Freestanding, integrated, American fridge freezers - we surveyed 933 family households to identify which brands they owned, how they would rate their current model, what they looked for when choosing a new one, what features they needed and much more.


Building on feedback from our survey, we then spoke to Lauren Clark,’s large appliance Trading Director to get her expert advice on exactly what you should be looking for when choosing a new fridge freezer.

Following our buyers’ guide below, we have compiled a list of 10 suggested fridge freezers which range in price, size and style of model. We have focused on those which offer features that respondents from our survey identified as important to their families.

Such features included price, frost-free technology and energy rating. We also made selections based on advice from our home appliance expert so we could recommend the best family fridge freezer for you. We have also ensured the chosen fridge freezers below were highly rated by their previous buyers. To keep your fridge freezer nice and tidy, take a look at our best fridge organisers.

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MadeForMums Buyer’s Guide: how to choose the best fridge freezer for your family

There are lots of important factors to consider when choosing your next fridge freezer. First of all,’s large appliance Trading Director, Lauren Clark advises, “Always consider the use of the fridge freezer, for example if you are a larger household you will want to select a model with a high litre capacity that perhaps doesn’t take up a huge amount of space.”

This correlated with the findings of our survey of just under 1,000 family households. We found that, when asked which 3 features were most important when choosing a fridge freezer, the most common answer was the volume of space inside. 48% of respondents selected this option as one of their top 3. This answer was followed by price (44%) and then size for the space available (35%).

Depending on your style of kitchen, you will either need a freestanding or integrated fridge freezer (we explain these in more detail below) which is important to know alongside the measurements for the space you have available.

There are also a number of extra features available such as ice dispensers, touch screen displays and more. One of the most practical and sought-after features however, is frost free technology (we explain this in more detail below) and a third of households in our survey identified this as one of the most important features they looked for.

In the rest of the guide below, we break down some of the key questions in more detail so you will have all the information you need to make the right decision for your family.

What size fridge freezer do I need?

When you’re looking at what size fridge freezer you need, there are a two things to consider. Firstly, the physical size of the appliance is the most important thing as it will need to fit into your home.

The dimensions (height, width and depth) of every fridge freezer will be listed by the manufacturer and should be on the website of any retailer. We have included the dimensions clearly in our top 10 list below.

The other size to consider is the internal capacity of the fridge freezer. This is measured in litres and is split between the fridge capacity and the freezer capacity. This split is referred to as a fraction, most commonly 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50.

For instance, a 50/50 split would mean equal space in the fridge and freezer, whereas 60/40 would mean 60% of the total capacity is devoted to the fridge, with 40% left for the freezer.

AO’s Lauren Clark explains how different splits would work for different families.

“It totally depends on whether you use the fridge or the freezer more. If you’re a family of batch cookers, you might find a larger freezer more beneficial,” she says. “If you eat a lot of fresh food, go for a 70/30 so you get a larger fridge capacity and smaller freezer.

What’s the difference between a freestanding and integrated fridge freezer?

A freestanding fridge freezer essentially does what it says on the tin. It is a stand-alone appliance you can fit almost anywhere you have the space. An integrated fridge freezer, on the other hand, is one which slots into your existing kitchen behind cupboard doors, for a more uniform look.

There shouldn’t be any major differences between the two styles aside from aesthetic choice, so it’s more about what works for you, as Lauren explains.

“If you want [your fridge freezer] to be hidden away behind a cupboard door then built-in (integrated) is for you,” she says. “Alternatively, some people like to make a feature within their kitchen [with a freestanding model], for instance choosing an American style fridge freezer or even a retro model to tie into their colour scheme.”

What’s an American-style fridge freezer?

American-style fridge freezers are becoming increasingly popular and refer to large, double door fridge freezers, rather than the standard fridge-above-the-freezer layout we tend to have in the UK.

“They offer more capacity and we’ve seen these [models] become a bigger trend within the market,” explains, Lauren. “They come in varying widths now so you don’t need to have a huge space like you did a few years ago.”

American models are generally much bigger, so they work well for large families. However, even without being as huge as they were in the past, they do take up more space than the standard style as an American model is around 70cm wide as a minimum. In general, they also tend to be significantly more expensive.

Which fridge freezer brand is best?

You may base your decision about which model to buy on the manufacturer. In our survey, we found that the most commonly owned fridge freezer brands were Beko, followed by Hotpoint and Samsung.

Beko generally scored well for overall satisfaction and came in joint third place with Candy, both with an average rating of 7.9 out of 10. However, Kenwood was the highest rated brand in our survey (of those owned by 10 or more households) with an average score of 8.7 out of 10, followed in second place by LG (8.3 out of 10).

What does frost free mean?

