Clothing is a great way to allow your child to express themselves. You may enjoy buying clothes for yourself but you can't deny that shopping for adorable children's clothing is a lot of fun too.


With such a large variety of children's clothing available, online and in-store, it's difficult to know which brands are good quality and what pieces are going to last your child. Kids tend to put clothing through a lot, so when buying for your child you want something that looks great, but won't shrink and get ruined in the washing machine after the first wash.

To help you find the best clothing collections that are durable, hard wearing, good quality and, of course, appealing to the eye, we have done the hard work for you scouring the internet and checking out real parent recommendations to find the very best. We've included all types of clothing ranges, from waterproof clothing and raincoats to baby leggings and frilly dresses for fancy occasions.

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Best children's clothing brands at a glance

  • Best for quirky knits: Blade & Rose, from £3.50
  • Best for budget waterproofs: Dry Kids, £8.95
  • Best supermarket clothing collection: Nutmeg at Morrisons, from £2.75
  • Best clothing range for bright colours: Frugi, from £12
  • Best for stain-resistant waterproofs: Kidunk, from £30
  • Best for children with disabilities: Marks & Spencer's Easy Dressing, from £4
  • Best for babies: Sue and Samuel, from £3
  • Best for personalised clothing: Fred & Noah, from £7
  • Best clothing range for bigger children: JoJo Maman Bébé Extended Sizes Range, from £14
  • Best insulated waterproofs: Muddy Puddles, from £14

What to look for when choosing clothing for your child

Ease of care – When buying clothes for your children it's essential that they can be washed and cared for easily. It's likely the clothes will need washing fairly often, so it's a good idea to opt for clothing that can be washed in the machine and do not require dry cleaning or hand washing.

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Range of sizes – Some brands are aimed at younger children and only have sizes up to a certain age. Make sure that the clothing you're buying is going to last and they won't instantly grow out of it.

Ease of dressing – As well as ease of washing, it's helpful for you, and your child if they're at the age where they can dress themselves, if the clothes are easy to put on and take off. There are specific ranges, such as Marks & Spencer's Easy Dressing, that are great for this. Look for poppers instead of buttons and 2-way zips for sleepsuits to make night time nappy changes that bit easier.

Durability – While you don't want your child instantly growing out of their clothes, you also don't want clothes to just break, shrink or deteriorate after one outing. Sometimes quality does mean paying a little bit more, but this is usually works out well when you think about cost per wear.

Materials – For an eco-friendly choice, look for brands which use sustainable and organic materials. It's also a good idea to consider where your child is going to be wearing these clothes. If you want clothing for outdoor play then waterproof and stainproof materials will come in very handy.

Our pick of the best children's clothing brands and ranges

1. Blade & Rose, from £3.50

– Best for quirky knits

Blade & Rose Highland Cow Range being tested by little boy

Type: Tops, leggings, socks, hoodies, hats, booties, bib, rucksack | Sizes: 0-6 months to 5-6 years | Price range: £3.50 to £25

Set up in 2010 by a husband and wife team, Blade & Rose specialises in knitted leggings with stylish and quirky designs on the bottom. Bored of the plain children's leggings available Blade & Rose decided to make something a bit different, and soon branched out into matching items.

Blade & Rose believes durability, functionality and washing well are all vital in children's clothing, so have made sure this shines through in all their garments. The brand also ensures the cotton supply and factories it uses are sustainable and ethical.

The range now includes items like shorts, t-shirts, tops, socks, hoodies, colour changing raincoats, zip-up rompers, bibs, blankets, booties and bobble hats, but it's the cute knitted leggings that are instantly recognisable. Collaborations with the likes of Peter Rabbit and the WWF really help widen the appeal of this fun brand.

MFM parent tester Emma tested the Highland Cow collection with her 2-year-old son (pictured above) and said, "The whole family loved this outfit on our son. It really is an adorable, versatile set at an affordable price. The outfit is undoubtedly good quality and the materials are soft, well-made and cosy. Lots of thought has clearly gone into the character design and the choice of colours."

Pros: Cute bottom feature design, durable, functional, washes well, sustainable
Cons: Some styles sell out quickly in popular sizes, limited range of garments

Available from: Blade & Rose

2. Dry Kids, from £8.95

– Best for budget waterproofs

Dry Kids all-in-one suit being tested by little girl

Type: Hats, jackets, over trousers, dungarees| Sizes: 1 year to 11-12 years | Price range: £8.95 to £34.95

Dry Kids offers a whole host of great value waterproof jackets, trousers, dungarees and more to keep your child dry while they explore and have fun outside.

The brightly coloured waterproof clothing range is excellent value given its quality, with features such as elastic cuffs at the wrist and ankle, and reflective piping for improved visibility at night.

MFM parent tester Jude, who tested the all-in-one suit with her 5-year-old daughter (pictured above), thought Dry Kids was heads and shoulders above other brands she's tried: "Having had many, many puddlesuits and waterproof variations over the years, I would say without a doubt this is the best quality garment I've had and would highly recommend."

