I'm 1!

Your little one probably won’t have much of a social life yet so don’t worry about throwing an extravagant party or inviting lots of guests! ‘Your baby’s first birthday is a wonderful opportunity to bring together family, but it’s a great way to meet up with other parents you’ve met at coffee groups, NCT meetings or mum and baby classes, too,’ says the owner of Dreamcatcher Parties. ‘Your baby might enjoy some gentle music, but avoid party poppers and balloons that could be too noisy. Make sure you bear in mind your baby’s nap times too so she won’t miss out on all the fun!’


Who to invite

This birthday milestone is a great opportunity for celebrating with family and friends, old and new. 'Bear in mind that little ones can be a bit overwhelmed by crowds and noise, so it might be worth making it just a family affair,' says the owner of Plush Parties, Georgina Bellenger


Balloons and streamers are easy, and don't forget the bunting! Visit Cottonbunting, and for paper decorations try PlushParties


Your baby may be a little young for party games, but it's a good idea to be prepared with some toys on a rug for little ones to play with.


Making a cake for your child's 1st birthday is a rite-of-passage, but a simple Victoria sponge will do. Try Delia Smith's Victoria sponge recipe which is failproof. 'It's worth investing in an electric whisk for best results,' says Annabel from party food company Hats & Bells

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'Think English tea party, with mini mouthfuls that are easy to eat one-handed,' says Annabel. 'Bite-size treats are ideal when you've got a glass of fizz and a child to keep hold of! Mini scones, brownies and sticky lemon cake cubes are perfect.'

Top tip

Build the party around your little one's nap times, so he won't get overtired


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