I Love You

Age: 1+


For very young children comes a simple little board book called I Love you from Roger Priddy. This is a great story for sharing. There are lots of cute animals for your little one to look out for and the soothing, rhyming text also makes it perfect for bedtime. The chunky pages are tabbed so little hands can turn pages easily. This is lovely title which captures the love between a parent and child.

Published Priddy Books, 25th November, £4.99


Penguin’s Big Adventure

Age: 2+

Penguin’s Big Adventure is the latest in Salina Yoon’s series about an adorable little penguin and his friends. Penguin wants something big to do, so he leaves his home behind in search of fun at the North Pole. But once he’s there, he realises he's alone and an adventure may not have been such a good idea after all. However, he soon makes a new friend and his adventure can really begin. This is a delightful book to share and will be enjoyed by both parents and children alike.

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Published by Bloomsbury, 12th November, £6.99


Blue Penguin

Age: 3+

More penguins in search of someone now in Petr Horacek’s Blue Penguin – a tale of friendship and belonging. Blue penguin is not like the other penguins, because he’s blue and the other penguins don’t like that. So he leaves them behind, but his days are lonely and he is very, very sad. To cheer himself up he makes up a song to sing and eventually another little penguin hears him. Gradually, she comes closer and closer until one day she has the courage to speak and she becomes Blue Penguin’s first friend. This is a truly heart-warming story which could melt the iciest of hearts.

Published by Walker Books, 5th November, 12.99


Puss in Boots

Age: 4+

Jerry Pinkney’s version of Puss in Boots is a beautiful retelling of children’s classic. These stories are now more associated with pantomimes than books, but they are nevertheless well worth a read. Follow the adventure of the cunning little cat who manages to outsmart a king and a magician to win a castle and a bride for his penniless master. This is a very elegant book from the award-winning Pinkney, full of wonder and enchantment.

Published by Penguin, 3rd November, £5.95


On A Snowy Night

Age: 5+

If you're searching for something warm and comforting to snuggle down with this winter then On A Snowy Night could be just what you're looking for. The book is an anthology of 10 wintry animal stories by some of the best known children’s authors including Tracey Corderoy, Jeanne Willis and Holly Webb. Each story is around 20 pages – just long enough for a bedtime story. My favourite was “Harold’s Adventure” about a tortoise whose hibernation gets interrupted by Christmas. These are all delightful tales, which can also be used as a gentle introduction into chapter books for early readers.

Published by Stripes, available, £5.99


Whoosh! A Little Book for Birth Companions

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Whoosh ! A Little Book for Birth Companions by Katie Brooke is just another amusing little ‘baby keepsake book’. It actually provides a lot of very sensible advice for you and your birthing partner, all the while delivered in a witty and imaginative style. The accompanying illustrations are sure to stick in your mind, celebrating all the messy as well as the magical things about giving birth. This would make a splendid gift for anyone – partners, mums, sisters or friends – who are planning to be there when your baby enters the world.

Published by Pinter & Martin, 19th November, £9.99


Big Book of Recipes for Babies, Toddlers & Children, 365 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dishes: From First Foods to Starting School

Big Book of Recipes for Babies, Toddlers & Children by dieticians Bridget Wardley and Judy More has, just as the title suggests a recipe for every day of the year. If like me, you sometimes wake up worrying about what you can cook for dinner, this book will take the weight off your shoulders with its easy meals and healthy tips. It really encourages you to offer your child a wide variety of tastes from an early age and even though it includes pizza and stir frys, everything is homecooked with nutritionally balanced ingredients designed to create healthy as well as eclectic eating habits.

Published by Watkins Publishing, 19th November, £12.99

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