Whether your baby quite appreciates the occasion that is their first Christmas is debatable, but for many parents creating their child’s first festive stocking full of infant-friendly goodies is a truly special moment.


If your little one is already being weaned, don’t forget the obligatory tangerine and other edible treats. But when it comes to toys, there are some lovely options that aren’t too expensive and make a perfect little filler to keep your baby occupied on Christmas Day and beyond.

Best Christmas stocking fillers for babies at a glance:

  • Best personalised toy: Sock Monkey Personalised Christmas Ornament, £20.05
  • Best for sensory play: Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle, £9.50
  • Best for bath time fun: Cuddledry Baby Bath Toy & Teether, £14.99
  • Best for tiny feet: John Lewis Baby Panda Rattle Socks, £6 (pack of 2)
  • Best sustainable toy: Plan Toys Wobbly Penguin, £15
  • Best for teething: Original Sophie Teething Toy, £13.99
  • Best for out and about: Wee Gallery Stroller Cards, £13
  • Best pushchair accessory: Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy, £12
  • Best for creating memories: Manhattan Toy Camp Acorn Soft Photo Book Baby Toy, £14.53
  • Best for comfort: Guess How Much I Love You Comfort Blanket, £12
  • Best for bubble baths: Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles, £6.99

What to look for when buying stocking fillers for your baby's first Christmas?

Safety – All of the items on our list consist of items that are suitable from birth and are safe for young babies celebrating their first Christmas. Always read the labels for extra information and guidance where necessary.

Size – Let's face it, Christmas time is expensive as it is and your baby is most likely going to receive plenty of bigger presents. The stocking is supposed to hold a number of little gifts and so it's best to fill it with little items.

Here is our pick of the best baby’s first Christmas stocking fillers...

1. Sock Monkey Personalised Christmas Ornament, £20.05

– Best personalised toy

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A personalised baby monkey Christmas bauble

Age: From birth

One to show rather than give your baby on their first Christmas morning, this adorable personalised monkey Christmas bauble makes for a special reminder of the big day – and one they can hang on their own tree when they’re older. Customise it with a name and a date on the belly, and you're good to go!

Available from: Etsy

2. Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle, £9.50

– Best for sensory play


Age: From birth

This rainbow rattle looks to us like a little alien companion, and is a sweet way to keep your baby amused. It has a clever shape for babies to grab, with chewy ‘eyes’ for teething time.

As an extra bonus, it emits a lovely pulsating glow to keep them mesmerised, and can be rattled to their heart’s content. It stands up nicely, and has a great shape for Christmas stockings!

Available from: Amazon

3. Cuddledry Baby Bath Toy & Teether, £14.99

– Best for bath time fun

A trio of duck baby bath toys

Age: From birth

As bath toys go, Cuddleduck ducks are rather smart because they have no holes in the base, so no mould can grow inside like most baby bath toys. Handmade using natural rubber, they are soft and squashy for tiny hands to hold, and perfect for teething little ones during bath time.

Finished in a charming polka dot design and wrapped in a beautiful little gift box, this bath toy makes a perfect stocking filler for a new baby as those first teeth start to appear.

Available from: Skandiborn and Cuddledry

4. John Lewis Baby Panda Rattle Socks, £6 (pack of 2)

– Best for tiny feet

john lewis panda rattle socks

Age: From birth (to 2-3 years)

This pair of panda rattle socks by John Lewis is ideal for your baby's first wardrobe, and the rattle sound the panda makes will keep your tot entertained for ages.

They also have non-slip soles, in case your baby tries to take their first steps over Christmas.

Available from: John Lewis

5. Plan Toys Wobbly Penguin, £15

– Best sustainable toy

plan toy wobbly penguin

Age: From 6 months

This is a wooden, stylised penguin that's super cute and tactile. It wobbles and spins and is sure to delight babies with its contrasting colours. Around 6cm x 7.5cm it is a great size for little hands, and it is made with sustainable rubber wood and child-safe paints.

As your little one grows, the penguin can join in story time – a thoughtful, long-lasting stocking gift.

Available from: Babipur, Kidly and Naturally Ethical

6. Original Sophie Teething Toy, £13.99

– Best for teething

Original Sophie Teething Toy

Age: From birth

Watch your little one grab, wave, squeak and chew this soft and lightweight giraffe, a design which has remained unchanged since 1961.

We love that Sophie is so easy to hold, and her squeaks, contrasting colours and spots make her endlessly fascinating to very little ones, making a perfect stocking filler.

Available from: Amazon

– Best for out and about

wee gallery stroller cards

Age: From birth

Made from sturdy double-sided card, this mini collection is great for entertaining your baby on the go or at home.

You can easily attach this cute little set to a pram, rucksack or car seat, and the cars have enticing, colourful and high-contrast illustrations to teach your little one about colours and shapes. It's the perfect size for a Christmas stocking.

Available from: Soren’s House

8. Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy, £12

– Best pushchair accessory


Age: From birth

This is a creative, tactile and soft toy for a newborn, with lovely details and understated charm.

It has enough bits for your baby to try their grip on and a rattle inside to discover and explore. We love its portability and cute design.

Available from: John Lewis and Pushchair Expert

9. Manhattan Toy Camp Acorn Soft Photo Book Baby Toy, £14.53

– Best for creating memories

Manhattan Toy Camp Acorn Soft Photo Book Baby Toy

Age: From birth (to 3 years)

What better stocking filler than a collection of your baby’s favourite memories? This handy soft cloth book takes standard 4x6” photos that your child will love exploring.

The book itself has five pockets to fit your photos in, a loop for a travel toy attachment while on the go and a wooden teether ring.

Available from: Amazon

10. Guess How Much I Love You Comfort Blanket, £12

– Best for comfort

Guess How Much I Love You Comfort Blanket

Age: From birth

This is a wonderfully snuggly and enticing comfort blanket. It has a lot of textures for your baby to explore – floppy ears, little tags and knots – a friendly little face and a huggable embrace.

It also goes very well with the charming book it’s based on, if you're already fans of the popular story.

Available from: Amazon

11. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles, £6.99

– Best for bubble baths

2 pack Munchkin float and play bath toy bubbles

Age: From 3 months

Offering plenty of fun at bathtime, these Munchkin bath bubbles are perfectly-sized for little hands to hold.

Each 2-pack comes with a fun character and whirly toy that spins or rattles, with each bubble stimulating your baby's sense of sight, hearing and touch. We think these make a nifty stocking gift that can be used out of the bath too.

Available from Jojo Maman Bebe