The collection is a big hit with kids too, with our child tester saying, "It's comfy and good for running." After having a wriggle in the mud to really put it to the test she added, "I am still nice and warm and dry inside!"

Pros: Bright colours, waterproof, variety of garments, reflective piping, affordable, elasticated cuffs
Cons: Not as insulating as thicker alternatives

Available from: Amazon and Dry Kids

3. Nutmeg at Morrisons, from £2.75

– Best supermarket clothing collection

Nutmeg clothing range being tested by baby

Type: Various products | Sizes: Newborn to 13 years | Price range: £2.75 to £16

Nutmeg launched in 2013 and is now available in 491 Morrisons stores nationwide. The range offers trend-led fashion at affordable prices, and is particularly good for neutral, unisex items for babies. Being a supermarket brand, it's quick and easy to browse the range during your weekly shop.

A number of different collections come under the Nutmeg umbrella. Nutmeg Kind uses soft-to-touch fabrics that are responsibly sourced, to make a variety of garments featuring gender-neutral prints and designs. With a neutral and modern colour palette they are perfect for passing down to younger siblings, friends or family, especially as they are very durable. Little Nutmeg is for newborns to 3 year olds and consists of timeless styles for boys and girls. Nutmeg also has a range of baby sleepsuits with a 2-way zip to make nappy changes and dressing super easy.

MFM parent tester Chloe tested the Nutmeg range with her 3-month-old baby and said, "The sleepsuits were easy to wash; they came out perfectly clean with no bobbling and dried by the next morning. They felt like exceptional value for money, surprisingly inexpensive for the level of quality you get."

Nutmeg's adjustable-waist leggings are a great choice for older kids, growing with them and extending the longevity of use to help save you money.

Pros: Convenient to buy at supermarket, affordable, varying ranges for different ages, 2-way zip sleepsuits, adjustable waists
Cons: Not widely available, cannot buy online

Available from: Morrisons stores

4. Frugi, from £12

– Best for bright colours

Frugi being tested by little girl

Type: Various products | Sizes: 0 to 12 years | Price range: £12 to £70

Cornish clothing company Frugi is renowned for its wide range of brightly coloured and brilliantly designed clothes for boys and girls, made from high quality, eco-friendly and organic fabrics.

Created by a husband and wife team in 2004, Frugi has grown from a tiny family business into a hugely popular brand over the last 15 years. The clothes are comfortable, stylish and made to last, and the brand champions the use of organic cotton, recycled materials and ethical business practises.

MFM parent tester Emma tested the range with her 6 year old and loved the beautiful colours and designs. She commented: "The colours and styles stand out a lot more than other high street clothes, and are a lot more magical and child friendly. My daughter always says she feels like a princess when wearing Frugi dresses. We get many compliments when out and about when my daughter is wearing Frugi."

While the prices are higher than some on the other brands in this round-up, Frugi has become such a cult favourite that these items do particularly well on the resale market. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to preloved items from the brand. Plus, many designs – including dresses, shorts, jumpers and hats – are reversible, meaning you essentially get 2 designs for the price of 1.

Pros: Reversible and versatile clothing, brightly coloured, good quality, covers wide age range, sustainable
Cons: More expensive than some clothing ranges

Available from: Frugi, Amazon and Marks & Spencer

5. Kidunk, from £27.49

– Best for stain-resistant waterproofs

Kidunk ECO Suit being tested by little boy

Type: Waterproof tops, waterproof trousers, drench suits, sweatshirts | Sizes: 1 to 8 years| Price range: £27.49 to £69.99

Kidunk's genius waterproof tops and bottoms can be zipped together to create a cosy and durable all-in-one waterproof suit. They're made from 100% recycled materials and have a stain-resistant coating so your child can get as mucky as they like when playing outdoors. The separates are comfy, super stretchy and breathable. The outside is tough and the inside is fleecy to keep your child warm and comfortable.

The zips are colour coded and nice and chunky, making it easy for your child to dress themselves – or for you to get them dressed in a hurry. The elasticated ankles have a clever welly tuck detail to prevent any wet feet, no matter how big the splash.

MFM parent tester Lucy tested the Kidunk zip-up separates with her 3 year old (pictured above) and raved: "My little boy wore these for woodland walks, as well as days out at a theme park and playground. He was comfortable all day, even when it poured with rain and was incredibly cold and muddy. The lightweight material means these are still comfortable when it's slightly milder but you need something to keep them dry."

Designed to get muddy, the great news is you can machine wash Kidunk pieces at 40° and tumble dry on low. Phew!

Pros: Stain- and water-resistant, 100% recycled materials, comfy, stretchy, breathable, fleecy, chunky zips, elasticated detail, detachable hood, can be worn as separates or zipped together
Cons: Only available in plain colours

Available from: Kidunk

6. Marks & Spencer Easy Dressing, from £4

– Best for children with disabilities


Type: Various easy-dressing clothing and shoes | Sizes: Newborn to 16 years | Price range: £4 to £22

High street favourite Marks & Spencer has designed a range of n easy-dressing clothing especially for children with sensory issues or physical disabilities.

