Keeping toddlers warm and dry on outdoor adventures, especially in the colder months, is no easy feat. We spoke to parents to help round up a selection of toddler coats that come both parent and child-approved, so they can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about splashes and cold draughts. Choices include brightly coloured, floral-printed numbers, smart rain macs and fleece-lined windbreakers.


Whether you'll be taking them on long walks or a leisurely city stroll, we also explain exactly what to look out for in our helpful explainer.

Plus, if you are looking at more ways to keep kids cosy during the winter months, check out our selection of some of the best baby snowsuits as well as the best kids’ wellies for wetter days.

Best toddler coats at a glance:

  • Best longline coat: Marks & Spencer Stormwear Padded Longline Coat, £34
  • Best quality raincoat: Frugi Puddle Buster Coat, £45
  • Best for hand-me-down service: Polarn O. Pyret Waterproof Shell Jacket, £60
  • Best for animal themes: Regatta Kids’ Dino Waterproof Winter Jacket, £21.95
  • Best budget buy: H&M Hooded Puffer Jacket, £15.99
  • Best versatile jacket: Mountain Warehouse Cannonball 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket, £34.99
  • Best stylish coat: Next Waterproof Longline Padded Coat, from £56
  • Best for easy cleaning: Wet Wednesdays Scandi Fleece Lined Jacket, £32.99
  • Best for a classic look: Jojo Maman Bebe Classic Duffle Coat, £55
  • Best cosy hood: Muddy Puddles Waterproof Parka Jacket, £56

What to consider when buying toddler coats and jackets?

Waterproof material – For light showers, many coats and macs will have some form of water-resistance. For more arduous trips, there are water and windproof coats which include detachable fleece layers and would be suitable to protect from the cold.

Lining – Quilted fabric, wool or duffel coats should be super cosy but will be less suitable for rainy days and outdoor adventures. These are smarter choices for keeping warm on days out or for leisurely walks.

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Design – The design will also be important, especially for toddlers who are reluctant to wear a coat! There is a wide range of patterns and designs, from dinosaur prints to faux fur trims and bright colours.

Sustainability – Eco-friendly options are also available without compromising on the overall style and practicality. Coats may contain recycled alternatives in their make-up or natural materials, such as breathable cotton linings.

Here's our pick of the best toddler coats and jackets...

1. Marks & Spencer Stormwear Padded Longline Coat, £34

– Best longline coat

marks and spencer stormwear padded longline coat

Size: 2-3 years | Colours: Sage, Blue

Get kids cosied up with this snuggly outdoor longline coat, which is padded all over for that insulated and snug feel. This M&S raincoat features water-repellent 'Stormwear' technology for extra protection from the cold and wet weather.

"We've gone with M&S for a winter coat it's sturdy enough that it won't get trashed straight away. Waterproof and warm and gender neutral so I can use it for his sister" shared parent tester Bethan.

For rainy weather, Marks and Spencer also have a 3-in-1 raincoat that parent tester Philippa used with her little one. She shared, "I absolutely love M&S 3-in-1 coats. You pay a little bit more but they're ideal for all seasons!"

Though considered a high street brand, it is a little expensive we think. Your best bet is to purchase these coats on sale as they prove to be great quality and worth the money. You can also get this in other colour options too.

Pros: Water-repellant 'Stormwear' technology, colour options
Cons: Limited size, slightly pricey

Available from: Marks and Spencer

2. Frugi Puddle Buster Coat, £45

– Best quality rain coat

frugi Puddle Buster Coat

Size: 1-10 years

A very popular choice in our Top Testers Club, the Frugi coat is made from recycled plastic bottles and polyester, giving a nod to sustainable materials. The coat is designed to protect children from wet weather and keep them dry.

They come in different fun patterns to suit your taste and have a brightly-coloured fleece lining inside that keeps your child warm and adds a pop of colour contrast too. The front zip should also secure the coat more completely than buttons, with less space for any drafts to sneak in.

"I love Frugi Puddle Buster Coats! We've used them from when my daughter was 1 until now (6). They've always lasted us 2 years when buying her normal size. We've just this year switched to a Frugi explorer coat and it has a lovely fleecy lining. She's never once complained of being cold in it (except her hands, face, etc) I always buy them in January as it's the end of the line for some prints. So a limited number of prints to choose from (and sizes) but significantly cheaper than buying when they drop," shared parent tester Jo.

The sustainability aspect was a big motivator for parent tester Emma who shared, "I love the Frugi brand as it's got great eco credentials, hard-wearing and it's lovely and colourful too. Plus most of the designs are unisex so can be passed down to younger siblings!"

