Long gone are the days when organic baby clothes meant drab, shapeless clothing. Now, there are loads of great organic baby clothes brands which make fun and lovely eco baby and kids' clothing.


We’ve pulled together a list of the best eco and sustainable baby clothes and kids clothing brands and highlighted some of their stand-out products.

There are lots of different ways to be sustainable as a brand. This might mean adopting more ethical, fair trade manufacturing processes for workers, eliminating chemicals from materials in clothes (so the fibres are all natural and kinder to young skin) or perhaps creating clothes from recycled materials.

Some brands give back through charities and organisations and others create reversible or longer-lasting products to offer maximum wear.

Here's our pick of the best buys from organic and sustainable baby and kids clothing brands...


Frugi sustainable kids clothes

Frugi creates organic clothing for babies, kids and mums-to-be and was founded by real-life parents. The brand uses organic cotton to make its clothing which is softer and, because it’s not treated by harsh chemicals, should be kinder to sensitive baby skin.

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Clothes are cleverly designed with details like reversible patterns and adjustable fastenings so pieces last longer as children grow.

Frugi’s outdoor wear is created from recycled plastic bottles and, each year, it says it donates 1% of its turnover to a children’s charity, community cause and environmental scheme, so you can be assured that your pennies are being put to good use.

Puddle Buster Coat, £39


Sizes: 1 to 8 years

If you’re looking for a waterproof raincoat which won’t harm the planet, this bright ‘Puddle Buster’ coat is new to Frugi’s range and is made from 20 recycled plastic bottles.

And for extra warmth it comes with a soft fleece lining which is also made from recycled materials.

Available from: Frugi

Ace Personalised pyjamas, from £24


Sizes: 0 months to 10 years

This organic cotton pyjama set comes in 2 fun designs; a fire-breathing dragon and roller-skating unicorn. This set would be great as a gift as they can be personalised for an extra £5 if you want to add a name on.

Available from: Frugi

Astrid headband, £5

Astrid Frugi headband

Frugi doesn't just do organic clothes, it also have a lovely range of accessories. This little head-band has a fixed, pre-tied bow on the front (so no fiddling to keep tying it back together!) and is elasticated so it can be slipped on easily.

Available from: Frugi

The Little Green Sheep

Little Green Sheep sustainable kids clothes

The Little Green Sheep predominantly makes mattresses, bedding and furniture like Moses baskets and playmats. Everything it makes is created from natural and organic materials and is built to be as long-lasting as possible.

In fact, the brand claims to have created the very first certified organic baby mattress. As the company is based mainly around bedtime products for babies, it also makes sleepsuits, rompers and sleeping bags which are all chemical-free.

They’re also made from naturally breathable materials like cotton and wool to keep your little one at the optimum temperature – especially if they’re not able to regulate their own yet.

Available from: The Little Green Sheep

Wild cotton organic sleeping bag, from £29.95

Little Green Sheep Sleeping bag

Sizes: 0 to 18 months

This organic cotton sleeping bag has handy features like under-arm poppers to adjust sizing and a side zip to help you out at changing time.

There are 2 varieties; a 1.0 tog sleeping bag for Summer (standard room temperatures 21-23 degrees) and a 2.5 tog version (for standard room temperatures of 10-20 degrees).

In addition to the green bunny design (pictured above) the product is also available in bears and leaf designs as well as plain. It's also one of the brand's most popular products, with straight 5-star reviews from other buyers.

Available from: The Little Green Sheep

Organic knitted baby romper, £17.95

Little Green Sheep baby romper

Sizes: 0 to 3 months

Also made from organic cotton is this adorable knitted baby romper. It’s available in 3 soft, muted tones: “dove” (grey), “midnight” (dark blue) and “linen” (as pictured above).

Available from: The Little Green Sheep

Wild cotton organic sleepsuit, from £9.95

Little Green Sheep organic baby sleepsuit

Sizes: 0 to 6 months

The bunny rabbit print sleepsuit is made from 100% organic cotton and promises to be super soft. Reviewers agree, with one mum describing it as “So, so cute. Beautifully finished and lovely soft fabric.”

Reviewers also said that the sizing is quite generous - this is worth keeping in mind if your little one is between sizes and you’re not sure which to go for.

Available from: The Little Green Sheep

Toby Tiger

Toby Tiger sustainable kids clothes

Founded by knitwear designer Zoe Mellor, Brighton-based Toby Tiger is full of fun, bold designs. This is a good option if you’re a fan of bright, playful prints and classic clothing like dungarees and simple jersey dresses.

Zoe grew up in the Caribbean surrounded by colours, which she's said inspired the vibrant pictures and patterns on her brand’s clothing.

