Planning a party for a LEGO fan? We've picked our top selection of brilliant LEGO-themed party supplies and ideas filled with birthday bricks and minifigures. We've found (and tested out) birthday cake moulds, plus pinatas, balloons, mini-figure masks and even an entire LEGO party that you can hire...


Just try not to step on too many LEGO bricks while you're getting set up, though, as we know just how much that hurts...

14 of the best LEGO-themed party ideas and supplies...

1. Lego party invitations, £6.06 (6-pack)


Kick the LEGO theme off way before the party itself with these coloured brick invites. They're made from good quality card, come with envelopes and can be personalised with all the party info - all you need to do is add the name of the guests. There's free standard delivery for addresses in the UK and if you order by 1pm, it's same day dispatch.

Available from: Putty Print

2. Lego Silicone Moulds, £2.80

lego moulds with ribbon

If you're planning to create a homemade cake for your child's LEGO-themed party, these silicone ice cube moulds are easy to use for cake toppers. This set currently comes with a free 1m LEGO ribbon.

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Available from: Amazon

To make the toppers, melt white chocolate mixed with some drops of food colouring, pour into the moulds and leave to set. The soft moulds make it simple to push out the different coloured minifigures to decorate your cupcakes.

Lego party cakes with minifigure toppers

You can also use the moulds to make jelly bricks. The jelly pops out really easily and makes a tempting party dessert.

Jelly blocks from Lego mould

3. LEGO Balloon Bouquet, £19.95


Make sure the guests are in NO doubt where the party's at with this colourful balloon bouquet complete with LEGO minifigure. You can fill with helium or do it yourself with your own breath.

Available from: Tether and Float

4. Lego Ninja Pinata, £14.99


If your child LOVED the LEGO movie, or has a real soft spot for the LEGO Ninjago characters in particular, they'll love these pinatas, which come in a choice of white, black, red or green.

Note the pinata comes empty so you'll need to fill it with your own choice of sweet treats, and a stick isn't provided - though hopefully you'll have something suitable to use at home.

(Do make sure there's an adult around when the kids are playing this game!)

Available from: eBay

5. Deluxe Block Party Pack, £22.49 (16-piece) or Value Party Pack, £10.99 (8-piece)


Wow the guests as soon as they walk through the door with this stunning tableware, fit for any LEGO-themed shindig. The pack features pretty much everything you need to set the LEGO mood including:

  • 16 paper plates
  • 16 paper cups
  • 16 paper napkins
  • Matching plastic tablecloth
  • 10 plain latex balloons
  • 6 printed latex balloons
  • Banner

Available from: Party Delights

6. Edible Minifigure Faces Cupcake Toppers Wafer Paper, £2.89 for 35

Edible Lego cake toppers

LEGO Minfigures you can eat - printed with edible ink on edible wafer paper - there are several different faces to add to the icing on your cupcakes.

Available from: Amazon

7. Lego Felt Masks, £11.81 each


A great prop to play a LEGO equivalent of Pin The Tail On The Donkey (Pin The Hand On The MiniFigure anyone?), these individual LEGO masks are created from felt.

Characters available include Benny, Wild Lucy, Emmett , Good Cop, Bad Cop, Mr President, Uni Kitty and Angry Kitty LEGO Man.

They ship from the US and are ready to dispatch within 3 to 4 days.

Available from: Etsy

8. Building Block Candles, £2.97 (5-pack)

Lego candles cropped

Set the party on fire (not literally, please!) with these colourful building block and Lego character-shaped candles.

The bricks come in at 3cm, the figures at 1.5cm and you get 6 of each per pack.

Available from: Amazon

9. LEGO Markers Pack (9-piece), £12.99


If you're planning some crafty time during your LEGO-themed party, or you're simply looking for something to pop in the party bags, why not grab a set of these original LEGO markers?

They're fine line markers, approximately 1.5mm with the classic LEGO design.

Available from: Amazon

10. Building Block Pull-string Pinata, £9.49


If you like the idea of a pinata, but there will be younger children so you're not too keen on one you bash, why not get a pull-string pinata instead?

Each child takes it in turns to pull a string, and one magic thread opens it up. Once again, the pinata is empty, so you'll need to fill it with goodies.

Available from: Party Decorations UK

11. Pre-filled Block Party Bags, £1 each (+35p packaging, from UK)


If you've really run out of time - or just don't fancy putting the party bags together yourself - why not go for a pre-made option like these? Reasonably priced, each bag includes:
- A6 colouring / puzzle book - with a 'bricks' theme
- 12 piece bricks jigsaw puzzle OR bricks sticker sheets
- Bricks maze puzzle
- Touchable bubbles
- Haribo sweets
Available from: eBay

12. Block Paddleball Game, £8.08 (12-pack)

Lego paddleball

These mini paddleballs make great party favours or little extras for the party bag.

They measure 230mm x 84mm at the widest point and you'll get 3 of each colour: red, yellow, blue and green.

Available from: Amazon

13. LEGO keychains, various (£4.99 each)


We know kids don't have keys - but we also know lots of them LOVE putting keyrings on their school book bags.

The LEGO store has a huge selection, from characters to bricks, generally at £4.99 apart from a brick-style one that comes with a flashlight.

Available from: LEGO store

14. LEGO party-themed experience, £109 to £149

Lego hire party

If you're ready to go all-out for you LEGO-themed party, and you have some cash to spare, there's always the option to rent a serious party kit!

The cheapest on offer from Playchest, suitable for 25 children, offers 10,000 pieces of LEGO on a giant playmat (all cleaned and sanitised before they're shipped), 2 extra playmats, 8 Lego-themed games and access to the LEGO movies and music.

For £20 more you'll get themed plates, cups and napkins and certificates for all the guests.

Available from: Partychest

And one to give...

If you're looking for a LEGO-themed birthday present with a difference, here's a great idea for a different kind of LEGO set - a ready to build and play game

LEGO Ludo, £34.99


It's for kids aged 7+ (and definitely not for under 3s as there are small pieces), and is a great one to roll out for family game nights.

Available from: LEGO

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