Coupled with the coat are the optional Puddle Buster Trousers that you can purchase for full body protection. "I find the Frugi stuff is great at keeping him dry and warm we usually buy their snuggle fleeces for warmth and layering up and the Puddle Buster Trousers are great for snow and rain with warm trousers underneath" commented parent tester Joanne. Another parent tester Siobhan mentioned that she usually layers the coat during the snow season for extra warmth.

Pros: Sustainable material, fun colours and patterns, lasts a long time
Cons: Expensive, needs layering for colder weather

Available from: Frugi

3. Polarn O. Pyret Waterproof Shell Jacket, £60

– Best for a hand-me-down service

polarn o pyret kids waterproof shell jacket

Size: 9 months-1.5 years, 2-3 years, 6-7 years, 9-12 years | Colours: Purple, Navy, Brown, Blue, Black, Green, Pink

Made with eco-friendly water-repellant technology, the Polarn O. Pyret Waterproof jacket is a great investment and does what it says on the tin. Available in over 7 colours, this jacket features an adjustable hood and cuff fastening to keep out the cold and offer a more personalised fit.

"I love Polarn O. Pyret, the sizing is good so they last longer than other brands I've tried. I've had 2 winters out of my daughter's last fleece and waterproof jacket, they are still in excellent quality so I can happily pass it on. They keep my daughter warm and dry and also have other great features like reflective strips. Although it's a pricier brand they are great value for money" shared parent tester Athena.

Although the price is a bit steep, Polarn O. Pyret have ensured your money is well spent by providing a repair service and also a hand-me-down service for their customers called PO.P Second Hand. With this, you can either send back preloved items and receive a voucher towards new items or simply buy second-hand from them.

Parent tester Fi shared, "We have spent a long time in Stockholm where we first discovered them nearly 6 years ago and still buying now as the quality is fantastic and the sizing is great! Our nearly 6-year-old has had her all in one for nearly 3 years!"

Pros: Second-hand service, lasts a long time, colour options
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Polarn O. Pyret

4. Regatta Kids' Dino Waterproof Winter Jacket, £21.95

– Best for animal themes

Regatta Kids' Dino Waterproof Winter Jacket

Size: 9-72 months | Patterns: Magma Fox, Pansy Unicorn, Nautical Blue Shark, Bright Yellow Duck, Jelly Bean Dino

This toddler winter jacket is lightweight while still being padded with a warm wadding to help keep children insulated. We love the bright, colourful designs (choose from 5 including unicorns, blue shark, yellow duck and a jelly bean dino), and the fixed hood with a covered zip.

The fabric is made with quick-drying properties and waterproof Hydrafort technology to keep the rain only on the outside.

"Such amazing quality & vibrant colours, they do animal prints so it’s so easy to spot your little one in a park" commented parent tester Chloe. A consistent comment from our parent testers was just the high quality of Regatta's jackets and puddle suits. They're also often on discount or included in sales.

"We love Regatta for all waterproofs. I find their products good quality and a great true-to-size fit for my toddler. I especially like all of the different fun designs they have available in toddler outerwear" shared parent tester Louisa.

Pros: Affordable, fun animal themes, quick-drying properties
Cons: Lightweight

Available from: Regatta

5. H&M Hooded Puffer Jacket, £15.99

– Best budget buy

hm hooded puffer jacket

Sizes: 4-18 months to 1.5-4 years | Colours: Mustard yellow/birds, Pink, White floral

This fun winter toddler coat features a cute bright print with a choice of either birds in mustard yellow, white and pink flowers or plain bright pink. Designed with polyester fabric, it should be breathable while still offering padding to help kids stay warm.

This H&M jacket has a soft feel yet it still is showerproof and will keep your child warm and dry during the winter weather. You have the option of removing the hood that is attached to the velcro and it's machine washable too, so should be easy to keep clean.

Pros: Affordable, bright design, removable hood
Cons: Might not last as long

Available from: H&M

6. Mountain Warehouse Cannonball 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket, £34.99

– Best versatile jacket

mountain warehouse Cannonball 3 in 1 Kids Waterproof Jacket

Size: 2-12 years | Colours: Blue, Dark Khaki

The Mountain Warehouse jacket is versatile and great for the cold weather. You can wear it in 3 different ways, either with the outer waterproof layer or inner fleece jacket layer or with both together for warmth and waterproof protection. This is such a useful feature as it means you don't need to buy multiple coats or outerwear for your child.

The pockets have zips, handy for storing little things your child finds on their outdoor adventures.

"We really like the Mountain Warehouse coats for the snow. They have 2 sections to zip and a bit that poppers up so no snow can get in. My daughter was kept very warm" shared parent tester Allana.