Everything is made ethically from organic materials which the brand promises wash well and last a long time – a great antidote to fast fashion if that’s something that concerns you.

Toby Tiger Multi Stripe Knitted Mittens, from £12

Toby Tiger mittens

Sizes: 0 months to 4 years

This set of rainbow striped knitted mittens are cosy, cute and 100% cotton with a fleece layer in the middle to keep little fingers toasty.

Available from: Amazon

Whale dungarees, from £29.99

Toby Tiger dungagrees

Sizes: 6 months to 3 years

Also made from cotton, these bright whale-print dungarees have adjustable shoulder straps for a better fit. We also like the addition of poppers which should make changing nappies a little bit easier.

Available from: Amazon

Butterfly flower baby dress, from £23.94

Toby Tiger butterfly dress

Sizes: 0 to 12 months

Cotton is a more breathable material which makes it especially suited to warmer months heading into spring and towards summer.

These baby dresses come in a range of bright designs and co-ordinate with matching sun hats which are also reversible - one garment with double the wear is more sustainable than buying multiple pieces in different designs.

Available from: Amazon


Kite sustainable kids clothes

Dorset brand Kite says it's inspired by its local area with designs based off the nearby coastline and surroundings. Most of the clothes are soft prints with classic patterns like stripes and florals as well as stand-out characters.

There’s quite a big range of products for an independent brand and everything is made from organic fabrics, so it’s soft and safe for little ones.

Kite caters for babies as well as younger children and have special edit collections like “Starry Night” and “Happy Hare” if you like to buy coordinating pieces.

Tractor sweatshirt, £25

Tractor sweatshirt

Sizes: 3 months to 3 years

This sweet tractor jumper is quilted for a bit of extra warmth and can be worn by babies as well as toddlers up to 3 years old.

Available from: House of Fraser

Three-pack rocket socks, £14

Kite three pack socks

Sizes: 12.5 junior to 3

The pack of 3 socks are better value and a potential gift idea. They are made from organic cotton so they’ll be soft and also breathable for tiny toes.

Available from: House of Fraser

Toddler mini pocket pinafore, £28

kite yellow dress

Sizes: 0 to 3 months

This yellow pinafore applique dress is bright but easy to wear and is made from 97% organic cotton (the other 3% is elastane).

Pair with a with a simple long sleeve top and tights to also make it wearable for winter.

Available from: House of Fraser


Piccalilly kids clothes

Piccalilly appears to take its Fairtrade and ethical promises seriously with a whole list of commitments; free from chemicals, Fairtrade, child-labour free and eco-friendly.

The brand uses a particular type of cotton to manufacture its garments called Chetna Organic. This is a Fairtrade scheme which allows farmers to get a good deal and have a 10% stake in the factory which produces the clothes overseas.

Piccalilly makes clothing for babies, toddlers, kids and mums as well as having an extensive range of Muslin blankets, bibs and cloths. Its one of the bigger brands on the list and is mid-range in terms of pricing.

Frog hooded baby playsuit, £22.54

Piccailly hooded frog suit

Sizes: 0 months to 4 years

This frog-themed playsuit is made from soft and cosy organic cotton and, as it’s from Piccalilly, manufactured ethically.

If you get this in the sizes up to 12 months there are additional popper fastenings but not from 12 months upwards, which is worth keeping in mind.

Available from: Amazon

Reversible jersey dress, £13.80

piccalilly reversible dress

Sizes: 6 months to 3 years

Piccalilly’s organic jersey dresses are completely reversible, so it feels like you get 2 dresses in 1. This one pictured can be worn as a turquoise flamingo pattern or reversed to the pink and white stripe design seen on the pocket.

The poppers at the top of each arm also mean getting it on and off is a little easier.

Available from: Amazon

Baby crawler tights, from £10

Piccalilly crawler tights

Sizes: 0 to 24 months

These stripy tight are a sweet design, but also have rubber gripping dots on the knees and soles of the feet to help your little one as they begin to crawl and move around.

Available from: Amazon

H&M Conscious

H&M sustainable clothing

While independent brands have been creating good quality, fairly made clothing for a long time, the high-street’s tricky relationship with the fast-fashion industry has meant that few mainstream brands were able to offer anything different.

Some have finally started to cotton on like H&M, who launched its Conscious collection which sits at the lowest end of the price scale - great if you’re looking for inexpensive organic baby clothing.

Look out for the green tags on products in-store (or search for their conscious collection online). The tags mean that the garment is made of at least 50% sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Patterned jersey dress, £5.99

HM jersey dress

Sizes: 18 months to 10 years

H&M’s organic cotton jersey dress is simple but pretty and comes in either pink or navy blue. It’s a popular product online and has well over 100 reviews averaging at 5 stars overall.