The frost free feature refers to technology which circulates cool air around the freezer to keep the temperature consistent. This prevents ice building up in your freezer and means you won’t have to spend time defrosting and scraping away ice from inside your appliance.

What do fridge freezer energy ratings mean?

Every fridge freezer model will have an energy rating scored alphabetically (A+++ being the best), which will let you know how energy efficient the fridge freezer is. Models which have better energy ratings should cost less to run in energy bills over the years and save money in the long run.

This means it can sometimes be a smarter long-term decision to invest in a fridge freezer which is more energy efficient, as you are likely to own it for many years.

Energy ratings were a close fifth in the most important factors looked for in choosing a new appliance, with 31% of households in our survey selecting this as one of their 3 most important features.

How much does a fridge freezer cost to run?

Lauren Clark, AO’s large appliance Trading Director, advises that, “the average fridge freezer costs around £62 to run per year.”

This is an average figure and will depend on the model, with more energy efficient versions costing lower to run that those with a lower rating.

How long should a fridge freezer last?

According to Lauren,The average fridge freezer should last anywhere up to 14 years.”

This is also why choosing the right fridge freezer is so important, as this is an appliance your family is likely to keep using for a significant number of years.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your fridge freezer?

Although fridge freezers can last up to 14 years, they might not always hold out for that quite that long with full performance.

“If you find [your fridge freezer] is getting noisier this means the compressor will be working harder and it’s getting close to being ready to replace,” says expert Lauren.

If it seems to be taking longer to cool food it could also be a sign that your model is on its way out.

“There’s new technology coming out all of the time too so you may want to replace before it breaks simply to get a newer, more energy efficient model,” Lauren adds.

How much should I expect to spend on a fridge freezer?

Prices for fridge freezers vary hugely from a couple of hundred pounds to many thousands.

Of the families we spoke to in our survey, we found that most spent in the £300 to £499 range on their existing model.

The cost of a new fridge freezer vastly depends one what your family are looking for from the appliance. American style models, larger capacity and extra features will all likely increase the price.

Where to buy fridge freezers

Fridge freezers are widely available from a number of big retailers including:

10 of the best fridge freezers for families

We’ve put together a list of a range of products below, chosen based on buyer reviews and those which offer features the 933 family households we surveyed told us were important to them.

The most common brand owned by those we surveyed was Beko, which was the third most highly rated brand (owned by 10 or more households). The number 1 top rated brand was Kenwood, which averaged a score of 8.7 out of 10 overall. In second place, just ahead of Beko, was LG with an average score of 8.3.

For this reason, we have included multiple models by Kenwood as well as fridge freezers made by other best performing brands. The list also includes a range of styles (freestanding, integrated, American) as well as features and prices.

As overall capacity, price and size were identified as significant factors for choosing a new fridge freezer, we have highlighted these details at the top of each listing. There’s also a short summary of pros and cons to help you decide which model will suit your family best.

The majority of fridge freezers listed are priced between £200 and £499 as 51% of households we spoke to in our survey spent within this amount on their current appliance.

We have also included options priced between £500 and £749 range which was the next most popular price range (12% of respondents spent approximately this amount). We have included only one luxury model at the highest end of the price point, as very few families we spoke to spent into the thousands on their fridge freezer.

1. Kenwood KSBSDB19 American-Style Fridge Freezer, £609.99

Best for an American style for big families

Type: Freestanding | Split: 60/40 |Total capacity: 562 litres | Energy rating: A+ | Frost free: Yes | Dimensions: H178 x W90.8 x D74.5 (cm)

Kenwood KSBSDB19 American-Style Fridge Freezer

This model from Kenwood is a double door, American style model which would suit households with plenty of space who want more of a statement appliance.

The huge capacity is perfect for very large families and, with special Super Freeze and Super Cool technology, the fridge freezer should be able to rapidly cool the food inside.

Previous buyers from Currys rated this model an average of 9.3 out of 10 stars, with over 100 reviews.

One buyer commented, “It’s a perfect family size fridge freezer. Good quality, lots of space. Ideal for every kitchen. Definitely recommend.”

This view was echoed in many of the other reviews which particularly commented positively on the huge storage capacity and stylish look of the appliance.


  • Huge capacity
  • Water dispenser
  • LED touch controls


  • Very wide

Available from: Currys

2. Kenwood KIFF7017 Integrated Fridge Freezer, £349

A good value integrated model

Type: Integrated | Split: 70/30 | Total capacity: 240 litres | Energy rating: A+ | Frost free: Yes | Dimensions: H177.2 x W54 x 54D (cm)

Kenwood KIFF7017 Integrated Fridge Freezer

Kenwood was the highest rated brand overall from our in-depth survey of 933 family households (average score 8.7 out of 10). For this reason, we’ve chosen another model by the brand to include in our recommended list.

