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Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream review

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£24.99 RRP

In a nutshell

Winner of our MFM Tried and Tested stretch mark creams reviews, beating the likes of Palmer's, Aveeno and Bio Oil.
Pros: Absorbs quickly and easily, smells gorge, leaves skin feeling supple and elastic.
Cons: Expensive, clinical sounding name.
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A stretch mark cream at the high-end of the price bracket that is made of a Tropical plant extract, Centella Asiatica, which is known to encourage collagen production.


Overall score 4.5 out of 5 

What our testers say… 

MFM mum Caroline Carpenter

  • I really liked this product; it had a really lovely light floral scent.
  • It had the perfect consistency, it wasn’t too thick but not too light. It was easy to use and rub in, and if I was in a rush I didn’t feel I needed to wait ages before putting on my clothes. It also didn’t make me feel like I had a ton of cream on!
  • This is not the cheapest of products but I did feel it was worth the price and I think I will use this after my pregnancy.
  • Caroline’s score: 4.5

MFM mum Natalie Brown

  • With a clinical sounding name like Bepanthen and a price tag of £24.99 I’d previously steered clear of this product, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. 
  • This cream is excellent – it absorbs quickly and easily, smells gorgeous, makes your skin feel instantly soft and lasts for hours.
  • It comes with an air-powered pump at the top so it’s easy to use and store, and it’s difficult to inadvertently waste any of the 150ml by squirting too much out. 
  • My post-birth tummy – not to mention my legs, arms and shoulders – all feel pampered thanks to ingredients including extract of centella asiatica (a tropical plant which apparently stimulates collagen production), provitamin B5 and olive oil.
  • Even at £24.99, I think this cream is excellent value and I would continue to use it as a body cream as well as part of a pre and post baby beauty routine. The old adage is true: you get what you pay for.
  • Natalie’s score: 4.5

MFM mum Georgina Rodgers

  • I wasn’t aware that Bepanthen did products for pregnancy because I associate the name with baby creams, so I was pleasantly surprised.
  • It has a pump dispenser, which means there is minimal waste but it can feel quite hard to use sometimes with slippery hands.
  • It rubbed into my skin easily and was absorbed almost instantly, which is great when you’re in a rush.
  • The packaging doesn’t have a ‘luxury’ feel but the smell is pleasant and after application, my skin felt extremely supple and elastic.
  • This is one of the more expensive creams but the bottle will last for a long time. I would definitely use this product again.
  • Georgina’s score: 4.5

Product Specifications


Brand Bepanthen
Model Stretch Mark Cream
Price £24.99