One parent said, “I bought this dress for my 8 years old daughter, I’m really happy with the quality and simple design, my daughter says it’s very comfortable.”

A couple of reviews did also mention that the sleeves might be slightly long on some children depending on their size.

Available from: H&M

Mickey Mouse two-piece set, £14.99

HM mickey mouse

Sizes: 0 to 9 months

This cosy Disney hooded set is a cute design and well-priced for a two-piece set, especially one made from 80% organic cotton (the other 20% is polyester and the hood lining is 100% cotton).

Available from: H&M

Three-pack cotton pyjamas, £15.99

HM cotton pj packs

Sizes: <0 months to 4 years

Coming in 11 different designs, this pack of cotton pyjamas are a great value buy, especially for sustainable kids clothes which can so often be at a higher price point.

Cotton is also good for sleepwear as it’s more breathable and therefore comfortable to last the night in.

Available from: H&M

Little Green Radicals

Little Green Radicals sustainable kids clothes

Little Green Radicals prides itself on its commitment to Fairtrade and makes its clothes from 100% organic materials. The brand has said its also on a journey to go plastic-free.

Currently, its packaging is recyclable but it’s attempting to create fully biodegradable packaging which doesn’t leave behind any micro-fibres, as some “biodegradable” packaging does.

Starting from newborns to kids of 8 years old, much of its clothing is designed for outdoors with things like cosy "Sherpa" jackets, gloves and hats as well as t-shirts with eco-warrior slogans.

Higher ground sherpa hat, £14

Sherpa hat

Sizes: 0 months to 8 years

This balloon pattern hat is part of the Little Green Radical’s “Sherpa” collection of organic cotton, fleece-lined outerwear and the natural materials should keep little heads warm.

Available from: Amazon

Cotton Do Rae Me Far Solar Powered T-shirt, £14

Slogan t shirts

Sizes: 1 to 4 years

This brand produce various t-shirts with environment-inspired slogans like this one pictured above which reads, "Doe, Ray, Me, Far Solar Powered."

They're also made from 100% organic fairtrade certified cotton, which one Amazon reviewer says "keeps its shape well".

Available from: Amazon

Baby moon dust star joggers, £14

Baby star joggers

Sizes: 3 to 12 months

As well as the call-to-action wear, Little Green Radicals do plenty of more mainstream but still cute designs. These grey star mini joggers are 100% soft cotton and pull right on and off without additional fastenings.

Available from: Amazon, Little Green Radicals


Mori kids clothes

Mori create products for babies and toddlers but it’s babies trying to get a good night’s sleep which seems to be the brand’s focus. Its clothes, as would be expected from a sustainably focused brand, are made from natural materials suitable for a baby’s delicate new skin.

Mori also claims to ensure its manufacturing methods are environmentally conscious and garments sustainably sourced, made in trusted factories. Once your little one has grown out of a Mori outfit, you can also send it back to them to be shared with a London-based charity called Little Village.

Baby bear hat, £12

Mori hat

Sizes: 0 to 24 months

Mori’s baby bear hat is made from organic cotton (30%) and bamboo (70%) but is still nice and soft. It also promises to be stretchy so it will fit well and last a little longer as your baby continues to grow.

Available from: Mori

Gruffalo Woodland Sweater, £29

Gruffalo Mori jumper

Sizes: 0 months to 4 years

Lots of kids love the Gruffalo and if yours is one of them this lovely soft jumper could be a smart buy. It comes with a brushed lining for extra warmth and has handy poppers on the back up to 2 years.

Available from: Mori

Night Sky Kimono Bodysuit, £22

Baby Mori star sleepsuit

Sizes: newborn to 24 months

This soft organic cotton and bamboo bodysuit has nickel-free poppers to prevent irritation and if you get one in the under 6 months size it includes fold over mitts too.

Mori has well over 1,000 positive reviews on Trust Pilot and averages 5 stars overall. One reviewer said that Mori have, “The softest clothes I’ve found for my new baby. Beautiful patterns.”

Available from: Mori


Patagonia sustainable kids clothes

Patagonia has a long-standing reputation as a high-quality brand creating clothes for the outdoors and more extreme sports.

Its clothes are pricier but if you’re a family of adventurers it may be worth the investment for good high-performance clothing.

Patagonia bills itself as “The Activist Company” and actively protests on behalf of environmental causes, provides grants and is mindful of the environmental impact of its products along the whole supply chain.

