10 of the best LOL Surprise toys

Kids are going mad for LOL Surprise dolls. We've checked out the different LOL Surprise toys and have popped our top picks and some handy info (like where to buy them) in this list...


If you have a child of a certain age who loves dolls (yes!) and collectibles (yes yes!) and surprises (well, who doesn’t? ?) – chances are you’ll have heard of a rather popular toy called LOL Surprise.


They’re cute little dolls that come in ‘surprise’ balls, ‘under wraps’ and even have their own house.

You can get sticker albums too and, if you have a child that’s dedicated enough, he or she will be able to name Every. Single. Character.

But what LOL Surprise options are out there? Luckily, there are so many ways you can buy these dolls, which means they suit lots of budgets.

From smaller, pocket money options to the bigger Christmas present ones – here’s our pick of the best LOL Surprise dolls and where to grab ’em (though you’ll probably need to be quick).


1. LOL Surprise ‘Eye Spy’ Under Wraps, £14.99

Age: 6 years +

What it is: A cute, brightly coloured package that comes with 15 gifts to unwrap including a surprise doll and accessories for her. The package becomes a purse carrying case and doll stand.

Why we love it: This particular LOL Surprise made it into the MadeForMums very own must-have Christmas toys list, having been recommended by retail giants including Hamleys and Argos.

We especially love the fact you need to reveal a secret code to unlock the wrapper – don’t worry if that sounds complicated – your child will almost certainly know all about how to crack it already.

Available from: Smyths Toys


2. LOL Pearl Surprise Doll And Accessories, £35

Age: 3 years +

What it is: This pearl set includes limited-edition doll and little sister, 6 pearl surprise balls,1 shell-shaped doll stand.

Why we love it: The glittery case becomes a purse, storage case and bath play set which we think is really cute, plus, it comes in some gorgeous colours including this mermaid green and a regal purple.

Available from: Argos


3. LOL Surprise Game With Collectible, £24.99

Age: 6 years +

What it is: A board game you can play with your LOL Surprise dolls plus 4 exclusive accessories and a surprise accessory for your dolls.

Why we love it: Collecting the dolls is super fun, but we like the way this board game will actually give your child something to do with them – it’s super simple, too. And there are 7 layers to unwrap – so lots of fun surprise time, to boot.

Available from: Littlewoods


4. LOL Surprise Biggie Pet Assortment, £36.99

Age: 3 years +

What it is: 15 surprises to unwrap including 3 pet babies and accessories for your child to wear.

Why we love it: This set comes under the same Eye Spy category as the ‘under wraps’ LOL Surprise doll already featured here – so there’s more code cracking to do, which we think is pretty cool. Plus the pets are super cute!

Available from: Argos


5. LOL Surprise Dolls House, £179

Age: 3 years +

What it is: An incredible 3-storey house with 85 surprises to unbox. There are lights and sounds and furniture plus – give your dolls a pool party!

Why we love it: It’s probably the ultimate LOL Surprise gift: a place for your child to while away hours and hours with their LOL Surprise dolls. A Christmas morning ‘wow’ gift for sure if you decide to splash out.

The LOL Surprise House is available on Amazon at an inflated price right now but will be coming into stock at Smyths Toys in the next few weeks – we suggest you keep checking the Smyths Toys website for more information.


6. LOL Water Surprise Game, £14.99

Age: 3 years +

What it is: A fun LOL Surprise characters game that comes with a large plastic ball, 20 LOL Surprise balls, 4 character cards, a Sponge and instruction sheet.

Why we love it: It’s a simple game where you have to match the characters on the balls with the ones on your card to win – and you reveal the character on your ball by stamping it with the damp heart sponge. It can be played over and over again too. Super cute.

Available from: Argos


7. LOL Bigger Surprise, £84.99

Age: 6 years +

What it is: Basically it’s a suitcase full of fun. This LOL Surprise offering includes 60 surprises including pets, lil sisters an accessories.

Why we love it: It’s the only case-style LOL surprise, and with 4 balls of fun inside and lots more little packages it’s bound to cause LOTS of excitement.

LOL Bigger Surprise will be available to buy at The Entertainer from Monday 5 November 2018: pre-order now


8. LOL Surprise Super Fizz Factory, £29.99

Age: 8 years +

What it is: A fun factory where your kids can use the ingredients supplied to make little fizz balls with hidden surprises inside them that dissolve in water.

Why we love it: We really like the fact this isn’t just another unwrapping toy where you get more dolls, but actually gets your children doing something fun and creative – and a bit messy, which we really quite like sometimes ?

Available from: Argos


9. LOL Surprise Pop Up Shop, £39.99

Age: 6 years +

What it is: This super handy LOL Surprise Pop-Up Store is a 3-in-1 playset, display and carrying case. Play areas include a chic cafe, fashion boutique, and pizza parlour.

Why we love it: This handy case holds 55 dolls so you can display them and take them out to town. We like it as a more budget-friendly alternative to the house if you’re looking somewhere for the dolls to go rather than more dolls (though it does come with a doll, too!)

Available from: John Lewis


10. LOL Surprise Lil Sisters Dolls (Twin Pack), £11.99

Age: 6 years +

What it is: 2 LOL Surprise balls that reveal lil sister dolls – 5 surprises in each.

Why we love it: There’s an extra little surprise in these balls when you bathe, which we think is very cool, plus they come in at a nice price point if you’ve spent a fair penny on LOL Surprises already!

Available from: Argos

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