It includes clothes – everything from bodysuits to pyjamas – with special access for feeding tubes, the Dreamskin range designed for children with dry and sensitive skin and sleepsuits specially made for children with Hip Dysplasia. The poppers are thoughtfully placed to help children dress themselves and they're made with super-soft materials to prevent any irritation.

The range starts from newborn and goes all the way up to 16 years, and comes in the same cute and colourful designs as Marks & Spencer's standard kids' clothing range.

Pros: Easy dressing, soft materials, great value, thoughtfully designed for children with disabilities or sensory issues
Cons: Limited range available

Available from: Marks & Spencer

7. Sue and Samuel, from £3

– Best for babies

Sue & Samuel Leggings & Hat Range

Type: Leggings, hats, sleepsuits, pyjamas, bodysuits, shorts, headbands | Sizes: Newborn to 6 months | Price range: £3 to £28

Sue and Samuel has a beautiful range of baby and toddler clothing in a large variety of patterns and designs, including ballerina, eucalyptus and baby deer prints. The super-soft cotton and elastane fabric is sourced within Europe and everything is made entirely by Sue and Samuel, making the brand a great choice for parents who like to support sustainable fashion.

The brand's leggings and hat sets make fantastic gifts for new babies. Made from a gorgeous selection of gender neutral prints, both pieces have a roll-up design to grow with baby – plus, there's no plastic packaging in sight.

MFM parent tester Danielle tested the leggings and hat set with her 2 month old and loved it. "The print is gorgeous and the fit is great – the fabric was excellent quality. I've already been telling friends about Sue and Samuel and will be buying from them in the future."

Pros: Adorable prints, matching items, handmade, roll up design for longevity, no plastic packaging, soft material, great value
Cons: Longer turnaround due to being handmade

Available from: Sue and Samuel

8. Fred & Noah, from £6

– Best for personalised clothing

Fred & Noah clothing range

Type: Various products | Sizes: Newborn to 9 years | Price range: £7 to £65

Established in 2014 by husband and wife team, Natalie and Daniel Reynolds, Fred & Noah is a UK brand which started out making leggings for children. It has grown rapidly and now offers everything from bedding to personalised items such as tops, bags, suitcases and phone cases.

All of its products are made in the UK, with t-shirts and hooded tops hand printed in its Essex studio. As parents to 2 boys, the founders understand the importance of comfort, durability and easy washing when it comes to kids clothing. Everything is machine washable and durable, so will see your children through plenty of adventures. The unique graphic prints and option to personalise items really makes this independent British brand stand out from the crowd.

Pros: Option to personalise, made in the UK, machine washable, huge choice of patterns, soft materials, durable
Cons: More expensive than some clothing ranges

Available from: Fred & Noah

9. JoJo Maman Bébé Extended Sizes Range, from £14

– Best for bigger children

JoJo Maman Bébé Extended Sizes Range

Type: Various products | Sizes: 6-12 months to 7 years | Price range: £14 to £65

If your child is slightly taller or bigger, but you still want to dress them in the cute and adorable clothing made for younger children, then JoJo Maman Bebe's extended size range is ideal.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the younger looking designs and clothing for slightly older children. JoJo offers the sweet dresses and fun tops for up to 7 years. There's a range of items available from raincoats to pinafore dresses and joggers on offer, for boys and girls.

JoJo Maman Bébé provides high-quality, durable clothing with easy care instructions, that are always made to last.

Pros: Great for bigger children, large variety of designs, good value durable, easy to wash
Cons: Only goes up to age 7

Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe

10. Muddy Puddles, from £14

– Best insulated waterproofs

Muddy Puddles EcoWarm Insulated Puddlesuit Range being tested by little girl in the woods

Type: Waterproofs, ski gear, wellies and accessories | Sizes: 0 to 6 years | Price range: £14 to £79

One of the simple pleasures of childhood is jumping in puddles. Muddy Puddles’ outdoor clothing is designed to get kids outside in all weathers, its motto being, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit’.

The company, which was started 20 years ago by a farmer’s wife who made a splash suit for her youngest child, creates durable, bright and brilliant waterproofs and ski gear, as well as wellies.

The breathable waterproofs are made from recycled plastic bottles, while its super-warm, insulated waterproof suits are perfect for winter days. Expect plenty of clever features, like velcro fastenings, taped seams, elasticated cuffs and adjustable stirrups. They are also machine washable, which is very handy considering it's likely they will get extremely muddy.

MFM parent tester Aston, who tested the insulated suit with their 3 year old (pictured above) said, "The design is great and the thickness is amazing. I love that even though it is thick my daughter was still able to run around and climb up mountains in it, so it definitely doesn't restrict her movement. The fact that it's eco conscious and made from recycled products was a major plus point for all of us."

Pros: Waterproof, insulated, bright, fun patterns, made from recycled bottles, velcro fastenings, machine washable, eco-conscious
Cons: Quite expensive

Available from: Muddy Puddles and Amazon


How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

When testing and selecting the clothing ranges for kids, we considered important features such as comfort, style, value, durability and ease of care/washing.

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don't just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.



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