In a nutshell

Not specifically designed to reduce stretch marks, but known to treat dry skin conditions and help sensitive skin



  • Odourless, leave skin feeling supple and hydrated, without any hint of residue or greasiness.


  • Have to reapply cream to stay moisturised

Overall score: 3 out of 5

What our testers say...


MFM mum Georgina Rodgers

  • This cream isn't targeted specifically at stretch marks or at pregnant women but it is designed for dry and sensitive skin, and many pregnant women use it on their bump. It contains finely milled oatmeal, which has been proven to restore the skin’s natural barrier, preventing water loss.
  • It's also recommended for eczema and I imagine it really helps with that, due to its soothing properties.
  • The lotion comes in a plain bottle and is easy to apply. It also absorbed quickly and easily into my skin.
  • It's odourless so a great choice if you are finding perfumed creams too strong.
  • My skin felt moisturised after use and it helped alleviate the dry skin and itching that is common is pregnancy. But I didn’t feel that it offered much more than an ordinary skin moisturiser.
  • While having supple skin does help to prevent stretch marks, I think there are better stretch-mark specific products on the market. I would be very happy to use it as an everyday cream though.
  • Georgina's score: 3

MFM mum Lisa Clark

  • After rubbing it on my skin it feels really supple and hydrated, without any hint of residue or greasiness.
  • However, as it doesn’t claim to prevent or reduce stretch marks, I don’t have faith in it alone. Instead, I believe it is best used to compliment a wider stretch mark prevention routine.
  • It has a comforting oatmeal and almond aroma which leaves a delicious, subtle smell on my skin.
  • I will definitely continue to use this product for the duration of my pregnancy and beyond.
  • If you shop around, you can find some great price reductions. A little goes a long way and I found one bottle will last for weeks.
  • Lisa's score: 4

MFM mum Natalie Brown

  • It may purport to be great for eczema, but I’m not sure the same can be said for stretch marks. Aveeno is really thin, and while it rubs into the skin nicely its effects didn't seem to last for long. Within an hour of applying, it was hard to believe I’d used any cream at all.
  • Its oatmeal content, which is supposed to ‘actively moisturise’ dry and easily irritated skin gives it a rather strange smell – more like porridge than a body lotion – and I needed to use a lot to really feel like I was applying anything.
  • In a standard squirty bottle it lacks the innovative nozzles and pumps of other products on the market. I used the 500ml bottle, which was bulky to store.
  • With a RRP of around £12.69 – although it’s often on offer - I wouldn’t use this product again: it was underwhelming and there are far nicer smelling and nicer feeling creams you can enjoy using available.
  • Natalie's score: 2.5

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