A baby shower is the perfect time to have your cake and eat it, too. Whether it's yours, a relative's or a friend's, it's a celebrating of the miracle of life - so calories be damned!


In all seriousness, the perfect baby shower cake is a brilliant focal point for the party itself, and can even be used to reveal your baby's sex to wider family and friends (if you chose to find out, that is).

So, getting the right one is crucial. Luckily, they come in all designs, colours, shapes and sizes... AND flavours. We've got lemon sponge, vanilla sponge, chocolate, butterscotch, fruitcake, toffee and red velvet...

The best baby shower cakes you can order now...

baby bum cake

1. Baby Bum Baby Shower Cake, from £99.95

What's in it: A novelty cake if we ever saw one - the icing mimics a baby's bum and tiny feet. Comes in vanilla sponge as standard but you can change to red velvet, chocolate, lemon, toffee, fruitcake or even eggless sponge for a few extra £££. Approx 9" big.

Available from: New Cakes

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2. Lola’s Cupcakes Baby Shower Party Cake, from £40

What's in it: Choose between chocolate or vanilla layer cake with buttercream, white chocolate nibbles and sweet baby decorations. Also: it's decorated with cupcakes. Colours, flavours, size and text are all customisable.

A sugary sweet choice, which'll look equally as sweet in the pics. Available either 7", 9" or 11" as a round cake, and 11" as a heart or square.

Available from: Lola's Cupcakes


3. M&S Button And Bunting Yellow Cake, £40

What's in it: 2 tiers of buttery sponge cake, buttercream and raspberry jam coated in sweet yellow and white icing. The button are edible, but the bunting decorating is not.

This cake is 15cm high, and serves 20. You can also use 40 characters to write a personal note in icing. Lovely.

Available from: Marks & Spencer


4. Baby Shower Cake For Boys, from £62

What's in it: Vanilla or chocolate sponge (your choice) with an impressive blue/white icing design. Comes in sizes that serve 18, 24 and 32. Also good for allergy sufferers, as it can be made free from egg, nuts or wheat/gluten.

Traditionally a blue cake is used for a baby boy, though you can personalise the icing message to say whatever you'd like - so you can use it for a baby girl or a surprise, too.

Available from: Caker Street


5. Pink/Blue Ombre Cake, from £30.95

What's in it: Light vanilla sponge in 4 differing shades of pink, and plenty of vanilla buttercream. This is the ideal cake for a gender reveal at a shower - as there's also a blue version available.

Can be personalised with a message, and bought in 4 sizes, which cater to 6 to 20 people.

Available from: Hummingbird Bakery


6. Paul Mon Bebe Bleu Cake, from £29.95

What's in it: For a luxury cake, Paul's Mon Bebe Bleu (in either light blue or dark pink) contains a delicate Genoese sponge, yummy fresh strawberries and creme mousseline a pastry cream/butter cream combo, from Germany).

The cake is covered in marzipan and decorated with light blue marzipan prams, baby tees and baby bottles.

Can be personalised with a message. Serves 6 to 24 people.

Available from: Paul


7. Up, Up And Away Balloon Cake, from £60

What's in it: Vanilla or chocolate, your pick. The icing is either white, pink or blue buttercream. Balloons are a show-stopping decorating, available in colours like gold, silver, pink, blue, yellow, and green.

Available in 6", 8" and 10" sizes, serving between 4 to 25 people.

Available from: My Baker


And if you get stuck… 8. Fiona Cairns 3 Tier Parcel Cake, £35

What's in it: 2 tiers of golden sponge cake with raspberry jam, buttercream and buttercream icing. The decor's all edible, made of sugar paste.

We know there's no baby on it, but showers do often have lots of gifts, and it's a quick fix (you can get it in 7 days) and a good price if you want a next-level cake but have no time for longer orders.

Yes, you can personalise it. Or you can leave it blank. Up to you. It's 20cm big, and serves 22 people.

Available from: Waitrose

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