This integrated model will sit discreetly behind cupboards doors for a more uniform kitchen design. It also claims to have low noise emission, which means it will be quieter and therefore could particularly suit an open plan living space.

This is a popular model on retailer Currys, with over 500 reviews from previous buyers. Main praise for this design includes the bright LED light which allows contents to be seen clearly at any time of day, the useful arrangement of multiple doors and the space allowance.

As a 70/30 split, the freezer will have less storage than the fridge, however some reviewers commented that even so the freezer did seem quite small.


  • Low noise emission
  • Digital display


  • Not much freezer space

Available from: Currys

3. LG GBB92STAXP Wifi Connected Fridge Freezer, £980

Energy efficient for large families

Type: Freestanding | Split: 60/40 | Total capacity: 384 litres | Energy rating: A+++ | Frost free: Yes | Dimensions: H203 x W59.5 x D67.5 (cm)

LG GBB92STAXP Wifi Connected Fridge Freezer

LG’s freestanding fridge freezer has the top energy rating of A+++ thanks to its “Inverter Linear Compressor”. Essentially, this is the “engine” of the fridge which keeps everything efficiently cool and with less noise, meaning it should be a quieter appliance.

This design is also wifi connected and has a very generous capacity of 384 litres, so it should suit a large family well. There’s also special fresh and cooling technology within the appliance which should keep food at the right temperature wherever it sits in the fridge.

One reviewer was impressed with how the fridge managed to maintain a stable temperature even in a very hot kitchen and also by the energy efficiency.

“The amount of electricity used in the house fell since we replaced our old fridge freezer,” the same reviewer commented. “The brushed steel looks amazing in the light of the kitchen. The keep fresh draws are very well designed and keep fruit and vegetables fresh with little reduction in loss of moisture.”


  • Top energy rating
  • Quiet
  • Wifi connected


  • Pricier than other models

Available from: AO, Currys, Appliances Direct

4. Beko BCSD150 Integrated Fridge Freezer, £339

Best for tricky spaces (integrated)

Type: Integrated | Split: 50/50 | Total capacity: 265 litres | Energy rating: A+ | Frost free: No | Dimensions: H177.8 x W54 x D54.5 (cm)

Beko BCSD150 Integrated Fridge Freezer

This integrated model is a good choice for those looking for a hidden away appliance. There’s also the option to reverse the side the doors open on, meaning it can be customised to the space you have available.

There’s no frost free technology on this fridge freezer, so it will need defrosting periodically which is something to keep in mind.

There is anti-bacterial protection, however, which means a special coating has been applied to prevent bacteria forming inside the appliance.

Beko was the most commonly owned appliance by the 933 families we spoke to in our in-depth survey and it was the third highest rated overall, averaging a score of 7.9 out of 10 overall.


  • Anti-bacterial protection
  • Reversible door


  • No frost free technology

Available from: AO, Currys, Amazon

5. Samsung Family Hub RS68N8941SL Wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer, £2,499

High tech for big, busy families

Type: Freestanding | Split: 70/30 | Total capacity: 593 litres | Energy rating: A++ | Frost free: Yes | Dimensions: H178.0 x W91.2 x D71.6

Samsung Family Hub RS68N8941SL Wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer

This American style Samsung model was the recommended family choice by AO’s home appliance expert, Lauren Clark. She believes it, “will provide great storage options without taking up your whole kitchen.”

This makes it an ideal choice for large families who need lots of additional storage space.

“It also has a handy LED screen on the front where you can keep track of everyone’s schedule with the calendar function,” adds Lauren, proving that this is a model which has been designed with a big, busy family in mind.

On this screen, you can even stream music and watch television while cooking making it a top of the range, high-tech choice. Three internal cameras film inside the fridge which you can view from an app on your phone, meaning you can check up on what you’ve already got stocked when you’re doing your weekly shop.

However, these additional features come with a hefty price tag, so it would be up to your individual household what you would be willing to pay for the extra benefits. If you were planning to spend on speakers or a TV for the kitchen anyway, it may be a convenient choice.


  • Built in tablet for music and TV
  • American style for huge capacity
  • Water dispenser
  • Lots of high tech features


  • Expensive

Available from: AO, Samsung, John Lewis

6. Bosch Serie 4 KGN39XW36G Fridge Freezer, £729

A straightforward reliable design for big families

Type: Freestanding | Split: 70/30 | Total capacity: 336 litres | Energy rating: A++ | Frost free: Yes | Dimensions: H203 x W60 x D66 (cm)

Bosch Serie 4 KGN39XW36G Fridge Freezer

Households in our survey rated Bosch fridge freezers an average of 7.8 out of 10 overall, just 0.1 points behind Beko (which came in third place with 7.9).

