Car sunshades go on the rear windows of your car to help protect your baby or child's delicate skin from sun damage, and protect their eyes from bright sunlight and glare. They can also help to stop them becoming too hot, as blocking out the sun's rays can help to keep the temperature in the car at a comfortable level.


Although it sounds like a very simple product, there's a fairly large choice out there. You can opt for a retractable sunshade, a pop up one, an over-the-door one or even a tailor-made design (if you're willing to pay quite a bit more).

They don't just vary in how they attach to the window, there's also appearance to consider: you can get one with a cute and fun design that might keep your child entertained, or you can opt for a plain dark colour (usually black).

If you drive frequently, particularly when the sun is low in the sky, these are a great thing to have in your arsenal, alongside the best baby sunglasses to protect your baby's eyes from the sun and the best buggy sunshades for when you're on the go.

Best car sunshades at a glance

  • Best car shade for being able to open the window: Goosky Car Window Shades, £9.99
  • Best retractable car shade: JoJo Maman Bebe 2 Pack Retractable Car Sunshades, £10
  • Best car shade for a fun design: Carmaz Car Sun Shades, £8.99
  • Best car shade made to fit your car: Car Shades, from £62.99
  • Best car shade for fitting all car windows: Dreambaby Adjusta-Car Shade, £12.99
  • Best value car shade: Halfords Pop-Up Sunshades, £4

Are car sunshades safe for babies?

Car sunshades are safe for babies so long as they're securely attached to the window and there is no possibility of your baby being able to pull them down.

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You still need to apply sunscreen to your child's skin when travelling in the car unless the car shade provides 100% protection: car windows will usually block out the UVB rays that cause sunburn, but most don't block out the UVA rays which can also cause damage. If you're unsure about this, our list of best sunscreens for kids will help ensure you choose a good one.

What to look for in a car shade

Size – Car windows differ, so this is key. It's important to look at the size of the car sunshades carefully to ensure it will fit your car window, and make sure you know before bying how much of the window it will cover.

How easy it is to take on and off – If you wish to keep taking the car shade off between uses and on it would be helpful to have one that's very easy to install. Car sunshades can fix to windows using, static, suction, or some even slip over the door. Consider what would be easiest to keep removing and putting back on. Retractable car sunshades mean you can just pull it up rather than taking it off completely.

How many you get – Some car sunshades come in packs of 2: if you need both back windows covered then this is good value, if you only want 1 then it might be better to buy just 1 so it's not wasted.

How easy is it to store? – If you're going to keep taking it off and on then it needs to be easy to store. The retractable ones fold down to a really small size and can be stored very easily.

How they look in your car – We'll be honest, car sunshades are not always the most stylish item. If you want your car to look sleek then a plain black subtle one that properly fits your window may look better than a little pop up one. However, you can also get fun designs, which may be good for your baby to look at whilst in the car.

Here are the best car sunshades for 2023

1. Goosky Car Window Shades, £9.99

– Best for still being able to open the window

Goosky car shade

Quantity: 2 | Size: 23 x 18.5 x 3.5cm

This stretchy sun shade just slips over the open car door, meaning windows can still be rolled down for ventilation whilst it's on.

The shade is made from high quality, stretchy density breathable mesh to protect your kids from the UV rays and sun glare whilst reducing heat.

Parent tester Rosie, mum of 1 year-old, said, "The Goosky Car Shades are great for all types of cars. They just slide over the window and come with Velcro for you to stick them in place. They block out a lot of the sun, but like all sunshades aren't completely sun proof. We also bung them in the wash to clean them and they come out great. The only annoyance is they can sometimes flap in the wind and you can't look out of these windows which can affect blind spots."

Available from: Amazon

2. JoJo Maman Bebe 2 Pack Retractable Car Sunshades, £10

– Best retractable car shade

JoJo Maman Bebe retractable car shade

Quantity: 2 | Size: Width 40 x drop 46cm

This cute JoJo bunny retractable car shade is simple to pop up and roll down in seconds. You get 2 in a pack so you can put one on each of the rear windows.

On cloudy days or at night, you can quickly store the shade without having to remove it completely, thanks to its handy retractable design.

You also have multiple fitting options: the car shade can be attached with a clip that goes over the window itself, or using a suction cup can be used to stick it directly to the inside of the window.

Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe

3. Carmaz Car Sun Shades, £8.99

– Best for a fun design

Carmaz car sunshade

Quantity: 2 | Size: 51 x 31cm

The Carmaz car sun shades come in lots of cute designs, ranging from ocean themed to dinosaurs, which could help keep your children entertained for a few precious minutes during a car journey. There's also a plain black if that's more your style.

This shade features an extra dark mesh to protect your baby from 98.6% of all UV rays. The car shade is fitted to your car window with static adhesive: this does mean you'll need a really clean window for the best results and some people may find they're not as simple to stick on, but the ease of simply pressing them on makes them quick to apply and remove.

The shades also come with a free storage bag to keep them when not in use.

Available from: Amazon

4. Car Shades, from £62.99

– Best for a custom fit

Car shades on car door

Quantity: As many as you want | Size: Tailor made

This custom-fit shade is a much more expensive option, but if you want your car looking sleek and feel you will use the car shade for a long time it may be worthwhile.

Car Shades enable you to tailor the size of your window sunshades. You enter the make, model and year of your car and they will make you a custom sun shade to fit across your whole window (or as many windows as you like).

Although they're able to make them for most popular makes and models of car, it's important to note that there are some models and makes that they cannot.

MFM home tester Amy, mum of 2 children, aged 10 and 2 said, "I absolutely love my Car Shades! They're tailor made to fit the exact make and model of your car so the shades fit perfectly within each back window with no gaps to prevent the sun from peeping through. They're fitted into the window with little clips which help keep them in place and they're really easy to install." However she did also say, "the only negative I can think of is they do say you can wind the window down with them but last time I did that a clip fell out."

Available from: Car Shades

5. Dreambaby Adjusta-Car Shade, £12.99

–Best for an adaptable fit

Dreambaby adjusta-car shade

Quantity: 1 | Size: 33 x 46cm to 46 x 69cm

If you're struggling to find a car shade to fit your odd-sized car window, this one can be stretched and shaped to fit making it a really adaptable choice and a good one to buy if you switch between cars or need something for a hire car on holiday. It's flexible and increases in size when stretched to block out more sunlight.

It's designed to fold away quickly for easy storage and offers protection against harmful rays. It's easily attached to the window by suction cups, and removes quickly too.

Available from: Amazon, Very and Uber Kids

6. Halfords Pop-Up Sunshades, £4

– Best budget buy

Halfords pop up car shades

Quantity: 2 | Size: 44 x 38cm

Although most car sunshades are relatively inexpensive, these are particularly great value and a good option for anyone on a budget. You get 2 car sunshades for £4. However, they're quite simple in design and only come in one size. They attach easily with 2 suction cups.

If you're after something to cover the whole window without any gaps these may not be the best option, but for just covering the main part and blocking out the majority of sunlight, the then these are a great budget choice.


Available from: Halfords

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