1. NCT Babychange App, Free, MadeForMums Awards gold winner

The gold winners of our family app category are the clever people at the NCT (The Natural Childbirth Trust). They have developed an app that provides parents with accurate information on where to find a baby changing area - anywhere in the country - in a hurry.


The app is entirely free and has thousands of locations throughout the UK. Parents can rate each locations and update and add new ones so that the app's information is bang up to date.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the NCT Babychange App:

"Fantastic idea, great for helping me plan where to go for coffee/lunch. Each place has a star rating but the thing I found frustrating was that there was no actual review. So if something only got two stars, I couldn't see why (which would help me decide whether or not to choose the place)." Sonali, mum of 2

"Excellent concept, app responds quickly and effectively but still in its early days so still building up its data of nappy changing stations. I tried to add one that was missing in a remote Hampshire village and it wouldn't recognise the pub, even though it showed up on the map. Looking forward to seeing how this app develops." Tanya, mum of 2

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You can download the NCT Babychange app from the Apple App store or Google Play


2. Baby TV Video, £3.99-£4.99 Monthly, Silver Award Winner

Give your baby or toddler age appropriate shows, nursery rhymes and songs with the Baby TV App, our silver award winner in family apps.

The app features hundreds of episodes of titles from BabyTV Channel, including popular characters such as Charlie, Billy BamBam and the Cuddlies, while new content is added on a monthly basis.

The content is ad-free and includes a feature which allows parents to select or download their favourite shows, songs and rhymes and curate their own bespoke channel for their child. However, it's only available on the Apple App store, not on Android.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Baby TV Video:

"Baby TV s a great feature, we used paid option for a month, slightly expensive and with paid monthly apps I found I regret it if they don't use it when I am paying for it, but on the other hand I do not want my child to have too much table/smartphone time." Natalie, mum of 2

"Great selection of diverse content which my little one loved. But I couldn't find a pause button which seemed a huge omission." Janet, mum of 2

"Good concept. I feel with a little fine tuning this could be an amazing app. It slowed down my phone a little, however I had added peace of mind that the children where watching age appropriate tv amd fun programmes." Tanya, mum of 2

You can download the BabyTV app from the Apple App store


3. Tena lights, My pff, Free, Bronze Award Winner

Ladies! It is time to strengthen those weak pelvic floor muscles, listen up! Download this fabulously nifty free app from Tena and get expert advice and an exercise plan to tone up those pelvic floors.

Our bronze award winner, My pff App, My Pelvic Floor Fitness guide has been designed to help mums combat the effects of a weak bladder and get a strong healthy pelvic floor. With three levels to choose from you can choose your own plan and gradually increase and strengthen those all important muscles!

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about My pff App:

"This is a really handy app which is great for reminding you to do pelvic floor exercises. It is really discreet - the icon that appears on your phone doesn't actually reveal what it is - and you can set alerts to remind you to do your exercises throughout the day. There's also lots of helpful information from experts about this often taboo subject." Natalie, mum of 2

You can download the Tena lights app from Google Play or the Apple App store


4. Azoomee, £4.99 a month or £39.99 annually

An entertainment app providing primary school aged children with online safety zones built on and plenty of games, videos, audiobooks and an art studio for them to engage with.

You can download the Azoomee app from the Apple App store or Google Play


5. Best Beginnings - Baby Buddy App, Free

Baby Buddy is your personal baby expert which is aimed at guiding you through your pregnancy and the first six months of your baby’s life. Designed by mums, midwives and doctors with information available 24 hours a day.

You can download the Best Beginnings app from the Apple App store or Google Play


6. MadeForMums Baby Weaning App, Free

A baby feeding app developed by, well, us, the MadeForMums Baby Weaning App is free to download and is jam packed with 193 weaning recipes, 26 weekly meal planners and 106 expert advice articles.

You can even create your own shopping list and build your own meal planners too! In addition, all the recipes, guides and shopping lists can be used offline, so you can use it when you're out and about or at the supermarket.

You can download the MFM Baby Weaning app on Apple App store or Google Play.

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