Hi Loft Down Jacket, £95

patagonia coat

Sizes: 2 to 5 years

This Patagonia eco coat is made from 100% recycled polyester but is still windproof and weather resistant.

The coat is stuffed with reclaimed duck and goose down as well as zipped hand-warmer pockets to help really keep the heat in on outdoor adventures.

Available from: Amazon

Baby down sweater vest, from £52

Patagonia baby gilet

Sizes: 3 months to 5 years

The gilet is made from the same resistant, recycling materials as the coat and stuffed with recycled down for warmth. Both also claim to be highly tear resistant so they should last a long time.

Available from: Patagonia

Baby Synchilla Fleece Booties, £24

Patagonia fleece booties

Sizes: 3 to 24 months

These fleece booties are made from recycling polyester and are Fair Trade certified. There’s also a double-layer sole with a non-slip surface underneath and they’re elasticated, so they can be easily slipped on and off.

Available from: Patagonia


Piupia sustainable kids clothes

Mum and graphic designer Claudia Carvalho founded London clothing brand Piupia. It sells a smaller collection of simple, well-made designs for babies aged 3 months up to 6 years old in more muted tones.

The clothing is at the higher end of the price range, but the brand promises every piece is ethically and sustainably made in Portugal.

All of the products are Oeko-Tex 100 certified which means that every part of the clothing (fabrics, buttons, thread etc) are free of harmful substances and chemicals.

Green frilled top, £42

kids green top

Sizes: 3 months to 6 years

Piupia’s green top is grown up but still pretty, thanks to the frilled neckline and cuffs. It’s made from the Oeko-Tex 100 organic cotton and absolutely nothing else.

You can also shove is straight in the washing machine, so is easy to look after.

Available from: Piupia

Organic wool tee, £53

Long sleeved pink top

Sizes: 3 months to 4 years

This organic wool jersey with little wooden buttons is simple but sweet. The materials used to make it were sourced locally where it was made in Portugal so that means less air-miles in the manufacturing process overall.

Available from: Piupia

Cinnamon joggers, £42

kids joggers

Sizes: 3 months to 6 years

For some quality comfort clothes these organic cotton fleece-lined joggers should do the job. They’ve got an elastic waistband so they can slip right on without any fiddly fastenings.

Available from: Piupia


JNY sustainable kids clothes

Swedish brand JNY are an organic clothing company which creates printed and single-coloured collections which can be combined together.

Like a lot of the brands, clothes are made from a organic cotton which has been highly certified for its sustainability along the whole supply chain.

This is another brand which makes bright and colourful clothing at a reasonable price. Most designs are prints of animals like lions and owl or fun scenes like the circus or a farmyard and, although based in Sweden, their clothing is available to buy through Amazon.

Baby footie, £17

JNY baby footie

Sizes: 0 to 9 months

In trademark vibrant colours and designs, this all-in-one JNY suit is 95% organic cotton (the other 5% is elastane) and features footie holes for feet to poke out from. Designed for babies, the sizes will fit up to a 9-month-old little one.

Available from: Amazon

Short sleeve top, £10

JNY t shirt

Sizes: 9 months to 4 years

This organic cotton T-shirt is vibrant as well as breathable and can be found in a variety of designs. The design pictured features “Super Rabbit” on his adventures at the circus although there are lots of other patterns too, like this dog version.

Available from: Amazon

Baby crawling trousers, £11.03

JNY crawling leggings

Sizes: 0 to 18 months

Also a 95% organic cotton mix, this pair are made to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard and are nice and roomy for extra comfort. The waist and ankles are also elasticated for an easier fit for your baby.

Available from: Amazon


Newbie kids clothes

Sustainable kid’s brand Newbie cater for newborns (including premature babies) up to kids aged 8.

They promise that all the cotton they use is grown organically and have a range of different sustainable fabrics in their clothing which they say are designed to last. This means they can be passed down and stay in the clothes life cycle for longer.

Baby blanket with attached soft toy, £8

Baby banket rabbit newbie

This plush baby blanket come with a rabbit toy attached and the eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered on, so there’s no loose parts to worry about.

You can get the blanket in pink or blue and you can pop the whole thing in the washing machine, so it could be a good gift idea too.

Available from: Newbie

Baby floral print dress, £12

Floral dress

Sizes: 1 to 18 months

The sweet floral dress is made from soft organic cotton and is designed for babies up to 18 months old. The waist is elasticated but there’s also some handy push buttons on the back to held get it on and off.

Available from: Newbie

Baby leggings with buttons, £8

Newbie leggings

Sizes: 0 to 18 months

Newbie says these leggings are designed for easy mix and matching with their dresses - perhaps with something like the floral dress above.

