  • Best puffer-style design for men: Blaze Wear Men's Explorer Jacket, £199
  • Best parka-style jacket for commuting: Regatta Volter Men’s Waterproof Insulated Parka Heated Jacket, £230

What to look for and what to consider when buying a heated jacket

Price – As you’d expect from a technical piece of clothing that contains heating elements, the price of a heated jacket can be more expensive than an everyday winter coat. However, it can also be more reasonable than you’d expect. There are a range of prices in the jackets we looked at, this does vary depending on the number of heating zones and the material the coat is made of. Think about how often you are going to use it – will it be an everyday coat? Or just one you’ll wear occasionally while taking part in sports? Will it be a coat you can wear every year, or is it one you want for this season? This can be helpful when deciding on the level of investment you are willing to make.

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Material – The type of material of heated jackets varies and our round-up includes everything from polyester puffer jackets to parkas with faux fur and a down filled coat. There is lots to consider when it comes to the material - do you need a highly technical fabric that is waterproof as well as warm? Do you need a thin layer or a padded, thicker coat?

Style – The style of the coats we looked at range from thin single layer anorak style to thick, padded coats. Are you buying this as a fashion coat you can wear out and about and want a bit of heating boost, or do you need a sporting option or a practical coat where keeping warm wins over aesthetics? We found the style of the heated jackets can vary, but while these are designed as practical coats where the heating function is key, the heating function is hidden in the coat and the majority of ones we looked at still look stylish, despite added practicalities.

Here's our pick of the best heated jackets for 2024

Heated Jackets For Women

1. Regatta Women's Voltera Waterproof Heated Jacket, £230

– Best for stylish design and a variety of colour choices

regatta Women's Voltera Waterproof Heated Jacket

Size: 8-18 | Materials: 100% polyester, Isotex, Thermoguard | Batteries: Yes | Colour options: Dark forest green, Slate blue, Code red, Black, Burnt copper

This attractive Regatta parka jacket is functional and stylish and a comfortable coat that will help you brave the cold during school runs or while watching your child play sport.

The jacket is well insulated using Thermoguard hi-tech material with quick-dry fibre that traps air inside. It's also breathable at the same time, to keep you feeling fresh. The outside is waterproof and windproof, making it functional to wear for longer walks.

Turn on the heating system when you need it most - the heating technology is battery-powered and you can purchase a battery pack on the same website that is compatible with Regatta heated jackets (5V USB power bank with a minimum output of 2.1A).

The parka jacket features a hood with removable fur trim, 4 pockets on the front and 2 way zip down the middle. There are 5 colour options in total: Dark forest green, Slate blue, Code red, Black, Burnt copper.

Available from: Regatta

2. Ororo Women's Heated Thermolite Puffer Parka Jacket, £249.99

– Best stylish puffer coat


Size: XS-3XL | Materials: Nylon, polyester, Fellex Insulation | Batteries: Yes | Machine washable: Yes – cold setting

This is a practical everyday puffer jacket, with a choice of 4 colours (neutral black, milk white, grey, dark red) and a lighter weight than the brand's heated parka alternative.

To switch on the heating system, you simply press and hold the button on the front of the jacket for 3 seconds. You can adjust the heat settings to low, medium or high by pressing the same button once. The heated zones are situated on the jacket collar, left and right side of the chest and on the upper back.

It uses Thermolite technology insulation to prevent the warmth from escaping, combined with a waterproof and windproof outer shell - essential for walks and hikes.

The Ororo heated jacket comes with a battery, USB-C charger cable and a user manual guide. For those long walks or hiking trips, you can plug your mobile phone into the USB cable to recharge your device.

Our MFM Digital Journalist Janet (pictured above) shared, "The jacket is comfortable, breathable and warm. Easy to set up and comes in a nice storage bag to keep the jacket and parts together in between the changing seasons. I felt the heat worked better on the highest setting and was mainly felt on my back and in the front pocket area. The warm sensation reminded me of a heated blanket and kept me cosy on the school run."

Available from: Ororo

3. Ororo Soho Heated Down Parka Jacket, £239.99

– Best midi-length jacket

Ororo Soho Heated Down Parka Jacket

Size: S-2XL | Materials: Nylon, polyester, Fellex Insulation | Batteries: Yes | Machine washable: Yes

This Ororo parka jacket has a longline fit that will help keep most of your body warm for those days when you're running errands on foot without the car.

You'll get extra coverage and overall body warmth with this midi-length jacket. The heated zones are located in the collar, left and right pockets and mid back and have up to 10 hours of runtime. Press the button on the front of the jacket to switch the system on and you can adjust the heating to high, medium and low.

The zip is 2-way so you can zip up the jacket from the bottom if you wanted some extra leg room whilst walking.

"The jacket is a good fit and a nice length – mid-calf but not so long it gets in the way. It’s thinner than I expected but the filling is duck down so even though it feels thin, it's well-insulated. The low heat setting felt lovely and snug in the pockets but I couldn’t feel the heat elsewhere. The medium setting was much better for me and felt right everywhere. I could feel the warmth in my back which was very comfortable" shared our MFM Marketing Manager Emma who tested this jacket.

Available from: Ororo

4. Blaze Wear Women's Explorer Jacket, £199.99

– Best women's parka-style short coat

blazewear womens explorer jacket

Size: XS - XL | Materials: X | Batteries: Yes, purchased separately | Machine washable: X

The Blaze Wear Explorer jacket is a lightweight, short jacket that uses TriZone Heat Technology to let you generate warmth for your upper body by touching a button on the front of the coat.

