The Amazon baby wishlist: everything you need to know

Amazon has a baby wishlist to help you keep track of baby products you want and need. Find out how it works and the benefits available


If you’re pregnant and thinking of setting up some kind of online wishlist to help you keep track of things you need to buy for your new baby, you might want to look into Amazon’s baby wishlist as one possible option.


It’s free to set up and you can choose one free item, from a selection of available products, when you spend your first £20.

For February, the welcome gift is a Tommee Tippee nappy bin, when you use the promo code: GIFT and spend your first £20.

Amazon Baby Wishlist Discount

As well as the welcome gift, Amazon is offering an ongoing discount on baby products to everyone who creates a baby wishlist. This is definitely something to take advantage of if you’re buying a big item, such as a pushchair. 

Here’s how the discount works:

  • If you spend £200, you get 10% off (use code WISHLIST10)
  • If you spend £500, you get 15% off (use code WISHLIST15)
  • If you spend £800, you get 20% off (use code WISHLIST20)

What details do I need to provide to set up the Amazon baby wishlist?

To get going with your wishlist, you’ll have to provide a few personal details, including your:

  • name
  • email address
  • shipping address
  • due date

And you can include a co-owner for the list, too, like your partner.

Before you sign up, you’ll also be asked if you want to get:

  • news about exclusive discounts
  • alerts when certain items on your wishlist have been bought
  • the Amazon family newsletter.

(You can opt out of any of these if you want).

Why set up an online baby wishlist?

An online wishlist like the Amazon one can definitely help you to keep organised when you’re trying to keep track of things you might want to buy in time for your new arrival.

You can browse products, add them to your list or remove them if you don’t think they’re for you after all.

We particularly like the fact that with the Amazon baby wishlist you can see what other parents have bought and what they thought of their purchase (most products have hundreds of reviews) – particularly good if you’re splashing out on big times like a buggy, and handy to have that info all in one place.

In addition it’s useful that you can share the wishlist with friends and relatives (like a wedding gift list) so that you don’t run the risk of being gifted the same thing twice. You’ll get a link and options to share via social media, and email.

MadeForMums forum member jellybabymumdrum had an Amazon baby wishlist when she was pregnant, and tells us that having it has helped her to control what she buys  – we know that the excitement of a new baby on the way can get you a little bit over-excited on the spending front sometimes! “I have an Amazon Baby wishlist set up,” she says, “so I can normally contain myself when doing a bit of  ‘online shopping’ by putting it in to my wishlist.”

How will the Amazon wishlist help you get stuff for your baby?

As well as being an easy way to keep track of products you like, and share it with people who might want to buy you things for the baby, having an Amazon baby wishlist means you:

  • get different gifts each month (when you spend a minimum of £10)
  • save money with discounts on products
  • get limited time offers

There’s also an inspiration section to give you some ideas if you’re not sure what you need.

There’s a really handy display that shows you how many things from your wishlist have been bought, as well as whether you’ve requested gift cards instead, plus a countdown to how many days until your baby arrives.

If it sounds like something you think you’d find useful you can sign up on the registration page

How to claim your free gift 

You’ll need to go to the product page of the free gift and add one to your baby wishlist.

Next, you’ll need to add at least £20 worth of eligible baby products to your basket. These must be products sold by Amazon and not one of their partners.

Proceed to checkout, where on the Review Your Order page, under Order Summary, you’ll see the promotion has been applied to your total.

In order for the promotion to apply you’ll need to make sure you choose the same delivery option for all items.

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