Although LEGO is most famously known for making engaging building sets for children, the iconic brand also has a growing array of adult versions too. You can find LEGO sets inspired by your favourite films, TV shows, architecture and various memorabilia. Some adult sets are collectible and form part of a series that will wow any collectible fan, others celebrate a seasonal occasion like Christmas, or show your allegiance to a sports team. All the sets come with step by step instructions that help guide you through the process of building your masterpiece, which is especially helpful when dealing with intricate adult model sets that have hundreds or even thousands of pieces – the model of the Colosseum in Rome has over 9,000 individual pieces!


As well as being a lovely way of bonding with family and friends, after they’re assembled these adult LEGO sets make a wonderful keepsake or display piece. You can keep the model in its finished stage for as long as you like, or enjoy the process of taking it apart and building it all over again.

Here are our favourite LEGO kits for adults for 2023

1. LEGO Adidas Originals, £79.99

lego Adidas originals superstar

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 731 | Dimensions: H12cm x W9cm x D27cm

Any loyal Adidas fans will know what we have right here! One of the most classic trainers of all time has been recreated in LEGO for this kit. The 731 pieces connect together to form the original Superstar shoe, with loads of key features to make it recognisable and as realistic as possible. These include the iconic shell toe, actual cotton shoelaces, an Adidas label on the insole plus the distinctive three stripes on the side. You can also customise your trainer with other LEGO bricks and elements, and there’s the option to build a shoe for the right or left foot.

The model comes with a labelled plaque and stand for you to place the trainer on for display purposes. If not for you, this would likely be an impressive gift for anyone who likes collecting trainers.

Available from: LEGO, Argos and John Lewis

2. LEGO Elf Club House, £84.99

lego elf club house

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 1197 and 4 minifigures | Dimensions: H22cm x D13cm

With Christmas just around the corner, why not build this model to get you into the festive spirit? Building the Elf Club House set will make a delightful annual tradition and it's a great way to bond as a family as the holiday season approaches, with 1,197 LEGO bricks to connect. There are 4 mini figure elves that come with the house to help bring imaginary scenes to life, along with a Christmas tree and ornaments, presents for under the tree, Santa’s sleigh and other exciting extras.

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Once you've completed building the set, it makes a lovely addition to your usual Christmas decorations. Alternatively, this would make a brilliant gift idea for anyone who just loves the festive season.

Available from: LEGO, John Lewis and Amazon

3. LEGO Porsche 911, £119.99

lego porsche 911

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 1458 | Dimensions: H10cm x W16cm x D35cm

Classic car fans will love this exciting building project. The kit gives you the option of building the Turbo model with the turbo-charged engine, or the Targa model with the Targa bar and the removable roof – the choice is yours! This model comes as part of a collectible range featuring other Porsche cars, should you wish to collect more.

This will make a brilliant gift for someone who loves classic cars and afterwards it can be displayed on its own or as part of the Porsche car collection.

Available from: LEGO

4. LEGO The Friends Apartments, £134.99

lego the friends apartments

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 2048 and 7 minifigures | Dimensions: H10cm x W64cm x D31cm

Bring 90s sitcom Friends to life by building this iconic apartment set with mini figures that replicate Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey. You’re bound to be entertained recreating scenes from one of the most-loved TV series of all time. The LEGO bricks connect to build the two most famous apartments from the show, so you can act out memorable moments from the show such as Monica’s thanksgiving turkey dance and Chandler and Joey’s synchronises moves with reclining chairs.

A brilliant choice for anyone who loves a bit of Friends memorabilia, the set is full of clever little design details: you even get a minifigure of Janice. Oh. My. God!

Available from: LEGO

5. LEGO Taj Mahal, £89.99

lego taj mahal

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 2022 | Dimensions: H20cm x W23cm x D23cm

One of the world's most stunning buildings has been turned into a model in this stunning set. If you’ve been to this beautiful building in Agra, India then you know why this Lego set is a big deal. Even for those that haven’t yet visited can still appreciate it and all its beauty. There are stunning details in the interior of the structure including the crypt with tombs of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan. Other authentic features include the central chamber with 2 cenotaphs, massive iwans, 4 chhatris, 4 slender minarets and of course, the main dome. With over 2,000 LEGO bricks to put together, this would be a good way to relax and unwind.

