If you're planning a dinosaur-themed party for your child any time soon, we've got some brilliant party supplies and ideas for you here from a range of stores including Tesco, Amazon and Etsy, plus specialist party online shops.


As well as dinosaur-themed table decorations, you might want to think about dinosaur-themed party bags, dinosaur cakes (including free-from options), games and dinosaur balloons.

And of course, you can start the dinosaur theme off way before the party actually happens with dinosaur invitations.

Check out our pick of some of the best dinosaur party supplies out there to get your child's dinosaur party seriously roaring....

Here's our pick of the best dinosaur party ideas and supplies...

1. Little Party Dino Invitations, £3.69 (8 pack)

party delights dino invites

Get the dinosaur theme going long before the party's even started with these cute dinosaur invitations, which include space for all the essential party info including whose it is, where, when and and how to RSVP.

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Do make sure, though, that you know your child's nursery or school rule (if they have one) on how / if you're allowed to give out invitations on the premises.

Available from: Party Delights

2. Cute T-Rex Happy Dino Birthday Balloon Party (5 pack)


Make sure everyone knows where the party house is with this gorgeous dinosaur balloon bouquet. The balloons are foil, stand between 43cm and 49cm tall and, if you tie them to the gates, they'll give a pretty big clue that it's a special day for someone inside!

Available from: eBay

3. Personalised Dinosaur Roar Photo Cake, £22.99

party pieces personalised party cake dinosaur roar

What's a party without cake? And if you want the personal touch, why not opt for this cute dinosaur-themed one which includes a photo of the birthday boy or girl on it. It serves 20, lasts 10 days and is made with free-range eggs. You can choose between chocolate or vanilla and there's an express delivery option for the next day if you order before 2pm.

Available from: Party Pieces

4. Jurassic World Stand-In Photo Prop, £29.94

party packs t rex photo prop

A party's not a party without a photo op these days, is it?! And we have to say we LOVE this huge scary dinosaur stand-in prop which comes in at 1.88m - so will be taller than a fair few adults. Just be careful it's not too scary for smaller kids...

Available from: Party Packs

5. 84-piece dinosaur tableware set, £12.99

yangte dinosaur party supplies

If you're planning a dinosaur feast at your child's party, you'll want to make sure your table is dressed for the theme. This set from Yangte is brilliantly priced for what you get: 12 cups (250ml), 12 knives, spoons, and forks, 12 dinner plates (23cm), 12 dessert plates (17cm) and 12 dinner napkins. Guaranteed to make any dinner table look positively roarsome.

Available from: Amazon

6. Dinosaur Pinata, £12.99


Don't worry - if you whack this dinosaur he won't attack back! Instead you'll just be showered with sweet treats: how nice is that?! (Do make sure there's an adult present when the kids are doing this one though.)

Available from: Party Pieces

7. Dinosaur Colour-in Masks, £3.95 (8 pack)

baker ross dinosaur colour in masks

If you think you can get the kids to sit still for a few minutes, or your party's in winter so outdoor activities will be set to a minimum or not an option at all, we think these dinosaur masks are a great idea for some crafty fun. They come in 4 assorted designs, with string to tie them around, but not the colouring pens - so do make sure you have those handy if you get these in.

Available from: Baker Ross

8. Dinosaur Box Of Decorations, £13.99 (39-piece pack)

box of decorations dinosaur party

This lovely little one-stop box of dinosaur treats is a great starter pack for any themed party, especially if you're planning to make your own dinosaur cupcakes, as it comes with lots of the necessary accessories for that. It includes: 5 cake toppers; 10 straws; 2 treat containers; 1 roll of ribbon; 6 latex balloons; 1 "Dino Party" letter banner (90cm), 1 bunting string (1.3m), 6 cupcake wrappers, 1 metallic streamer coil and 6 metallic blowouts.

Available from: Party Delights

9. Dinosaur Party Games - 3 in 1 pack, £6.99

dinosaur party game

Ramp up the roaring party fun with this set of 3 simple dinosaur-themed party games. It comes with 12 'stepping stones' (3 in each of 4 designs), instructions and anti-slip strips to reduce the risk of any excitement-related accidents.

Available from: Amazon

10. Jurassic gift set with gluten-free and dairy-free cake options, £45 to £99 (depending on cake size)


This lovely party set includes a cuddly dinosaur, helium balloon and a cake that you can customise to make vanilla sponge, chocolate chip or half and half, as well as opting for dairy-free or gluten-free. The biggest cake serves up to 45 people, so if you've got a big event lined up, this could be just what you need.

Available from: Baker Days

11. Pull-back Dinosaur Cars, £12.99 (8 pack)

pull back dinosaur cars

These dinky pull-back cars make great party favours – or a little treat to pop in the party bag. Suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old, and a lovely memento of the dino party they've been to!

Available from: Amazon

12. Handmade Ready-made Dino Goodie Bags, £1.65 each

handmade dinosaur party bags

How gorgeous are these party bags, handmade and ready to go for any dinosaur party? They each contain: 1 mini dino playing cards; 1 Haribo sweet bag; 1 Dino notepad; 1 magic bubbles; 1 tattoo; 2 Palma Violets. We think any child would be made up to get one as they leave the party venue!

Available from: Etsy

13. Dinosaur Party Games Kit, £6.99 (6 pack)


Build on the dinosaur theme with this brilliant party kit which comes with 4 dinosaur card glasses, and a twist on Pin The Tale On the Donkey (Pin The Horn On the Dino obviously!). There's also a Horn Hoopla for a Jurassic fairground feel.

Available from: Party Delights

14. Dinosaur Pull-string Pinata, £14.95

dinosaur piñata

If you like the idea of having a pinata, but the party you're hosting will be full of younger children, so you're not mad on giving them a 'bashing tool', one option might be to go for a pull-string version like this. Instead of hitting the pinata, children take turns to pull the strings – and one magic string opens it up (fillers not included).

Available from: Partyrama

15. Dinosaur Hamper, £12

dinosaur hamper

This lovely hamper makes a super-nice treat if you're doing a small sleepover party or, perhaps, for the birthday child once everyone's left and they're on that end-of-party downer. It includes a pair of stretch socks (one size), a mug, hot chocolate drink powder, marshmallows, a dinosaur cookie, and candy canes.

Available from: Tesco

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