This month, we're looking at LGBT books for kids ?


Whether your child has questions about gender - or you're a parent trying to explain LGBT+ issues to your little ones - then we hope one of these 6 books will come in handy...

1. It’s Okay to Be Different (Little, Brown) by Todd Parr

ok to be different

A lovely book reaffirming to very young children that individuality is a good thing.

Through a series of striking illustrations and simple phrases, Parr encourages little ones to embrace what makes them different and to celebrate it.

This is a great resource for parents if they feel their child is struggling to fit in for whatever reason, and also for children who may not be quite so accepting of others.

Age: 4+

What it costs: £4.99, from Amazon

2. And Tango Makes Three (Simon & Schuster) by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell


Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell have created a touching story about adoption.

Roy and Silo are a penguin couple who live in the zoo and behave like any other couple – but there is one difference, they are both male penguins.

Then one day, the zoo keeper gives them an egg to take care of and Roy and Silo are finally given the chance to become parents.

This is simply a lovely book, one which effortlessly deals with issues of gay parentage and adoption. It’s written in a very traditional picture book style and is well worth reading to your child whether you are in that situation or would just like to bring a little more understanding into the world.

Age: 3+

What it costs: £7.99, from Amazon

3. Mommy, Mama and Me (Tricycle Press) by Leslea Newman


Mommy, Mama and Me focuses on a child with same sex parents.

The easy-to-comprehend, rhyming text rattles along as we follow a day in the life of a toddler with two mummies.

From playing games, enjoying meals, bath time and bedtime, we discover a child with two mummies does exactly the same as a child with a mummy and a daddy.

Suitable for toddlers, this is a joyful of exploration of a child’s day – also available in a Daddy, Papa and Me edition.

Age: 2+

What it costs: £6.99, from Amazon

4. My Princess Boy (Aladdin) by Cheryl Kilodavis

princess boy

Dyson adores anything sparkly, he often wears a tiara and his favourite colour is pink. Sometimes he wears jeans like all the other boys but sometimes he chooses to wear a dress. My Princess Boy (Aladdin) by Cheryl Kilodavis is a wonderful story about acceptance, and unconditional love.

The idea was inspired by the author’s son, and we had tears in our eyes as the mum in the story overcomes her issues with Dyson’s behaviour to create a warm and wonderful environment for her precious boy!

Again, a very positive story should you be going through the same thing or to read to children in order to promote tolerance and understanding. Highly recommended.

Age: 4+

What it costs: £8.99, from Amazon

5. The Great Big Book of Families (Frances Lincoln) by Mary Hoffman


For a more comprehensive look at how times have changed at home, Mary Hoffman’s The Great Big Book of Families (Frances Lincoln) is a great place to start.

The book explains that many people think a family has to be a mummy, a daddy and their children all living in the same house but that often this is not the case.

It looks at one-parent families, same-sex parenting, mixed-race families, children dealing with divorce, step parents etc.

Written through the eyes of a child, this is a great introduction to your situation for your child and letting them know that when it comes to family, there is no such thing as ordinary!

Age: 4+

What it costs: £8.99, from Amazon

6. Pride and Joy - A Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Parents (Pinter & Martin) by Sarah and Rachel Hagger-Holt

pride and joy

And finally, a wonderful guide for would-be parents from Sarah and Rachel Hagger-Holt.

Pride and Joy - A Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Parents (Pinter & Martin) is a fantastic resource for members of the LGBT community thinking about becoming parents.

Sarah and Rachel offer a wealth of practical advice for anyone embarking on starting a family (conception and adoption) to life as a family (choosing schools and bonding with other parents) as well as everything in between.

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Drawing heavily on their personal experiences, it's also a very readable, often amusing book capturing what life's really like for LGBT families.

What it costs: £11.99, from Amazon

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