A bath mat is a bathroom essential. It keeps your floor dry, protecting it from developing mould, and prevents slipping as you exit the shower or the bath. A bath mat is especially important when children get out of the bath or shower as it can be a big step over the bath and it's very easy to fall on the wet floor, not to mention the fact the bathroom floor can be very cold.


There are lots of bath mats available, from the regular soft material bath mat to a more sustainable wooden duck board. To help you find the best bath mat for your family, we researched everything on offer, and asked parents in our Top Tester's Club to recommend the bath mats they use and love.

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Best bath mats at a glance

  • Best bath mat for extra softness: The White Company Egyptian Cotton Bath Mat, £25
  • Best colourful bath mat: Pure Cotton Rise & Shine Slogan Bath Mat, £15
  • Best wooden bath mat: Elements Bamboo Duck Board, £20
  • Best budget bath mat: Wilko Supersoft Microfibre Bath Mat, £6
  • Best antibacterial bath mat: Habitat Hygro Anti Microb Bath Mat, £8
  • Best large bath mat: Super Soft Quick Dry Extra Large Bath Mat, £17.50
  • Best shower mat: Mini Bobble Shower Mat, £5
  • Best non-slip base shower mat: John Lewis Supersoft Non-Slip Bath Mat, £16
  • Best eco-friendly bath mat: Panda London Bamboo Bath Rug, £32.50
  • Best memory foam bath mat: White Dorma Memory Foam Bath Rug, £40

What to consider when choosing a best bath mat

Material – Most bath mats are cotton or polyester, making them soft and absorbent. However, for the eco-conscious, you can get some made from bamboo. Alternatively, if you don't want a soft material bath mat, you can get a duck board, which is a wooden bath mat with gaps for the water to drip down.

Size – The standard size of a bath mat is 50cm x 80cm. If you like to dry your children or yourself on the bath mat then you may want an extra large one. Or, if you only have a shower enclosure and not much floor space then you may opt for a smaller bath mat. You can actually get specific shower mats which are much smaller.

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Ease of washing – Most bath mats are machine washable. Bath mats can very easily get dirty or grow mold so it's important to regularly clean your bath mat. The only bath mat featured on this list that's not machine washable is the wooden duck board which you can just wipe clean.

Colours/design – A fun, bright and colourful bath mat is a brilliant way to add some colour to your bathroom. You can get a bath mat in almost any colour, with fun patterns and slogans. Alternatively, if you want something simpler, there are plenty of plain bath mats to choose from.

Our pick of the best bath mats

1. The White Company Egyptian Cotton Bath Mat, £25

– Best for extra softness

The White Company Egyptian Cotton Bath Mat

Material: Egyptian cotton | Size: W60cm x L90cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: Pearl Grey, White, Soft Grey, Slate

This sophisticated looking bath mat is a brilliant way to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to a bathroom which may otherwise be filled with bath toys.

It has a lovely classic design and is made from high quality Egyptian Cotton which gives it an incredibly soft feeling on yours and your children's feet.

Home tester Andrea said, "We have a couple from The White Company. The Egyptian Cotton one is really soft, easy to wash and for the quality, the price is decent".

It should suit any bathroom décor as it comes in 4 different neutral colours. The simplistic bath mat is quite plain but it does have a border design around the edge.

Pros: Very soft, easy to wash, simplistic, comes in a variety of neutral colours, good size
Cons: Very simple design

Available from: The White Company

2. Pure Cotton Rise and Shine Slogan Bath Mat, £15

– Best colourful bath mat

Pure Cotton Rise and Shine Slogan Bath Mat

Material: Cotton | Size: W50cm x L80cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: Yellow/white

This bright and cheerful bath mat would make a lovely addition to your bathroom. It's a lovely fun yellow colour with the slogan 'Rise and Shine'.

Home tester Rachael said, " I have an M&S one (pictured above), mainly as it's pretty and brightens up the bathroom!".