This Taj Mahal model set is perfect for travel enthusiasts, architecture admirers or those who love historical pieces. Once all the Lego pieces are connected and formed, you can keep your model as a lovely centrepiece for your home or in your office.

Available from: LEGO, John Lewis and Amazon

6. LEGO Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft, £89.99

queer eye the fab 5 loft

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 974 and 7 minifigures| Dimensions: H9cm x W35cm x D21cm

Fans of the Netflix makeover show will enjoy this creative building project. With over 900 Lego pieces to put together, you can recreate the Loft interior, complete with loads of little details that will remind you of the hit show. You get a kitchen island for Antoni, Jonathan’s salon chair and a transformation chamber to recreate the makeover reveals. As well as the Fab 5 you'll get a model of Bruley the dog, and before and after figures of Kathi, Jonathan's old teacher, who featured in a particularly memorable episode.

Once you've completed building the set, you'll discover loads of ways to bring the show to life by recreating your favourite moments.

Available from: LEGO, John Lewis and Amazon

7. LEGO Titanic, £569.99

lego titanic

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 9090 | Dimensions: H44cm x W16cm x D135cm

Recreate the doomed ocean liner with this huge LEGO set. You’ll find over 9,000 pieces in the Titanic set, and attention to detail has really been considered in the designs of this model. The model includes the promenade deck, the ship’s bridge, grand staircases, different class cabins, a swimming pool, and other replicated aspects of the Titanic that will be familiar to both history buff and fans of the 1997 film.

This ship model set would be a satisfying project to achieve, the thousands of Lego pieces will definitely keep you busy but serves as a good way to unwind and relax. We suggest you keep this one away from the kids when it's finished, though.

Available from: LEGO

8. LEGO Fiat 500 Blue, £74.99

lego fiat 500 blue

Age: 16+ | Pieces: 960

This LEGO set takes us back to the late 1960’s with a retro Fiat 500 car model. The model transports us to Italy, and comes with a cute easel and painting of the car parked by the Roman colosseum. Other key features of the Fiat 500 include the detailed interior, open roof and the luggage rack at the back with a suitcase. The instructions come with fun and historical facts about the real car and Fiat as a company, making it a great treat for fans of automotive history, or just those who love cool retro design.

Though it does have wheels, it's worth noting this model it isn’t suitable to be played with as a toy car and is must better displayed somewhere safe.

Available from: LEGO

9. LEGO Flower Bouquet, £44.99

lego flower bouquet

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 756

You can unplug and relax whilst creating your very own keepsake bunch of flowers with this LEGO flower bouquet. Each LEGO piece has been thoughtfully created, with several pieces made with elements derived from plant-based plastic. Within the set you’ll find 15 stems and a nice mix of colourful flowers and leaves to create a bouquet to your liking. The flowers include favourites such as roses, daisies and asters to help make your bunch bloom.

Once completed, the stems can be adjusted and you can display your bouquet inside a vase just as you would with real flowers, and the great thing is you never have to worry about them wilting! These would make a lovely gift to a friend or relative, or could equally make a cool, creative project to get into.

Available from: LEGO, Amazon and Argos

10. LEGO Darth Vader Helmet, £59.99

lego darth vader helmet

Age: 18+ | Pieces: 834

This legendary helmet is an impressive piece of Star Wars memorabilia. True fans will really appreciate the thought that's gone into this replica of the Darth Vader helmet with 834 Lego pieces coming together to make a striking display piece. It won't be a particularly easy job – there aren't exactly a lot of colours to work with – but if you're stuck you could always use the force?!

There are loads more Star Wars LEGO collectibles available, meaning this piece could be the start of a much larger collection.

Available from: LEGO, John Lewis and Amazon




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