This Bosch model has ample storage, particularly in the fridge making it a good choice for bigger families who eat a lot of fresh food. The A++ energy rating also means it is one of the more efficient models, which should keep running costs low in the long term and balance out the higher ticket price.

The VitaFresh technology claims to keep groceries fresher for longer by creating the optimum conditions for storage. There’s no special features such a water dispensers and touch screen displays, but if you prefer a straightforward appliance without the gimmicks this could be an ideal choice.


  • Generous capacity
  • VitaFresh system


  • No special features for higher price

Available from: AO, Amazon

7. Candy BCBS 50 NUK Integrated Fridge Freezer, £390

An integrated model for tech-savy families

Type: Integrated | Split: 50/50 | Total capacity: 233 litres | Energy rating: A+ | Frost free: No | Dimensions: H176.9 x W54 x D54 (cm)

Candy BCBS 50 NUK Integrated Fridge Freezer

This Candy model is a 50/50 split, offering large freezer space compared to some models with 60/40 or 70/30 splits. While it's not as expensive as bigger models, the overall capacity isn't huge so it may not be the best choice for large families.

As this appliance is an integrated design, it will slot behind kitchen doors rather than stand separately. There is also the benefit of app connectivity with Candy Simply-Fi, which allows the appliance to be controlled anywhere via a smartphone.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that there is no frost free technology on this model so it will need to be manually defrosted from time to time.


  • Added freezer space due to split
  • Connects to an app


  • Manual defrost – no frost free technology
  • Overall capacity not as high as other models

Available from: Currys

8. Hotpoint Day1 FFU3D.1K Fridge Freezer, £480

Best for a big American style without the price tag

Type: Freestanding | Split: 60/40 | Total capacity: 450 litres | Energy rating: A+ | Frost free: Yes | Dimensions: H195.5 x W70 x D76 (cm)

Hotpoint Day1 FFU3D.1K Fridge Freezer

In our survey of family households, Hotpoint came joint fourth with Bosch for overall performance with a score of 7.8 out of 10.

This Hotpoint model is as wide a smaller American style appliance and features double doors on the fridge section which is similar to the American models. The huge capacity also means it offers plenty of fridge space as well as a large freezer.

Considering the price-point, this model offers a lot of style and storage for a modest amount of money. There’s a special zone specifically for storing meat and it does have frost free technology, so there’s no manual defrosting maintenance to worry about.


  • Very large capacity
  • Excellent value
  • Double door style


  • Large and may not fit in all kitchens

Available from: AO, Amazon

9. Hisense RB327N4WC1 Fridge Freezer, £349

Best for tight spaces (freestanding)

Type: Freestanding | Split: 50/50 | Total capacity: 251 litres | Energy rating: A+ | Frost free: Yes| Dimensions: H182.4 x W55 x D55.6 (cm)

Hisense RB327N4WC1 Fridge Freezer

Hisense’s fridge freezer is narrower than most other models, meaning it should be able to squeeze into tighter spaces. This does mean it is has less capacity than other fridge freezers, however it is by no means the lowest.

Reversible doors also mean the fridge can be customised to suit tricky kitchen layouts. In terms of special features, the water dispenser is an added luxury touch while a special Food Care Zone claims to store meat and fish at a cooler temperature, which would benefit families who do a lot of fresh cooking.

This model averaged 4.8 out of 5 stars from previous buyers on AO’s website. Reviewers were impressed with the quality of the appliance, how quiet it was and they generally stated that it was good value for money.


  • Water dispenser
  • Reversible doors to suit layout
  • Narrower model for tighter spaces


  • Not as high capacity as other models

Available from: AO, Currys, Argos

10. LOGIK LSD55W18 Fridge Freezer, £249

Best for families on a budget

Type: Freestanding | Split: 50/50 | Total capacity: 246 litres | Energy rating: A+ | Frost free: No | Dimensions: H172 x W54.5 x D56 cm (cm)

LOGIK LSD55W18 Fridge Freezer

Logik’s freestanding fridge freezer is one of the lower priced models however it still boasts a water dispenser, which gives it much more of a luxury feel than the price tag. There isn’t any frost free technology, however, which means it will need defrosting from time to time.

This model appears to be a popular choice with other consumers as it has over 650 reviews from previous buyers on the Currys website, averaging an impressive score of 9.1 out of 10 overall.

Although not as large as other models, there is equal space between the fridge and the freezer and the appliance has a fair energy rating of A+, meaning it shouldn’t be too pricey to keep running in the long term.


  • Water dispenser
  • Great value


  • Manual defrost – no frost free technology

Available from: Currys


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