It has StayNew technology which helps retain the brightness and softness – even after the kids have been soaking it over and over again when splashing around in the bath.

It's a decent size, slightly smaller than The White Company one but large enough to be able to catch all the drips as you get out of the bath.

When it's dirty, it's easy to wash, just throw it in the washing machine and you can tumble dry if needed.

Pros: Bright and colourful, fun slogan, StayNew technology, good size, machine washable
Cons: May not be to everyone's taste

Available from: M&S

3. Elements Bamboo Duck Board, £20

– Best wooden bath mat

Elements Bamboo Duck Board

Material: Bamboo | Size: W38cm x L59cm x H3cm | Machine washable: No (wipe clean) | Colours available: Bamboo

If you don't fancy a material bath mat and want something slightly more durable then a wooden duck board like this Bamboo one may be ideal.

There's no need to put it in the washing machine as you can simply just wipe it clean. Also, it will never get completely soaked through, which can cause that musty unpleasant odour. That said, you may need to mop your floor after use, and they're best used in bathrooms that are well-ventilated.

It is a fair bit smaller than most others featured on this list so if you like to stand your children on a mat to get them dry after bath-time then this may not be suitable.

Home tester Tanya uses this as her bath mat and said, "It's compact and fits with the style of the downstairs bathroom. Also, it just needs a wipe down rather than adding to the washing".

Pros: Durable, can be wiped clean, does not get musty odour, compact
Cons: Smaller than other bath mats

Available from: Dunelm

4. Wilko Supersoft Microfibre Bath Mat, £6

– Best budget buy

Wilko Supersoft Microfibre Bath Mat

Material: Polyester | Size: W50cm x L80cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: 14

If you just want a plain, soft bath mat to keep the floor dry at bath-time then this budget option will do you just fine.

It has a microfibre finish which makes it super absorbent and quick-drying. It's a good size too and comes in lots of different colours so you should be able to find one which fits your bathroom décor.

MFM Digital Editor Gemma has this bath mat and says, "it's really soft and generously-sized, and my toddler loves the feel of it under his feet: he actually chose it in the shop."

Pros: Affordable budget option, lots of colours available, good size, quick-drying, absorbent
Cons: Not as stylish / detailed as other options

Available from: Wilko

5. Habitat Hygro Anti Microb Bath Mat, £8

– Best for anti-bacterial

Habitat Hygro Anti Microb Bath Mat

Material: Cotton | Size: W50cm x L80cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: Blush and grey

It's strange to think that the mat we step on once we've been in the bath to get clean can carry so much bacteria. All the dampness can make it the ideal breeding ground. This nifty yet affordable bath mat aims to resolve that issue, thanks its antimicrobial technology. The bath mat has been treated with SILVADUR, which inhibits growth of bacterial odours.

It's a standard bath mat size, and is made from 100% cotton. When it does start to get dirty you can pop it in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean.

As well as the antimicrobial technology, it also has hygro technology which helps draw away any moisture as quickly as possible.

The bath mat is available in a subtle blush or a neutral grey.

Pros: Antimicrobial technology, good size, machine washable, hygro technology for quick drying, affordable
Cons: Not many colour options

Available from: Argos

6. M&S Super Soft Quick Dry Extra Large Bath Mat, £17.50

– Best large bath mat

Super Soft Quick Dry Extra Large Bath Mat

Material: Polyester | Size: W60cm x L100cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: Silver, charcoal, white

If you have multiple kids, or those who are prone to being particularly splashy in the bath, then you may be looking for a larger bath mat.

This M&S one is slightly larger than all the others featured on this list, covering more of your bathroom floor and giving you more drying space when out of the bath.

Much like the other M&S bath mat, it has the StayNew technology for lasting colour and softness. It's also designed to dry very quickly, reducing the unpleasant odours that come from bath mats.

If it does begin to smell you can put it in the washing machine and tumble dry if needed.

This bath mat is available in 3 neutral colours; silver, charcoal and white.

