In a nutshell

A slim-fitting but surprisingly absorbent birth-to-potty nappy that's easy to use and comfortable for your baby, but may swamp a newborn

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Ease of washing
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Absorbency
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Quality
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.


  • Highly absorbent, slim fitting, comfortable for baby, easy to put on, washes and dries easily, good value


  • Bulky for newborns, fabric snags/bobbles easily, hard to get insert to lie flat

Bambino Mio’s new all-in-one pocket nappy is a one-size reusable that’s slim fitting yet absorbent. It’s easy to use, though you may prefer to wait until your baby’s past the tiny newborn stage to get a snug fit. If the brand’s old reusable offering, the Mionappy, wasn’t for you, don’t be put off this newcomer, the Miosolo.


Bambino Mio was one of the first companies to sell modern reusable nappies in the UK. However, in the 15 years since Bambino Mio’s two-part Mionappy was launched, washable nappy design has moved on dramatically. Now, cloth aficionados, some of whom shun the Mionappy, may find themselves seduced – and surprised – by the new Miosolo.

The Miosolo is an all-in-one pocket nappy that fits from birth to potty training (often called one-size). The rise (the depth of the crotch) is adjustable by snapping together the poppers on the front of the nappy, with three different positions to cater for your baby’s growth, while the nappy fastens like a disposable, with Velcro-style tabs.

The Miosolo features a polyester/nylon microfibre absorbent core, which is attached to the nappy at one end. This core tucks in between the nappy’s two layers – a waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester outer, and a stay-dry polyester lining. The core features a handy pocket at one end to help you tuck it inside the nappy, and tabs to make it easier to pull it out after washing, speeding up the drying process.

Washable at 60 degrees C and suitable for tumble-drying, the Miosolo comes in six candy colours, priced at £14.99 each.

What we love

At first, I was convinced the Miosolo wasn’t going to work for us. Eleven-month-old Katie is a heavy wetter, and it just didn’t look substantial enough. I was wrong. The core of the Miosolo may look thin, but it’s surprisingly absorbent. Normally, I have to change Katie every two hours, but I routinely get three-and-a-half hours out of a Miosolo. With an extra Mioboost insert (£6.79 for three), I can stretch it beyond four hours.

The Miosolo is very slim-fitting, and even fits under Katie’s tighter leggings and dungarees. The close fit also makes the Miosolo comfortable for her to wear, and her movement is a lot less restricted than in some other nappies.

The size adjustability of the Miosolo makes them good value for money, as you don’t need to keep buying the next size as your baby grows. Katie is an average size for 11 months, and the Miosolo fits comfortably on the medium setting, giving me confidence that they really will last until she’s potty trained.

The Miosolo is as easy to put on and take off as a disposable, thanks to the Velcro fastenings. The nappies wash well, even at 30 degrees C, and because the core is stitched in place, I don’t spend ages pairing up covers and boosters afterwards. They dry in about 45 minutes in the tumble drier, or a couple of hours on the radiator – although in the depths of winter, I haven’t yet managed to test their line-drying time. The bright sorbet colours are appealing, too, and most would suit both genders.

What to watch out for

While the Miosolo fits my nearly toddling baby like a glove, I’m less confident that they’d fit a newborn snugly. Even on the smallest setting, they look rather large and bulky for a tiny bottom.

It’s important to close the Miosolo’s Velcro tabs before washing, otherwise the nappies stick together in the machine, and the outer fabric snags easily. After a few weeks’ use, the soft fabric inner is getting bobbly, too. I’m also doubtful about the value of the pull-out tabs, as the core generally comes out of the nappy by itself in the washing machine.

Even with the tuck-in pocket on the end of the Miosolo’s core, it can be difficult to get it lying flat inside the nappy. And while it’s generally very absorbent, we do get leaks if Katie sits in one position for a long time, such as in her car seat or high chair; her bodyweight squeezes the moisture out of the microfibre core, like water out of a sponge.

My only other gripe – a very trivial one – is with the positioning of the Bambino Mio label, right at the front of the nappy. Katie is obsessed with labels, and spends every nappy change trying to fiddle with it and getting her hands in the way.

Who is the Bambino Mio Miosolo reusable nappy best for?

Parents of babies over 6 months after an easy-to-use, slim-fitting and super-absorbent nappy to see them through to potty training.


MadeForMums verdict

The Bambino Mio Miosolo is a brilliant new addition to the cloth nappy market. Deceptively absorbent, it’s a slim-fitting, comfortable nappy for older babies and toddlers, and is a breeze to wash and dry, but be prepared for it to swamp a newborn.

Product Specifications

BrandBambino Mio
Available sizesOne size
Component parts (excluding liner)1
Made fromPolyester/nylon/polyurethane laminate
  • Super-absorbent core with tuck-in pocket and pull-out tabs
  • Stay-dry lining
  • Size adjustable with poppers
  • Velcro fastening
  • Laundry tabs