1. Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Pants Size 5, £7 for a pack of 33, 21p per nappy

Dry, breathable, non-leaky, well fitting, comfortable and soft nappy – these little beauties manage to tick all the boxes. But it’s the pants-style design that makes them worth the extra pennies.


The waistband is stretchy all the way round, making even the wriggliest toddler easier to change – just pull up the pants-style nappy and your little one is good to go off on their next adventure. They’re super-easy to change, but luckily you won’t need to too often as they also promise up to 12 hours of dryness.

MFM tester Anna says: “I’ve had to give these nappies massive scores, as they just work. They are super soft and comfortable for my little one. The latest version of the pants is just so well designed, it doesn’t pinch or rub anywhere against my little one’s skin. Not once have they failed – even when nursery forgot to change him all day! Not once has he had a sore bottom; and he’s able to pull them down and up by himself.”.

Available from: Sainsbury’s, Boots and Tesco


2. Lupilu Maxi Nappies Plus 9-20kg (Size 4+), £2.89 for a pack of 44, 6.6p per nappy

Awards: MadeForMums 2019 Awards Best Toddler Nappy – Joint Silver

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At just 6.6p per nappy (compared to Pampers 21p), Lupilu will save you a considerable amount of money over the long run. Additionally, the quality is still very impressive despite the low price and Lupilu promise up to 12 hours of dryness. Only available in store and with no delivery service these may prove less convenient to buy.

Lupilu Maxi Nappies feature a super absorbent core which Lidl claim has “magical absorbing tubes” and each nappy has a comfort waistband. However, they are not a pull up pant like the Pampers Baby Dry so if you’re little one is no longer willing to lie still for nappy changes, there might still be quite a “wrestle” to get these on.

MFM judge Ashleigh says: “Can’t fault these nappies one bit. Extremely good value for money, practical, neutral designs. In my opinion the best nappies on the market, I will now use these going forward.”

Available from: Lidl


3. Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants, £8 for a pack of 34, 24p per nappy

A second appearance for Pampers on our list with their Premium Protection nappy pants. These differ mainly because they are superbly soft ensuring the most comfort for their wearer – these are the gentlest Pampers on the skin. This reflects slightly on the price in that they cost 3p more per nappy than the other Pampers.

Again, like the Pampers Baby Dry Pants, they are very absorbent and the pull up pant style is time and energy saving when dealing with a toddler who is always on the go. We also like how easy to remove the Pampers Premium are – making nappy changes on-the-go much easier.

MFM tester Nicole says: “So soft and comfortable for my little one, great fit & design is cute. We have no leaks with these."

Available from: Boots, Tesco and Amazon


4. M&Y Nappychat nappies Size 5, £9.79 for a pack of 36, 27p per nappy

This conscious disposable nappy offering from M&Y has a biodegradable core made from chlorine-free bleached wood pulp from sustainable forestry. The packaging is made from sugarcane – which is a renewable material.

As well as being eco friendly, the M&Y nappy range features “nappychat” characters – to encourage carers to talk, sing and share with their babies during nappy changes as this is such an important practice during early development. There is even a Nappychat app. One of the most thoughtful nappies (in many ways) on our list.

MFM tester Catherine says: “Very soft material, packaging can be recycled and absorb after a few minutes”.

Available from: Mum & You, Amazon and Ocado


5. Eco By Naty Size 5 nappies, £6.65 for a pack of 22, 30p per nappy

Promising only certified bio and plant-based materials will sit against your child’s skin, Naty are an ecological contender with a mission to be friendlier to our planet.

As well as the eco credentials and recyclable packing; Naty nappies are 60% biodegradable, they fit great, have a sustainably harvested breathable pulp and protect against leaks.

These are a great option for carers who want to reduce plastic use and need an alternative to reusable nappies. At 30p per nappy they are the priciest on our list, however they are loved by parents and toddlers alike.

Available from: Ethical Superstore, Big Green Smile and Spirit of Nature


6. Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappies Size 6+, £2.79 for a pack of 26, 10.7p per nappy

This offering from Aldi is a strong contender and extremely budget friendly compared to the rest of our list.

They distribute liquid evenly, help prevent against sagging for extra comfort and come in a thin design. This is the largest size available in the range and are suitable for 17kg+. They feature an ultra-dry air system to keep moisture away from the skin.

Unlike the Pampers, these are a regular nappy and not pull ups. Like the Lupilu’s they are an instore only offering.

MFM tester Anna says: “This nappy worked really well and managed to do the job well even with my really active toddler. They are great value, although at this stage I would always prefer a pull-up as they seem to fit that bit better at this age.”

Available from: Aldi


7. Lupilu Extra Large Nappies Plus 16+kg (Size 6+), £2.79 for a pack of 26, 10.7p per nappy

Awards: MadeForMums 2019 Awards Best Toddler Nappy - Bronze

Head-to-head with Aldi Mamia in a size 6+, this nappy from the Lupilu range at Lidl took home the bronze award in the category and is a great choice for when you’re watching your budget.

This size offers an extra absorbent core, perfect for toddler’s night time sleep and they have a good comfortable fit.

MFM judge Anna says: “I was really impressed with these - what a lovely, soft nappy that coped well with our really active toddler. They are so comfortable to touch, and coped well with all-nighters and long stretches during the day. Big fan, and great value for money, although I would prefer a pull-up version.”

Available from: Lidl


8. Kit & Kin Size 5, £8 for a pack of 30, 26p per nappy

Up against the other eco-friendly nappies on our list, one of the first things to note about Kit & Kin is their price of 26p per nappy.

This is 5p more than the Pampers Nappy Pants at the top of our list, however these nappies are hypoallergenic, biodegradable in 3-6 years and contain less chemicals.

The Kit & Kin brand is co-founded by loveable Baby Spice, Emma Bunton who was horrified to learn that 8 million nappies are disposed of every day in the UK alone – most of which take up to 500 years to biodegrade.

Shocking stats indeed, so Kit & Kin is a great choice for those wanting to make a difference.

Available from: Boots, Tesco and Ethical Superstore


9. Bamaboo eco-nappies size 5, £16 for a pack of 62, 25.8p per nappy

These soft, silky to the touch nappies are made of breathable bamboo which contains natural antibacterial properties therefore reducing the chances of your little one developing nappy rash. These nappies are 60% decomposed in less than 3 months – a fantastic help to the environment. All packaging is recyclable too.

They are also the most budget friendly eco-friendly nappy on our list, 1.8p more than Pampers Premium Protection. When considering the impact that nappies have on the environment, these are an eco-conscious consideration.

MFM tester Lyndsey says: “They are very absorbent and hold a lot of fluid well without leaving the bottom wet. The fact that these nappies are 80% biodegradable is even more appealing as I get through so many nappies a day. This is a very good product and I hope to see them available in all supermarkets.”.

Available from: Mama Bamboo and Amazon




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