Pros: Large size, lasting colour and softness, quick drying, machine washable
Cons: Not the largest number or colours available

Available from: M&S

7. Dunelm Mini Bobble Shower Mat, £5

– Best for showers

Mini Bobble Shower Mat

Material: Polyester | Size: W50cm x L50cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: White, charcoal, silver, pebble

If you don't have a bath and perhaps have slightly older children who shower themselves, you still need to be careful that they don't slip on the hard floor.

A shower mat does just that. This textured bobble shower mat comes in a choice of 4 colours and is machine washable for easy cleaning. It fits perfectly next to a shower cubicle, or in a wet room.

It's made from polyester making it durable and soft.

Pros: Smaller size for showers, choice of neutral colours available, machine washable, durable, soft, affordable
Cons: May be too small for larger showers

Available from: Dunelm

8. John Lewis Supersoft Non-Slip Bath Mat, £16

– Best for non-slip base

John Lewis Supersoft Non-Slip Bath Mat

Material: Polyester and latex| Size: W50cm x L80cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: Stone, dove grey, white, silver, teal, navy

Although a bath mat is meant to stop you slipping on the hard floor when you're wet, if you have young children, it may be a good idea to get one with an additional non-slip base so that the mat can't move about on the floor.

This John Lewis one has a latex backing which stops it slipping and sliding around. It's also stain resistant and machine washable.

The bath mat is available in a great variety of colours.

Pros: Non-slip backing, stain resistant, soft, variety of colours, good size
Cons: Quite expensive

Available from: John Lewis

9. Panda London Bamboo Bath Rug, £32.50

– Best eco-friendly bath mat

Panda London Bamboo Bath Rug

Material: Bamboo | Size: W50cm x L80cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: Pure white, Urban grey, Ink, Sand

If you're eco-conscious this Panda London may be the right fit for your family. It's made of ethically-sourced bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

The rug is plush and soft, making it gentle on your family's feet as you get out the shower or bath.

It's handmade in India and is ultra absorbent, and comes in a lovely variety of subtle colours to choose from.

Pros: Made from eco-friendly sourced bamboo, machine washable, variety of colours, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, soft, absorbent, handmade
Cons: Quite expensive

Available from: Panda London

10. Dorma White Memory Foam Bath Rug, £40

– Best for memory foam

White Dorma Memory Foam Bath Rug

Material: Cotton | Size: W50cm x L70cm | Machine washable: Yes | Colours available: White

For an extra luxurious feeling, you could get a memory foam bath mat. However, due to their softness and quality, they do tend to be a bit more expensive.

This Dorma bath rug has a soft removable cotton foam, enclosed in the soft cover. It has a popper opening making it easy to take in and out for washing.

Unfortunately, it's only available in white, but this should go with most bathroom interiors.

Pros: Memory foam comfort, soft, removable cover, machine washable
Cons: Only available in 1 colour, quite expensive, slightly smaller than standard size

Available from: Dunelm

How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

When testing and selecting the best bath mats, we considered, size, comfort, protection, ease of washing, colours available, materials, sustainability and value.

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don't just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

How do I keep my bath mat mould free?

The best way to ensure your bath mat does not get mouldy is by making sure your bathroom is clean. Try and prevent any mould growth in your bathroom by mopping up any puddles or drips. It's also a good idea to air the bathroom, make use of your extractor fan (if you have one) to prevent the build-up of damp and mould.

Also, once the whole family has showered or bathed, hang the bath mat over a towel rail or the side of the bath and ensure it's dry before placing back on the floor.

It's a good idea to wash your bath mat regularly following the manufacture's care label, to keep it smelling nice and fresh.

How often should you replace bath mats?

Most experts advise switching out your bath mat roughly every 2 years. However, this really does depend on the size of your family, how often you bath/shower and how well you look after the bath mat.


If you start to see mould or it loses it's softness then that is usually a very good sign that it's time to throw it out and buy a new one.


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