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Best baby gifts and keepsakes

Gift your baby a beautiful keepsake present, something you will both treasure for many years, a keepsake that can be given as a christening present or kept in your own family for a lifetime


1. BABYink Colour Ink-less Print Kit, from £9.50

For a simple way to capture gorgeous impressions of tiny hands and feet, the award-winning BABYink kit is so easy to use. It offers up a way of creating special keepsakes without any mess, as there’s no ink or paint – and no stress.


Using an innovative combination of a wipe and special paper, you can choose from stunning colours such as Pretty Pink, Gorgeous Grey and Brilliant Bronze and see your results instantly.

MadeForMums tester Rebecca says: “A fantastic gift. Very easy to use, it contains lots of sheets so one gift can be used for more than one child.”

Available from: BABYink


2. Memories of Growing Up – Talltape, from £13.50

Rather than marking your painted walls to chart the growth of your kids, the fantastic Talltape is a portable and accurate measuring tape that can be hung up on the wal.

From birth all the way up to adulthood, the Talltape comes in a range of beautiful designs from wild animals to fairies and will make a interesting addition to any nursery, as well as a lovely keepsake.

MadeForMums tester Rebecca says: “A lovely gift. It’s unrippable which is handy, plus you can write on it. And you can take it with you if you move house.”

Available from: Amazon and Memories of Growing Up


3. Welcome to the World Gift Book, £8

This beautiful book, with pastel (yet bright) illustrations, tells the story of a little elephant discovering all the world has to offer.

MFM tester Teri called it a “lovely bedtime story” and added, “I have also been able to make it more of an activity: reading it adding sensory scarfs and other items to match to the story.”

The sentimental text might not be for everyone, but our testers thought this was a high-quality book, which would work particularly well as a gift. And if you are gifting, there’s even space at the front of the hardback book for you to write a personal message.

Available from: From You To Me and Amazon


4. The Book of You: A Record of Childhood, £20

Being able to share memories and look back at happy moments is something to be treasured, and Colour Chronicle’s The Book of You contains prompts and questions that engage all the way up to 16 years of age.

This charming memory book not only gives parents the opportunity to write down significant milestones but gives the child space to record favourite memories and notes to their future self.

“I would be very pleased to have received this as a gift at my baby shower. I love that it goes up until the age of 16 and there is a lot for the child to contribute to as they are get older. A great bonding activity and a special keepsake,” says MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2 Christy.

Available from: Colour Chronicles, Daisy Daisy

5. Newborn Photography Session, Small Prints Photography, from £95

Small Prints Photography only book in one newborn session per day, which means while your baby is being expertly photographed, mum and dad can relax and enjoy afternoon tea and treats. With no time limit on the session, parents can also tend to their little one inbetween shots without feeling rushed.

Meanwhile, Small Print’s thoughtful touches such as an extra room for siblings to stay in, all add to a peaceful environment which results in wonderful newborn photographs.

“An unforgettable and emotional experience for new families, with a beautifully crafted book of photographs to cherish over time. The photography experience is clearly designed to make families feel comfortable and nurtured, while the final product of the photo book is a stunning reminder on those newborn days,” says mum of 2 Magda Ibrahim.

Available from: Small Prints Photography

6. A Bag Filled With Love By Grow Monkey, £42.99

From milestones to achievements, capture your child’s precious moments forever with A Bag Filled With Love.

Inside you’ll find five canvas envelopes for every year of baby’s life, plus lots of large cards with pre-printed questions for family members to write down their favourite memories, as well as a ‘My Year’ card which can be filled with baby’s month-by-month adventures.

You can also record special baby facts on the ‘About Me’ cards. Once the envelopes are full with photos, cards, souvenirs and keepsakes, seal them up ready to be opened one day when your child is old enough…

MadeForMum tester Sarah says: “I wouldn’t add or change anything about this product. I think the price is just right and would highly recommend it. I have already told friends and family about it and I am even looking to buy one for my daughter.”

Available from: Grow Monkey

7. Reminder Ring – Swirl, £24.99 

Designed with breast-feeding mums in mind, the elegant Swirl reminder ring can moved from hand to hand as reminder for which side to use following a feed.

The solid sterling silver ring is also presented in a pretty box alongside a card where you can write a personal message.

It might not be strictly essential breastfeeding kit, but our testers love the idea of having a special keepsake mums can later gift to their children when they’ve grown up.

MadeForMums tester Tara says: “A nice gift and a cute idea to move from finger to finger. It would be nice to get from a partner or a friend.”

Available from: Hold

8. Love, Keep, Create Quilt, from £85.00

Ever wondered what to do with all your baby’s old clothes? Apart from taking them to the charity shop, selling them or giving them away, consider instead turning them into something special that lasts beyond the nursery years.

Enter Love, Keep, Create who take old clothes and magic them into amazing keepsakes including cuddly toys and memory quilts – which can personalised.

Available from: Love, Keep, Create

9. Buttonbag Baby Bunting Kit, £25 

It’s easy to add a touch of personality to any baby nursery with the Buttonbag Bunting Kit.

A unique gift and a thoughtful way in which to create a lovely keepsake for yourself or a friend, the kit comes with 4m of nursery bunting, with extra space to add baby’s name and birthday, as well as pre-printed 100% cotton flags with pastel designs, cotton tape, threads scissors and a needle kit with easy-to-follow instructions.

Available from: Amazon, Hello Baby

10. The Day You Were Born, From You to Me, £20

This beautifully printed book celebrates the birth of a special little someone and is personalised throughout.

It contains facts all about their birthdate, including the date, time and weight at birth, plus information about the child’s birth stone. It also features the Chinese year they were born in, their birth flower, the sunset and sunrise times on that day, and other astrological and astronomical facts –  this unique gift will delight for years to come.

Available from:  Journals of a Lifetime


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