Pros: Versatile, will last long, colour options
Cons: Slightly pricey

Available from: Mountain Warehouse

7. Next Waterproof Longline Padded Coat, from £56

– Best stylish coat

next waterproof longline padded coat

Size: 1 to 1.5 years, up to 4 to 5 years | Colours: Black, Neutral

This coat from Next has plenty of padding along it with a cosy fleece lining inside. It’s waterproof and shower resistant so it can help protect toddlers from any unexpected rain whilst out and about.

"I love Next for my 3-year-old, they're warm, durable and wash well. My little one likes to crawl through the garden like he's Bear Grylls so his coats take a beating! I've always found lovely designs too," shared parent tester Elizabeth. Another parent tester Sophie commented, "We love Next coats as they are very warm, waterproof and stylish."

The lining and wadding of the coating are also all 100% recycled, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. The coat can be chucked straight into the washing machine too.

"We've tried other brands and the quality and thickness just don't compare. They're always on the larger side too so do us 2 years. My 2.5-year-old daughter's current one will probably do her a third year next year!" commented parent tester Sarah.

Pros: Waterproof, stylish, colour options, warm padding
Cons: Large for the size

Available from: Next

8. Wet Wednesdays Scandi Fleece Lined Jacket, £32.99

– Best for easy cleaning

wet wednesdays scandi fleece lined jacket

Sizes: 6-12 months to 1-8 years | Colours: Blue, Red, Pink

If you're looking for a super warm toddler coat, then this practical choice might be a good option. With soft fleece lining inside, you're bound to have a happy and warm child. The outside is made with waterproof fabric that Wet Wednesdays claim is hard-wearing, durable and easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt marks on the jacket to keep it looking tidy again.

Parent tester Sinead shared, "My 4-year-old has a fleece-lined Wet Wednesdays coat for school and it’s brilliant. Warm and waterproof!"

There’s also a choice of 3 colours to choose from in the same pattern including blue, red and pink. For winter days when it gets dark earlier, there are reflectors on the sleeves for visibility.

Wet Wednesdays make various children's outerwear, especially for outdoor adventures. They also have dungarees and coveralls for full body protection when out and about on adventures.

"I would highly highly recommend the Wet Wednesdays Dungaree set it is waterproof, fully fleece lined and the material quality is 10/10. We were lucky enough to try it out a few years ago for the MFM Awards; it was amazing. Even in the freezing cold and heavy rain, my son was warm, cosy and dry. It also lasts long as we tested it out a few years ago and still now the jacket fits him, in fact, he wears the set to school on Forest School days," commented parent tester Nadia.

Pros: Affordable, waterproof, colour options, easy to clean, reflective trims
Cons: Slightly expensive

Available from: Wet Wednesdays

9. Jojo Maman Bebe Classic Duffle Coat, £55

– Best for a classic look

jojo maman bebe classic duffle coat

Size: 12-14 months to 2-6 years

This classic duffle coat is a stylish choice for toddlers. It's pricey but has been designed with a hardwearing fabric with a soft cotton lining so should be lightweight but warm, unlike some adult duffle coats.

Available in red or white, the coat features traditional wooden toggles as well as a secure zip fastening to keep out the cold. The sizing is quite large and it's advised to select a smaller size or allow your child to grow into it over time.

Pros: Classic and timeless look, lightweight
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe

10. Muddy Puddles Waterproof Parka Jacket, £56

– Best cosy hood

muddy puddles waterproof parka jacket

Sizes: 18-24 months to 2-13 years

Muddy Puddles, a brand specialising in durable outdoor wear for kids, has designed its parka jacket with a hard-wearing twill fabric that is waterproof and breathable.

"We use Muddy Puddles for warm coats and they have always stayed warm and dry. They are good quality and still look great as they get passed down" commented parent tester Sarah.

We love all the nifty features on this coat including its large (and removable) hood with Sherpa lining, internal pockets and reflective trims which can be handy for darker winter days. It's definitely an investment but it's a coat that's been designed with great attention to detail.

"Warm, waterproof and great quality, excellent hand-me-down potential! It washes well and as I bought it a size bigger, it's lasting her ages! A little pricey but we are now in our second winter of wearing it and it still looks new. I plan to hand it down to her younger brother" shared parent tester Nyasha.

Pros: Removable hood, internal pockets, reflective trims, pattern choice
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Muddy Puddles

How we chose these products

When testing these toddler coats and jackets with home testers, we asked them to report back on effectiveness, product size, potential length of use, and whether they thought it was worth the money.

Our Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

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