There are 3 heating zones in the jacket, across the back and the front, made of flexible carbon fibres that are integrated into the lining. Handily, the coat can be folded and compressed without having to worry about damaging the fibres – so you can throw the jacket in the boot of your car with no problems.

With a flattering fit, the jacket is made with dense wadding for extra warmth and the parka-style hood with fur lined trim can also be detached. To keep your hands cosy on cold days there are fleece-lined pockets.

The coat is powered by a rechargeable USB power bank that sits in a zipped pocket and can also charge your phone at the same time. There are two different power options available for the coat - the single 5V Rechargeable Jacket and Gilet USB Power Bank and a 2 Pack - although these need to be purchased separately.

Available from: Blaze Wear

5. Hewinze Heated jacket, £104.99

– Best lightweight jacket for outdoor activities

henwinze coat

Size: XS - 4XL | Materials: Polyester | Batteries: Included | Machine washable: Yes

If you like to keep warm without feeling too constricted, the Hewinze Heated jacket is a lightweight design suitable for all elements and ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and sports.

Graphene fibre heating elements generate heat in 4 different heat zones - the neck, left and right abdomen and mid-back of the coat - meaning you can keep the whole of your upper body cosy. For a comfortable fit, the jacket also has an adjustable waistband and there's a removable hood.

You can switch between 3 heating settings by pressing the button on the front of the coat. The jacket will reach temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius on the hottest setting. It’s also windproof and waterproof, which means you will be kept warm and dry, whatever the weather.

The jacket is machine washable, with a USB waterproof cover that protects the internal circuit during the washing process. The compact 7.4V charging battery is included and will provide up to 9.5 hours of heating time. And handily, it can also charge your phone when you are out and about.

Available from: Amazon

6. Bertschat Heated Jacket, £219.99

– Best used as a layer for winter sports

bertschat heated jacket

Size: XS - 3XL | Materials: Softshell | Batteries: Included | Machine washable: Yes

Featuring no less than 10 heating elements, the Bertschat Softshell Jacket is a lightweight design ideal to be used as a base layer under thicker outdoor winter sports jackets and can also be worn over sportwear for outdoor exercising on colder days.

There are 4 heated zones at the front and 6 at the back, with 3 different temperature settings controlled by 2 buttons on the inside of the jacket that offer up to 10 hours of heat. If you want maximum warmth, you can set both buttons to the highest setting simultaneously.

The multiple heating zones do require additional power, and each power bank provides energy to 5 heating areas. 2 power banks are included as standard, and 1 power bank can be connected in each jacket pocket.

Available from: Bertschat

Heated Jackets For Men

1. Ororo Men’s Heated Down Jacket, £195.99

– Best jacket designed for extreme cold

mens heated down jacket

Size: XS - 3XL | Materials: Polyester, down, feather| Batteries: Yes | Machine washable: Yes

Designed for extreme cold, the Ororo Men’s Heated Jacket is a high performance coat that will keep you warm whatever the weather. As well as having 4 separate heating elements, it also features premium 750-fill down and a water and wind resistant shell to keep snow and water out.

Carbon fibre heating elements generate heat across core body areas, in the left & right pocket, collar and upper back. There are 3 heating settings - high, medium, low – that you can adjust by pressing a button. The battery provides up to 10 working hours of heat, and the jacket heats up in seconds. There’s also a USB port on the battery for charging phones and other mobile devices when you're out and about.

For extra comfort there is an adjustable and detachable down-filled hood and a fleece-lined collar. Stretchable cuffs with thumbhole construction help to lock in the heat. And yes, it has pockets – there are 5 zippered pockets in total including 2 side-entry hand pockets with heating zones and an interior battery pocket.

Available from: Ororo

2. Blaze Wear Men's Explorer Jacket, £199

– Best puffer-style design for men

mens explorer jacket

Size: M - 3XL | Materials: X | Batteries: Yes, purchased separately | Machine washable: X

If you’re looking for an on-trend design of winter coat with additional warmth, the Blaze Wear Explore jacket for men is a waist-length padded puffer-style coat with three integrated heating zones.

Generate the level of warmth you want by touching the button on the exterior of the coat. Integrated heating elements, using TriZone Heat Technology and flexible carbon fibres, are located at the back and chest of the coat. The jacket can be compressed and folded without compromising the heating elements.

A rechargeable USB power bank charges the heating elements and sits in a zipped pocket inside the jacket and handily you can also charge your phone at the same time. However, you will need to purchase the battery pack separately – a single pack or double pack is available.

This is a classic, navy design with red accents that also features an adjustable, detachable hood with a peak, and exterior pockets.

Available from: Blaze Wear

3. Regatta Volter Men’s Waterproof Insulated Parka Heated Jacket, £230

– Best parka-style jacket for commuting

mens volter jacket

Size: S - 2XL | Materials: Recycled polyester | Batteries: Yes, sold separately | Machine washable: Yes | Colour Options: Admiral blue, dark khaki, black

Need an on-trend style of coat with additional heat? The Regatta Men's Volter Waterproof Insulated Parka Heated Jacket is a stylish option to keep you warm on winter morning commutes or while spectating at outdoor sports matches.

There is only one heating pad in this jacket, located at the upper back, and you’ll need to plug and unplug the battery to operate the heating element which does involve taking the coat on and off. A USB power bank is required to utilise the heated technology with this jacket - although please note this is sold separately on the Regatta website.

This men's parka jacket comes with a water-repellent finish, taped seams and insulation, and breathable fabric. The hood is adjustable and features removable faux-fur trim. Three colourways are available including admiral blue, dark khaki and black.


Available from: Regatta

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