They’re made from 100% organic cotton so the leggings should be soft and breathable on your baby’s skin.

Available from: Newbie

Coco Baby Box

Coco Baby Box organic kids clothes subscription service

Coco Baby Box works differently to the other brands on this list as it is a subscription service (although you can still buy a one-time box if you like the look of something in particular).

The baby clothes are all made from organic materials and in gender-neutral designs. Every month they deliver boxes of 3 or 4 items which are mainly daily essential clothes like t-shirts, onesies and dresses.

Coco 12 month subscription box, £239.99

Coco baby subscription box

Sizes: 0 months to 3 years

The Coco subscription boxes come in 3, 6 and 12 month options and they say they will update the sizing for your baby as the boxes arrive throughout the year.

The year option offers the greatest overall discount compared to buying the boxes individually.

Available from: Coco Baby Box

Organic baby clothes three-piece set - monkey, £29.99

coco monkey baby set

Sizes: 0 months to 3 years

If you’re looking for a one-off purchase this bright orangutan set is a nice option. The t shirt, joggers and romper co-ordinate together so you can mix and match depending on your preferred style.

Available from: Coco Baby Box

Organic baby clothes three-piece set - Wild Child feather, £29.99

Baby dress set coco

Sizes: 0 months to 3 years

The feather “Wild Child” box includes a t-shirt, leggings and dress (rather than a romper).

Once your little one grows out of the clothing, you can also send them back for recycling to reduce waste and receive a 15% discount as a reward.

Available from: Coco Baby Box


Arket sustainable baby clothes

Arket’s ethos claims to be focused mostly around the idea of durability. It says it designs its products to last a long time, which reduces waste in the long-run.

You can either shop in its stores or online, it has a range of baby and children’s clothes mainly in simple patterns like stripes, spots and block colours for a mid-range price.

Its also got clothes for mums, dads and some homeware, too, so it’s quite a handy one-stop shop.

E sweatshirt, £17

Arket E jumper

Sizes: 0 months to 2 years (sizing by chest and height measurements)

This little jumper is made from organic cotton so it should be nice and soft. It also has snap buttons on the shoulder so it’s a little easier when it comes to dressing.

Available from: Arket

Hooded overall, £19

arket hooded suits

Sizes: 0 months to 2 years (sizing by chest and height measurements)

This hooded suit, like a lot of Arket’s products, is made from organic cotton and nothing else. This design in particular is handy because of the diagonal zip, which opens from the middle of the neckline right down to the ankle.

Available from: Arket

Ribbed bodysuit, £15

Ribbed bodysuit

Sizes: 0 months to 2 years (sizing by chest and height measurements)

Arket's ribbed bodysuit comes in 4 designs to choose from; 3 stripy and 1 grey. It's made from a mix of organic cotton and Lyocell, which is a biodegradable fibre made from the pulp of plants like eucalyptus.

Available from: Arket

Jojo Maman Bebe

Jojo Maman Bebe sustainable kids clothes

Jojo Maman Bebe’s tagline is ‘people and planet above profit’ which it says means trying to be environmentally responsible and give back through initiatives like charity work.

Its “From a mother to Another” charity helps support families in the UK and Ireland as well as Syrian refugees in Lebanon. It also partners with Nema, the child poverty charity based in Mozambique.

Yellow Elephant fair ilse cardigan, £24

yellow elephant cardi

Sizes: 6 months to 6 years

A Fair Isle cardigan is a pretty classic and cosy for winter as well as being a spring cover up, especially as this elephant knitted design is bright and colourful.

One parent reviewing the cardigan said, “Excellent quality and a wonderful addition to the Navy Dinosaur dress. Looks stunning on my Auburn-haired toddler.”

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe

T-rex Moccasin slipper socks, £12

t rex moccasin slipper socks

Sizes: 6 months to 4 years

The Jojo Maman Bebe slipper socks come in lots of fun designs, like this striped T-rex pair. They have an anti-slip sole but are stretchy so they can be slipped straight on. With an average of 5 stars out of 5 reviews, these seem to be a popular product.

One parent commented, “We totally LOVE these slippers! They fit so well and great to keep my little ones' toes warm. They even stay on when he's trying to crawl. I already have a bigger pair for when he outgrows them.”

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe

Russet fox cord baby dungarees, £22

Fox dungarees

Sizes: 0 months to 3 years

The fox dungarees are a sweet design and made from cotton cord, which should be a little more durable as your child starts to move around.

There’s also additional poppers and buttons to help adjust the sizing and get them done up or undone at the end of the day. This outfit also averaged 5 stars on the customer reviews.

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe


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