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BabyDan Sleep n Safe Bedguard review

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The BabyDan Sleep n Safe Bedguard provides good security for your little one at night time and is easy to pack away but be warned, it’s a little heavy to transport!


Made by Danish company BabyDan, the Sleep n Safe Bedguard helps with your little one’s transition from cot to bed by preventing them from falling out during the night. The main side-piece of the guard opens up and fixes rigid like the side of a travel cot, with steel poles forming the bottom side and base pieces. The guard sits alongside the length of the bed, with the base at right angles under the mattress and there is space at either end of the bed to ensure you child’s head or body does not get stuck.

What we love

The BabyDan Sleep n Safe Bedguard is relatively easy to put together and I managed to set it up securely in just one go. The bed guard is easy to collapse, move around and store and, as it works with both divan and slatted bed bases, it’s very flexible. My little girl Lucy has always been very happy to sleep with it in place – the mesh side ensures she doesn’t feel enclosed and can still see what’s going on in her bedroom.

The bed guard is prevented from pulling away from the bed by a long strap stretched across the width of the bed base and a weight which pulls against the opposite side of the base. With the mattress then on top, it feels quite secure, although it still shifts away from the base a little when Lucy gets out of bed around it. The bed guard has strong folding and locking mechanisms but the side can be easily flipped down by an adult. This makes it easy to lift your little one out of bed or change the linen, without wrenching your back. The bed guard is quite heavy, but it does fold up into a small pouch (provided) so it’s useful for travel and storage.  Indeed, it claims to be the most compact folding bed guard. All the parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth and it is available in blue, black and pink.

What to watch out for

You do need to ensure that you have the strap set to the right length to affix the weight properly to the opposite side of the bed base, or it tends to wobble about a bit. In my instruction leaflet, the set-up pictures were unfortunately at the back of my booklet and not alongside the text, so I had to keep flicking back and forth which was frustrating. The guard also is pretty heavy, weighing in at 5kg.

Who is the BabyDan Sleep n Safe Bedguard best for?

Someone who wants a portable bed guard that works with different bed base types, but does not mind it being quite heavy.


MadeForMums verdict

This is a comfortable bed guard that is relatively easy to set up and works in many different locations, although quite heavy to transport. You need to follow the instructions carefully the first time to ensure you have set it up correctly, but thereafter it’s easy to put up and down.

Product Specifications


Brand BabyDan
Model Sleep n Safe Bedguard
Price £29.99

Suitable for

Child age (approx) From 18 months